East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(8) ARDINGLY, St. Peter

Decorated South aisle and chancel; North aisle and vestry 1887 - Nairn & Pevsner (397); church plan in SNQ (X 102); Grimm's 1782 view from North-East, see Godfrey & Salzman (Pl. 4); necessary repairs were reportedly underway in 1724 (Ford 121); Ardingly is, in effect, the Wakehurst Place estate church; the Culpepers held the estate between 1468 and 1694 and the chancel was established as their burial place early in the 16th century, see Attree & Booker (SAC 47 65) & BL Add. MS 5672 f.38 (Burrell); however, the request by Thomas Culpeper in 1571 for tombs at Ardingly for himself, his father and grandfather, with 'escriptions ...graven in brasse...fayer & comlie', seems to have been ignored.

8A Mural monument for Timothy BROWNE, d. 1804

-  Chancel North wall, above head height.

-  80(W) x 170(H)~Good.

-  M.I. (14 lines, final 5 lines added after 1824; engraved, black) in upper 60% of a very flat freestone [?] panel, set portrait-wise; resting on a moulded shelf over a curved and decorative apron; at top, shoulders and scrolls rising to a decorative shell motif; around the M.I., an inset, scrolled black border.

8B Mural monument for Purnell Thomas HICKS, d. 1824

-  Sanctuary North wall, above head height.

-  82(W) x 84(H)~Fine; faded.

-  M.I. (11 lines, engraved, faded) in upper 50% of a simple unframed white marble tablet against a black baseplate; 2 block corbels.

-  Rev. Purnell Thomas Hicks, rector of Ardingly for 5 years, d. 23 Dec 1824, aet 28.

8C Floor mounted brasses for Elizabeth CULPEPER, d. 1634

-  Sanctuary floor, South of centre.

-  Brass 1: 19(W) x 21(H)~Fine.Brass 2: 43(L)~Fine.Brass 3: 46(W) x 19(H)~Fine.

-  3 brasses on a modern slab; (1) an escutcheon; (2) female figure standing with hands clasped in prayer; (3) M.I. (6 lines, engraved); head to West.

-  Elizabeth Culpeper, d. 6 Dec 1634, aet 7; eldest daughter of Sir William Culpeper, Bart., of Wakehurst Palce, and his wife, Jane.

8D Floor mounted brass for Elizabeth CULPEPER, d. 1633

-  Sanctuary floor, against South wall.

-  Slab: 76(W) x 170(L)~Worn.Brass 1: 22(W) x 24(L)~Fine.Brass 2: 69(L)~Fine.Brass 3: 52(W) x 26(L)~Fine.

-  3 brasses mounted on an ancient slab; (1) escutcheon; (2) female figure standing with hands clasped in prayer; (3) M.I. (8 lines engraved) within a decorative border; head to West.

-  Elizabeth Culpeper, d. 10 Sep 1633; daughter of William Farnefold, Esq., of Steyning; and wife of Sir Edward Culpeper, Knt., of Wakehurst Place.

8E Mural monument for Timothy BROWNE, d. 1763

-  Chancel South wall, above head height.

-  80(W) x 170(H)~Good.

-  Description - see 8A.

8F Wall mounted slab for Ann FORSTER, d. 1591

-  South aisle, South wall, on back wall of a recess.

-  80(W) x 60(H)~A fragment; fine.

-  M.I. (in raised relief) cast within an ornamental border on an iron slab.

-  Ann Forster, d. 18 Dec 1591; eldest daughter of Thomas Aynsford, Esq.; husband unknown; issue 2 sons, 5 daughters, none named.