SRS Digital Editions: Historic Volumes

Digital Editions of the Society’s historic volumes are available for download in pdf form. Over time, the aim is to republish all but the most recent volumes as Digital Editions, complementing the Society’s print channel and increasing accessibility. (A number of historic volumes are also available as Online Books on this website.)

All pdfs are fully searchable. Some files are quite large, and could take some time to download, especially over a slow connection. Approximate filesizes are shown in the list below.

Many of the Society’s early volumes were scanned and digitized by Google and/or Microsoft’s Internet Archive, and are made available by arrangement with HathiTrust.

Volumes available

SRS Vol 1: Calendar of Sussex Marriage Licences – 1586 to 1642 by Edwin H W Dunkin [20MB]

SRS Vol 2: Sussex Fines, 1190-1248 by L. F. Salzman [12 MB]

SRS Vol 3: Post-Mortem Inquisitions, 1558-1583 by L. F. Salzman [14MB]

SRS Vol 4: Ecclesiastical Returns, 1603; Sussex Poll book, 1705; and others by W. C. Renshaw, L. F. Salzman & Cecil Deedes [6MB]

SRS Vol 5: West Sussex Protestation Returns, 1641-1642 by R. Garraway Rice [21MB]

SRS Vol 6: Marriage Licences at Lewes, 1670-1732 by Edwin H. W. Dunkin [large file: 36MB]

SRS Vol 7: Sussex Fines, 1249-1307 by L. F. Salzman [9 MB]

SRS Vol 8: Bishop R. Redes Register, 1307-1415 (Part I) by Cecil Deedes [20MB]

SRS Vol 9: Marriage Licences at Chichester, 1575-1730 by Edwin H. W. Dunkin [large file: 50 MB]

SRS Vol 10: Sussex Subsidies 1296, 1327 & 1332 by William Hudson [16 MB]

SRS Vol 11: Bishop R. Redes Register, 1307-1415 (Part II) by Cecil Deedes [32 MB]

SRS Vol 12: Marriage Licences at Chichester (Deaneries) by Edwin H. W. Dunkin [23 MB]

SRS Vol 13: Cuckfield Parish Register, 1598-1699 by W. C. Renshaw [18 MB]

SRS Vol 14: Post-Mortem Inquisitions, 1485-1649 by E. W. T. Attree [27 MB]

SRS Vol 15: Bolney Parish Register, 1541-1812 by Edward Huth [17 MB]

SRS Vol 16: Star Chamber Proceedings, Henry VII to Philip and Mary by Percy D. Mundy [19 MB]

SRS Vol 85: Sussex Depicted – Views and descriptions 1600-1800 by John H. Farrant [large file: 45MB]

SRS Vol 85: Sussex Depicted: Colour Plates [7MB]