East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(47) BUXTED, St. Margaret the Queen

47E Mural cartouche for Anthony SAUNDERS, d. 1719

-  Sanctuary, South wall, high.

-  c.95(W)~Very good.

-  Gilded white marble; 4 cherubs, top and bottom, support looping drapery with gilded fringes and tassels; displays M.I. (21 lines, engraved, Latin) above, an achievement, gilded trumpets and foliage.

-  Rev. Anthony Saunders, S.T.P., rector of Buxted and Acton in Middlesex and chancellor of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, d. 7 Jan 1719, aet 76; his learning, virtues, charitable works.