East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(86) EAST GRINSTEAD, St. Swithun

Early monuments were relocated after a fire, c.1684 – see Horsfield (Sussex I 390-1), Leeney (SAC 88 165-168); Nairn & Pevsner (491-2) and again after the collapse of the church tower (on 12 Nov 1785) and the consequent rebuilding of the church (see 86B); for early views see Godfrey & Salzman (pls. 56-7), one showing the ruined interior; in 1724 state of church reportedly fine (Ford); North and South chancels were parish owned; in 1724, central chancel belonged to Mrs Payne and Thomas Medley; the Paynes were prominent at East Grinstead throughout the 16th-17th centuries, see Crawfurd passim; Stephenson (509) noted a brass loose in 1895 [now lost?] to Katherine, daughter of John Michelburne, Gent., 1617.

86A Mural monument for Sir John MAJOR, d. 1781

-  South aisle wall, West of South door, above head height.

-  120(W) x 175(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. (engraved) on a grey marble tablet, set portrait-wise; curved top and low relief foliage in spandrels; darker grey decorated border; flanking, plain pink pilasters; modest cornice moulding with achievement; enriched base moulding and 2 flattened corbels decorated with acanthus.

-  Sir John Major, Bart., of Worlingworth Hall and Thornham Hall, Suffolk, High Sheriff of Sussex in 1755, d. 16 Feb 1781, aet 82; his wife, Elizabeth, of the family of Dale in Yorkshire, d. 4 Sep 1780, aet 76, both buried at Worlingworth; their grandson, Hon. John Henniker Major.

86B(i) Wall-mounted brasses reputedly for Katherine LEWKNOR, d. 1505, and her two husbands

-  South aisle wall, centre, mounted on stone, at head height.

-  95(W) x 121(H)~Good.

-  On the upper freestone slab; 3 standing brass figures; on lower marble slab, on scrolled corbels, top M.I. (9 lines, engraved in English) on brass, lower brass (4 lines, Latin).

-  Katherine, d. 1505, daughter of 7th Lord Scales, supposedly in centre; left, first husband, Sir Thomas Grey; right, second husband, Richard Lewknor.

86B(ii) Wall-mounted brass for Robert CHRISTIAN, d. 1660

-  South aisle wall, centre, below 86B(i).

-  31(W) x 22(H)~Good.

-  M.I. (9 lines, engraved, English) on brass on a wooden mount.

-  Robert Christian, buried 1660, aet c. 9; only son of John and Anne Christian of St. Gregory's by Paul's, London, citizens of London.

86C Mural monument for Charles ABBOT, Baron COLCHESTER, d. 1829

-  South aisle wall, towards West end, above head height.

-  120(W) x 80(H)~Very good.

-  Simple composition; M.I. (13 lines, engraved) on unframed white marble tablet; black baseplate; signed (lower left): 'WILLSON, SCULP.t / LONDON'.

-  Rt. Hon. Charles Abbot, 14 Oct 1757 - 8 May 1829, Speaker of the House of Commons for more than 15 years; Baron Colchester from 3 Jun 1817.

86D Undated fragment of an anonymous mural monument

-  South aisle wall, West end, at head height.

-  153(W) x 45(H)~Mostly sound; vertical crack in centre.

-  M.I. (engraved, English) on a freestone frieze; competent mouldings.

86E Wall-mounted iron slab for Thomas WICKERSHAM, d. 1713

-  Nave, West wall, North-West corner.

-  53(W) x 150(H)~Very pitted.

-  M.I. (5 lines, cast relief) in upper 20% of a rectangular iron slab.

86F Wall-mounted slab for Robert PICKNALL, d. 1712

-  Nave West wall, North-West corner.

-  (Irregular) 44(W) x 57(H) x 15(D)~Sound.

-  M.I. (8 lines, engraved) on a freestone slab.

86G Mural monument for John and Catherine CRANSTON, d. 1781 and 1823

-  North aisle wall, towards West end, above head height.

-  101(W) x 99(H)~Very good.

-  Thin black baseplate with pointed top; M.I. (9 lines, engraved) on an unframed white marble tablet, set landscape-wise; cornice with lamp in relief; signed (lower right): 'W.PISTELL, NEW ROAD'.

-  John Cranston, Esq., of East Court, Sussex, d. 26 Mar 1781, aet 44; his wife, Catherine, d. 13 Feb 1823, aet 80.

86H Wall-mounted iron slab for Anne FORSTER, d. 1591

-  North aisle wall, centre, at head height.

-  122(W) x 72(H)~Fine; some wear; repairs (below).

-  M.I. (8 lines, cast relief) set landscape-wise on an iron slab; complex patterned border with beading on outer edge.

86I Mural monument for Nathaniel MOORE, d. 1746, and family members

-  North aisle wall, West of North door, above head height.

-  c.94(W); H inaccessible~Very good; faded.

-  M.I. (10 lines, in English) on a cartouche within a draped border; below, a large scrolled and fluted bracket; above, an urn.

-  Nathaniel Moore, Gent., buried 7 Dec 1746, aet 92; his wife, Dorothea, buried 21 Nov 1752, aet 81; their son, also Nathaniel Moore, Gent., buried 31 Aug 1768, aet 72.

86J Mural monument for Rev. John and Hester STAPLES, d. 1732 and 1746

-  North aisle wall, immediately West of North door, above head height.

-  c.92(W); H inaccessible~Very good.

-  M.I. (15 lines, engraved, black) on an oval tablet; escutcheon over; broad black marble surround with ornate scrolled white border; above, part of a curved pediment topped by a flaming lamp.

-  Rev. John Staples, vicar of East Grinstead for 44 years, buried 4 Aug 1732, aet 70; his wife, Hester, buried 27 Aug 1746, aet 77; daughter of George Elfred, Esq., of Hooe.

86K Mural monument for Elfred and John STAPLES, d. 1784 and 1789

-  North aisle wall, East of North door, above head height.

-  120(W); H inaccessible~Fine; local losses (garland from basement).

-  Dark grey baseplate with pointed top; escutcheon over; cornice on very unusual fluted pilasters with narrow bottoms, ending in foliage (missing on right); M.I. on tablet set portrait-wise, base mouldings; black apron with palmettes in corners; broad corbel with acanthus, shells and grapes. Signed (lower left) 'E. PEIRCE fecit' and (lower right) 'DEPTFORD'.

-  Elfred Staples, lawyer (Middle Temple, etc.), d. 5 Mar 1784, aet 86; John Staples, lawyer (Middle Temple, etc.) d. 15 May 1789, aet 87; both sons of Rev. John Staples, A.M., vicar of East Grinstead and his wife, Hester.

86L Mural monument for Francis and Edward GREEN, d. 1754 and 1763

-  North aisle wall, at North-East chapel screen, above head height.

-  Inaccessible (very large)~Fine; faded.

-  Broken pointed pediment; a lamp on each slope; in centre above, an escutcheon; M.I. on tablet set portrait-wise within grey Doric pilasters; blank apron between black scrolled brackets.

-  Francis Green, Gent., of Sevenoaks, Kent and East Grinstead (50 years), d. 1 Apr 1754, aet 73; his 8 siblings, all older, all unnamed; his wife Anne, family unnamed; his youngest son Edward Green, Gent., 16[?] Oct 1719 - 21 Aug 1763, aet 43.

86M Ledger for George GURNETT, d. 1746

-  North-East chapel floor, towards North wall, partly obscured by furnishings.

-  74(W) x 193(L)~Worn.

-  M.I. (engraved) in upper 50% of a freestone (perhaps Horsham?) slab; head to West.

86N Anonymous ledger, undated

-  North-East chapel floor, East of 86M, mostly obscured by furnishings.

-  Inaccessible~Unknown.

-  Traces of an escutcheon, then a M.I. on a black slab; head to North.

86O Mural monument for Gibbs CRAWFURD, d. 1793

-  Sanctuary North wall, West end, above head height.

-  123(W); H inaccessible~Very good.

-  Black baseplate in obelisk form; rises above a draped urn over a tablet set landscape-wise with cornice; flanking a small M.I., 2 braziers; below, an ornamental row of outsize droplets; signed (lower left): 'C.ROSSI. Sculptor. London'.

-  Gibbs Crawfurd, Esq., J.P. (30 years), M.P. for Queenborough, Clerk of Ordnance, d. 13 Oct 1793, aet 61; his wife, Anna, family unnamed.

86P Ledger for Charles PAYNE, d. 1734

-  Sanctuary floor, North side, partly obscured by furnishings.

-  96(W) x 205(L)~Very good.

-  Escutcheon, then M.I. (4 lines) in upper 40% of a black slab; head to West.

86Q Ledger for Henry PAYNE, d. 1708

-  Sanctuary floor, North-East corner, East of 86P.

-  92(W) x 195(L)~Worn.

-  M.I. in upper end of a cretaceous freestone slab; head to West.

86R Mural monument for Charles PAYNE, d. 1734

-  Sanctuary East wall, North-East corner, above head height.

-  120(W); H inaccessible~Very good.

-  A pointed pediment in grey marble enclosing an escutcheon; broken cornice; M.I. fills tablet with domed top, flanked by Corinthian pilasters with foliate decoration and scrolls; all on a large gadrooned base moulding, over a curved apron with inverted acanthus brackets and a skull.

-  Charles Payne, Esq., of Newick, d. 18 Aug 1734, aet 28; surviving son of Edward Payne, Esq., of East Grinstead and third wife Anne; his uncle, John Payne, of Newick; his daughters, Anna (still living); Mary, d. 5 Jun 1734, an infant; his wife, Mary, family unnamed.

86S Mural monument for Robert and Henry PAYNE, both d. 1708

-  Sanctuary East wall, South-East corner, above head height.

-  102(W); H inaccessible~Very good.

-  Grey marble frame; a deep, broken curved pediment encloses a large urn in relief; on a cornice; below, M.I. (engraved) on a white marble tablet, set portrait-wise; below, base moulding with 2 cherubs as corbels flanking an escutcheon on the apron adorned with palms and other foliage.

-  Robert Payne, Gent., of Newick, d. 7 Dec 1708, aet 74; his brother, Henry Payne, Gent., of Newick, d. 5 Jul 1708, aet 67; their father, Edward Payne; Robert and Henry Payne were domestic partners 40 years; virtues - monarchy, episcopacy, piety and charity.

86T Ledger for George HORNE, d. 1738

-  Sanctuary floor, South side, partly obscured by furnishings.

-  106(W) x 198(L)~Very good.

-  Escutcheon, then M.I. (4 lines, engraved) on upper 50% of a black slab; head to West.

86U Floor monument for Margaret and John PAYNE, d. 1723 and d. 1730

-  Sanctuary floor, South-West corner.

-  105(W) x 195(L)~Very good.

-  M.I. (11 lines, engraved) in upper 80% of a black slab; head to West.

-  Margaret Payne, d. 11 Dec 1723, aet 44; wife of John Payne, Esq., of Newick, d. 31 Mar 1730, aet 65.

86V Mural monument for John and Anna ANTROBUS, d. 1794 and d. 1793

-  Sanctuary, South wall, above head height.

-  122(W); H inaccessible~Very good.

-  Pendant with 86O.

-  John Antrobus, Esq., of London, banker, d. 27 Apr 1794, aet 32; his wife, Anna, d. 18 Jun 1793, aet 23, daughter of Gibbs Crawfurd, Esq., of Saint Hill.

86W Mural monument for Samuel JEFFRIES, d. 1819

-  Nave East wall, towards South-East chapel, at head height.

-  80(W) x 56(H)~Very good.

-  A rectangular black baseplate; a white unframed trapezoidal tablet; straight cornice on 2 ball feet; below, a supporting shelf; M.I. (11 lines, engraved).

-  Samuel Jeffries, Esq., of Westmoreland, Jamaica and Pixton, East Grinstead, d. 19 Dec 1819, aet 74.

86X Mural monument for Lord William ABERGAVENNEY, d. 1744

-  South aisle wall, South-East corner, above head height.

-  140(W); H inaccessible~Fine; scaling achievement.

-  A remarkable composition; sarcophagus with a decorative edging; gadrooned top; M.I. (Latin) on face of sarcophagus; a huge achievement.

86Y Floor stone for John TILT, d. 1778

-  Nave floor, near entrance to South-East chapel.

-  60(W) x 115(L)~Very worn.

-  Winged cherub, then M.I. (engraved) on freestone slab; head to West.

86Z Floor stone for William WICKERSHAM, d. 1766

-   Nave floor, alongside and South of 86Y.

-  57(W) x 103(L)~Fine.

-  Crossed bones, then M.I. (engraved) on a freestone slab; head to West.

86AA Iron floor slab for Anne BARCLEY, d. 1570

-  Nave floor, near South door.

-  148(W) x 58(H)~Fine.

-  M.I. (2 diagonal lines in relief; 3 lines in relief), all set landscape-wise on a rectangular cast iron slab; head to East.

86BB Iron floor slab for Francis HASELDEN, d. 1616

-  Nave floor, alongside and East of 86AA.

-  134(W) x 46(H)~Fine; 2 of 4 corners lost.

-  M.I. (in relief) on a rectangular slab; lower corners removed; head to East.

86CC Floor monument for Tobias SHEWEN, d. 1730

-  Nave floor, alongside and North of 86BB.

-  49(W) x 75(H)~Very worn.

-  M.I. (engraved) on a freestone slab; curved top, head to West.