Vol. 39: The Buckhurst Terrier, 1597-1598


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Editor: Ernest Straker, F.S.S.
Volume: Volume 39
Published 1933
ISBN: 978 085445 070 1

THE Buckhurst Terrier, though known to and quoted by the Rev. R. W. Sackville-West (afterwards Lord Buckhurst) in his “Historical Notices of Withyham” (London, 1857), and also to the Rev. C. N. Sutton, who used it in his “Historical Notes of Withyham, Hartfield and Ashdown Forest” (Tunbridge Wells, 1902), had been missing for nearly a generation.

The former Stoneland Lodge, now called Buckhurst House, built in 1743, has undergone many changes. The recess of a disused door in the library had been fitted with shelves, but during the tenancy of the late Mr. Robert Benson, about 1905, a wall-covering was carried over this recess, and by some carelessness the Terrier and other books were covered up by it. At the end of the tenancy, in March, 1931, this covering was removed and the Terrier recovered.

Earl De La Warr, whose property it is, has very kindly given permission to the publication of an epitome by the Sussex Record Society.

The Terrier gives a remarkably complete survey of a large area in North-East Sussex, comprising the greater part of the parishes of Hartfield and Withyham, together with much land in East Grinstead and other parishes bordering on Ashdown Forest, as it was in the closing years of the reign of Elizabeth. The date of compilation, as stated on the title page, is the 39th and 40th years of that reign, i.e. between 17th November, 1596, and 16th November, 1598, but the date of the last lease entered is 8th June, 1599.