The Sussex Record Society

The Society commissions research by individuals who are experts in their field to produce historical records in the selected area of research of the County of Sussex in the United Kingdom. The research is published in book form with the help of the Society’s historical, literature, technical, publishing and financial help provided by the members of the Society. Over the last 100 years the Society has published over 90 volumes of detailed historical research into the County of Sussex from 1066 to World War I. This research has also led to the creation of databases, records, images and texts covering many aspects of historical Sussex which are presented as Online Records.

The web site recognizes many of these past researchers and editors In Memoriam for their outstanding contribution to the history of Sussex.

This web site gives details about the Society, the Council, how to join the Society and how to contact us. The site enables purchase of the Society’s books in print and, for older books, view them online: