SRS Digital Editions: Additional Volumes

SRS Additional Volumes are available for download in pdf form. They offer editions of records and material which are complementary to the Society’s main publishing channel. All Additional Volumes are edited and reviewed by the Society to the same scholarly standards which apply to printed volumes.

All pdfs are fully searchable. Some files are quite large, and could take some time to download, especially over a slow connection. Approximate filesizes are shown in the list below.

Volumes available

SRS Vol Add1: Love Lost and Found in the Church Courts by Peter Wilkinson [1 MB]

SRS Vol Add2: Church Court Depositions in the Consistory Court for the Archdeaconry of Chichester: General Introduction by Peter Wilkinson [1 MB]

SRS Vol Add3: Witness Depositions of the Chichester Archdeaconry 1599-1603 edited by Kim Fleming (revised edition) [5MB]