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List of pictures belonging to : Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

PlaceViewDateReferenceArtistArtist qualification
ArundelCastle from E1736DBB 399Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
ArundelCastle, recent facade on bank, prominent arched window over doorway1815Sutherland, C.II.366Athow, T.
BattleAbbey1785DBB 1387Moore, James
BattleAbbey, Gatehouse, from outside1st October 1794DBB 1832Underwood, Thomas Richard
BattleAbbey1795DBB 1414Moore, James
Battlechurch7th August 1795DBB 1406Moore, James
Bexhillchurch from SE1795DBB 728Girtin, Thomasprob. with James Moore
Bexhillchurch1795DBB 1437Moore, James
Bexhillchurch21st August 1795DBB 1412Moore, James
BodiamCastle1784DBB 1386Moore, James
Brightlingchurch from SE1784DBB 1350Malton, Thomas, II
Hastingstown and beach from East Cliff towards Beachy HeadCombe bequest 1894Hunt, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church1795DBB 1405Moore, James
HastingsSt Clement's church1795DBB 1409Moore, James
Hastingsundercliff1795DBB 1410Moore, James
Hastingsundercliff1795DBB 1411Moore, James
HastingsAll Saints' church6th August 1795DBB 1404Moore, James
HastingsAll Saints' church8th August 1795DBB 1407Moore, James
HastingsSt Clement's church18th August 1795DBB 1408Moore, James
Henfieldchurch6th July 1793DBB 1401Moore, James
HerstmonceuxCastle, entrance from SW31st October 18511963.3.89.12Callow, William
Ickleshamchurch5th September 1795DBB 1418Moore, James
Ickleshamchurch5th September 1795DBB 1419Moore, James
Lewesfrom under Malling chalkpit, SW over townDBB 444, impCort, Hendrick de
LewesCastle and S side of High Street, from Priory Mound1755DBB 1107Malchair, John Baptist
LewesCastle3rd July 1793DBB 1400Moore, James
PetworthPetworth House, garden front from beyond lake1820Sutherland, C.II.250Shepherd, George
PevenseyCastle, E tower1794DBB 715Girtin, Thomas
PevenseyCastle from E1795DBB 721Girtin, Thomas
PevenseyCastle1795DBB 1415Moore, James
PevenseyCastle1795DBB 1416Moore, James
PevenseyCastle1795DBB 1417Moore, James
Ryetown silouetted, from the marshes1963.3.89.14, impHarding, James Duffield
RyeLand Gate1795DBB 1420Moore, James
RyeYpres Tower1795DBB 1421Moore, James
SussexCoast from Beachy Head to Selsey Bill, very simplified plan distinguishing cliffs and (presumably) landing places; French1650Sutherland, B.I.588Perron, du
Sussexchurch, unidentified31st August 1795DBB 1413Moore, James
Winchelseachurch: tomb of Gervase Alard1795DBB 1424Moore, James
Winchelseachurch: tomb of Gervase Alard, details1795DBB 1425Moore, James
Winchelseachurch1795DBB 1426Moore, James
Winchelseachurch: tomb of Gervase Alard1796DBB 730Girtin, Thomasprob. with James Moore