East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(292) WESTHAM, St. Mary

292W Mural monument for John THETCHER, d. 1649

-  South-East chapel, North wall, North-West corner.

-  130(W); (H) unknown; tablet: 68(W) x 76(H)~Fair; restored (at top).

-  M.I. (engraved, white) fills black tablet; frame of white marble curtains; flanked by black Corinthian columns with white bases and capitals; entablature and broken segmented pediment; below, white scroll brackets, a white base moulding; black plinth; white ornamental apron with draped skull.

-  John Thetcher, Esq., of Priesthawes, Sussex, d. 3 Sep 1649; no issue.