SRS Bibliography: Introduction

The Bibliography catalogues and indexes publications about Sussex: some 6,500 authors, 9,000 books, pamphlets and digital media and over 13,500 articles are included. Each entry includes full details of the work itself; an abstract, summary or précis of the work is added when available, as are published reviews. Where the entry can be accessed at Sussex libraries or Record Offices this is noted. If the work is available online, relevant links are given.

The original Bibliography aimed to create a complete resource of all relevant publications. However, online catalogues and bibliographies have become increasingly available in recent years, and the coverage of Google, Amazon etc is much more comprehensive. From 2018, therefore, maintenance of the Bibliography has focussed on adding sources which are not indexed or catalogued elsewhere, in particular the contents of relevant specialist journals.

The most recent update (February 2021) adds 134 articles published in the Midhurst Society Newsletter, Midhurst Heritage and Midhurst Magazine to the end of 2019.

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