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The Covid-19 crisis has inevitably disrupted news and events of interest. These details will be updated once the situation is clearer.

New volume in the SRS Digital Editions series

The Society is pleased to announce the publication of a further edition of Witness Depositions of the Chichester Archdeaconry, covering the years 1597-1599. This is available for download here.

[Posted 22 June 2020]

Covid-19: help record its impact

The West Sussex Record Office are looking ahead, and planning to create a record of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on West Sussex. This is a unique chance to document this event as it happens. They aim to create an archive of diaries, documents, photos, and videos which can preserve this history for the future. If you’d like to be a part of this, read more here and here.

Mass Observation and East Sussex Record Office, both based at The Keep, are also collecting and preserving the stories of individuals and communities; these will be catalogued to create accessible public resources that capture these extraordinary times. In addition, the Mass Observation Archive is conducting its annual diary writing day on 12 May 2020. More details here and here.

Recent volumes in the SRS Digital Editions series:

Sussex Depicted online

The Society is pleased to announce the publication in the SRS Digital Editions series of Volume 85: Sussex Depicted – Views and descriptions 1600-1800 by John H. Farrant.

Details of this important volume, originally published by the Society in 2001 to celebrate its centenary, are here, including links to download the files. A gallery of all the Views published in the volume is here.

[posted 20 May 2020]

Winchelsea Court Records 1765-1866

The documents transcribed here cover most of the final years of the legal jurisdiction exercised from medieval times by the Winchelsea Corporation. During the century they cover, the Mayor, Jurats and Commonalty of the Ancient Town of Winchelsea continued to exercise the local government and judicial responsibilities required of the town since medieval times as a Head Port of the Confederation of the Cinque Ports. The courts through which the Corporation’s responsibilities were exercised were four in number: the Hundred, the Assembly, the Quarter Sessions and the Court of Record. This volume offers a unique account of their proceedings.

Available for download here.

[posted 19 April 2020]

Important news for users of West Sussex Record Office

The County Archive Research Network (CARN) reader’s ticket scheme will close on the 31st March 2020. A new national scheme, the Archives Card, is being introduced in its place. Users of the Record Office need to register for this card online before visiting. For further details, click here.

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Limited stock clearance sale

The Society has launched a clearance sale to reduce excessive stock of a small number of titles. These are:

Littlehampton School Logbook 1871-1911 by Ruth Brown
Volume 95; year 2013.

East Sussex Church Monuments 1530-1830 by Nigel Llewellyn
Volume 93; years 2010/11.

Accounts and Records of the Manor of Mote in Iden 1441-1551, 1673 by Mark Gardiner and Christopher Whittick
Volume 92; year 2009.

East Sussex Parliamentary Deposited Plans 1799-1970 by Roger Davey
Volume 87; year 2003.

Chichester Diocesan Surveys, 1686 and 1724 Wyn K. Ford
Volume 78; year 1994.

The price of each title (to members and non-members alike) is now £5.00 only (plus P&P, or free collection from Barbican House).

[posted 24 September 2019]