East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(72) CUCKFIELD, Holy Trinity

Mostly c.1330, restored by Bodley in 1855-56, Nairn & Pevsner (477-78); views of church and Sergison monument in BL Add. MS 5677 f.56; 5672 ff.31-5; 12555.a-f; groundplan and monuments list see SNQ (IV 15-17); the spaces without the rails and in the middle aisle were newly paved in 1715, see J. Cooper (SAC 50 17) and the church flooring was relaid in 1927, see J. Cooper 'Notes and Queries - Cuckfield' (SAC 69 231); a church report of 1724 noted that the building was in good condition (Ford); the Sergisons of Cuckfield (see 72A, etc.) were Tory opponents of the Pelham/Newcastle Whig faction in the 1730s; for the Sergison/Warden pedigree see Lower (SAC 25 84); Horsfield (Sussex I 254) notes the Burrell monuments in the South aisle.

72A Mural monument for Mary Ann SERGISON, d. 1804

-  High over North door.

-  90(W) x 180(H)~Very good; fading.

-  Against a tall unframed trapezoidal white baseplate, a female figure mourns over an urn on a pedestal; above, a shallow pointed pediment with a small escutcheon and palmettes flanking; below, a M.I. (engraved) tablet set landscape-wise with a moulded border, on 2 acanthus brackets; signed (on underside): 'WESTMACOTT A.R.A. SCULPTOR'.

-  Mary Ann Sergison, d. 11 Sep 1804, aet 36; eldest daughter of William Kerr, Esq., M.D., of Northampton; and wife of Warden Sergison, Esq., of Butlers Green, Cuckfield, Lt. Col. (Horse Guards).

72B Mural monument for Daniel WALTER, d. 1761

-  North nave aisle, near North door.

-  110(W) x 278(H)~Very good; local losses (base moulding left).

-  M.I. tablet (Latin, engraved) set portrait-wise; flanked by grey Doric pilasters; above, an entablature, cornice and scrolled achievement; below, a thick, dark base mould, then scrolled brackets flanking another M.I. tablet in apron with winged cherub as finial.

-  Daniel Walter, A.M., vicar of Cuckfield, etc., d. 8 Apr 1761, aet 81; his wife, Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Manningham, bishop of Chichester, buried Holborn.

72C Mural monument for Francis WARDEN, d. 1785

-  North nave aisle, East of 72B, partly obscured by wooden ceiling.

-  180(W) x 330(H)~Generally good; fading; local losses to upper garlands.

-  M.I. on a white rectangular marble tablet within acanthus pilasters with rosette capitals and skulls as corbels; below, narrow base moulding; above, gadroon moulding and moulded cornice supporting a dark grey obelisk on 2 ball finials; on the obelisk, a white achievement with festoons and an urn.

-  Francis Warden, Esq., of Butler's Green, Cuckfield, magistrate, d. 1785, aet 84.

72D Mural monument for Michael and Sarah SERGISON, d. 1784 and 1771

-  North aisle wall, near East end, above head height.

-  88(W) s 208(H)~Generally very good; some fading.

-  M.I. on an oval white marble tablet on black baseplate with upper parts in obelisk form with escutcheon; base moulding in grey marble; below, white apron.

-  Michael Sergison, Esq., of Cuckfield Place, d. 16 Jul 1784, aet 74; his wife, Sarah, d. 4 Apr 1771, aet 55; erected by their issue - Ann.

72E Mural monument for John WARDEN, d. 1766

-  North chapel (vestry), South wall, facing North, high up.

-  95W x c.200(H)~Very good.

-  A white marble tablet set portrait-wise; lettering blacked; pink inlaid border; grey base moulding; scrolled brackets with ornate apron with crossed ferns and blank escutcheon; ball finial at foot; above, a cornice then broken scrolled pediment with urn in relief.

-  John Warden, Esq., naval officer, 10 May 1702 - 23 Oct 1766, aet 64; second son of Thomas and Prudence Warden; his wife, Anne, widow of John Madgwicke, Esq.; their issue - one son, Thomas Sergison Warden, d. 22 Jun 1739, aet 4, buried at Cuckfield.

72F Mural monument for Mary INGRAM, d. 1726

-  North chapel (vestry), South wall, facing North, East of 72E, high up.

-  94(W) x c.200(H)~Very good.

-  Description as for 72E.

-  Mary Ingram, d. 30 Apr 1726, aet 26; second daughter of Thomas and Prudence Warden; and wife of James Ingram, clerk, A.M., rector of Cuckfield and Sedlescombe; and niece of Charles Sergison, Esq., of Cuckfield Place; their issue - eldest son, Thomas, d. 25 Jun 1751, aet 28; second son, Arthur, d. 15 Dec 1748, aet 23, (buried in the Temple Church, London); youngest son, Charles, d. 5 May 1727, infant.

72G Mural monument for Guy CARLETON, d. 1628 and his nephew and niece

-  North-East chapel, South wall, at head height.

-  79(W) x 119(H)~Fine; some colour.

-  Rectangular slate(?) tablet within an alabaster surround decorated with gilded foliate pattern; escutcheons top & bottom; M.I.s fill tablet; a heart-shaped central border, within a border of symbols - (1 top left) heart with eye & M.I.: 'OYME BΛEΨON ANΩ'; (2) an angel pointing to the right; (3) a flaming heart on a book with motto 'COR RECTUM INQUIRIT SCIENTIAM'; (4) anchor within strapwork border, with motto: 'ANCHOR SPEI CRUX CHRISTI'; (5) winged skull on hourglass with motto 'MORS VITÆ INITIUM'; (6) the motto 'MY LORD & MY GOD'; (7) flying putto with snake (Eternity) & motto 'FINIS AB ORIGINE PENDET'; and (8) anchor with strapwork and cross, without an upper arm, with a serpent entwined around it and the citation 'JOHN III XIV'.

-  Guy Carleton, died at Lewes, 11 Apr 1628 and buried on 13 Apr [Easter Day]; son of George Carleton, bishop of Chichester; also George Vicars, d. 24 Nov 1627, and his sister, Anne Vicars, d. 28 Feb 1624/5, children of Thomas Vicars, B. of D., vicar of Cuckfield and Anne, his wife, daughter of George Carleton, bishop.

72H Standing wall monument for Charles SERGISON, d. 1732

-  Sanctuary, against North wall.

-  220(W) x 395(H) x 55(depth of base)~Generally very good: colour gone.

-  A generous basement of grey-veined marble with a panelled front and engraved tablet (biography left; virtues right); this supports a sarcophagus and backplate in obelisk form, both in dark grey marble; escutcheon tops the obelisk; on the sarcophagus, in white marble, a seated draped figure of Truth with mirror and portrait roundel supported by a putto; the edge of mirror signed: 'Th.o ADEY SCULPT. IT'.

-  Charles Sergison, Esq., Lord of the Admiralty, of Cuckfield Place, d. 26 Nov 1732, aet 78; issue - none; his many virtues - intellect, integrity, fidelity, diligence, patriotism, neighbourliness, pacivity and kindness.

72I Mural monument for Sir Thomas HENDLEY, d. 1656/7, and others

-  North-East buttress of South-East chapel, facing South, above head height.

-  c.160(W) x c.340(H)~Generally very good.

-  Very large; alabaster; designed round M.I.s on 3 slate tablets (once gilded) in a vertical arrangement; flanking the upper 2 panels, a pair of black attached Corinthian columns supporting a complex entablature with a panel inscribed 'memoriae/sacrum' and a curved, broken pediment with an achievement; on the outside, swags; the upper panel has a decorative curving top; centre panel with moulded rectangular frame; lower panel set in the basement beneath base mouldings and between scrolled brackets with escutcheons; below, scrolled, draped ornament.

-  Sir Thomas Hendley, Knt., of Cuckfield, d. 28 Jan 1656/7, aet 76; son of Thomas Hendley, Esq., of Courshorne, Cranbrooke, Kent; his wife, Elizabeth, d. 1634, aet c. 53, buried at Cranbrooke, daughter of [John] Wilford, Esq., of Enfield, Middlesex; their issue - sons: Bowyer, Thomas, Walter, and John; daughters: Jane, Elizabeth, Rachell, Anne, Constance, Margaret and Frances; monument erected by Walter Hendley.

72J Mural monument for Henry BOWYER, undated

-  North-East buttress of the South-East chapel, facing South, at head height, below 72I.

-  99(W) x 145(H)~Sound; worn; M.I. damaged.

-  In alabaster and freestone; centred panel supporting a wall-mounted brass plaque, with husband and wife and their children at a prayer-desk, setting within an interior; touchstone columns flanking; M.I. (engraved, gilded); above, a cornice with escutcheon framed by strapwork; below, 6 lines, engraved and black on the apron.

72K Mural monument for Gerard BURRELL, d. 1508, perhaps erected or re-erected in late 18th century

-  South wall of South-East chapel, in far South-East corner, above head height.

-  82(W) x 188(H)~Very good.

-  A squared, unframed, white marble M.I. tablet (engraved) and a curved ornamental apron dropping to a corbel finial; above, gilded in grey and black, an ogival arch with crocket ornament and a panel, perhaps brass, now illegible (but see below) and an escutcheon.

-  Gerard Burrell, D.D., vicar of Cuckfield and archdeacon and residentiary of Chichester, d. 17 Apr 1508; youngest son of Sir John Burell, of Devonshire; his grandparents Ralph Burell, of Northumberland and Sirmonda, daughter of Sir Walter Woodland, of Devon.

72L Mural monument for Walter BURRELL, d. 1671

-  South wall of South-East chapel, South-East corner, above head height.

-  160(W) x 270(H)~Very good; M.I. illegible; gilding lost.

-  A large black M.I. (20 lines, engraved, Latin) tablet set portrait-wise, within a moulded white marble frame; flanked by free-standing black Corinthian columns, supporting an entablature with frieze and cornice; breaking into the cornice, an achievement with coloured arms; below, base mouldings and the order supported by thick fluted and scrolled brackets flanking a plain black apron with winged cherub below; beyond, scrolls set sideways against the wall; above, festoons of foliage.

72M Mural monument for Ninian BURRELL, d. 1614

-  South-East chapel, centre of South wall, above head height.

-  103(W) x 186(H)~Good; top of brass worn.

-  A rectangular brass, set landscape-wise, engraved and black; within an alabaster frame; engraved images of Ninian Burrell and wife kneeling over a prayer-desk with children behind them; motto: 'IESU ESTO MIHI JESUS'; flanked by panelled pilasters with escutcheons; below, a base moulding, then a black M.I. panel (English and Latin) flanked by escutcheons; above, a large, moulded cornice supporting 2 slender obelisks flanking an achievement.

-  Ninian Burrell, Esq., d. 2 Sep 1614, aet 74; his widow (married 16 years), Jane, buried Aug 1655, aet 77, daughter of Henry Smith, Gent., and later, wife of Peter Courthope, of Danny, Hurstpierpoint, Esq.; their issue - (5 sons): Walter, Ninian, Alexander, Thomas and John; and (6 daughters): Timothie, Jane, Anne, Dorothie, Elizabeth and Judeth.

72N Mural monument for Elizabeth BURRELL, d. 1682

-  Very high in North arcade of South-East chapel, pair to 72O.

-  Inaccessible~Very good.

-  Cartouche in form of a banner; curtained drapes; M.I. (11 lines, Latin); escutcheon over; below, a cherub.

-  Elizabeth Burrell, d. 24 Oct 1682; daughter of Henry Goring, Bart., of Highden, and wife of Timothy Burrell, armiger.

72O Mural monument for Timothy BURRELL, d. 1717

-  South-East chapel. arcade, below 72N, its pair.

-  c.70(W) x c.160(H)~Very good.

-  Convex cartouche in white marble; foliate surround to cartouche; M.I. (engraved, black and reddened, Latin, 100% filled); 2 cherubim at foot; above, a flaming lamp.

-  Timothy Burrell, d. 26 Dec 1717, aet 75; his wife, Elizabeth.

72P Mural monument for Ninian BURRELL, d. 1628

-  Above head height on South wall of South-East chapel, towards West end.

-  114(W) x 240(H)~Very good.

-  In alabaster and coloured marbles, a male kneeler, in armour, with cape and sword, on a cushion, facing East before a prayer-desk; flanked by standing angels holding back curtains; all on a base moulding supported on moulded brackets flanking a framed slate M.I. tablet (11 lines, Latin and English); above, a Doric frieze and another slate lettered tablet and triglyphs, an entablature supporting finials flanking an achievement on a broad, fluted pedestal.

-  Ninian Burrell, of Wadham College, Oxford and Middle Temple, died of consumption, 10 Nov 1628, aet 27; second son of Ninian Burrell, Esq., of Cuckfield; his brother and first son Walter.

72Q Mural monument for Walter BURRELL, d. 1650

-  Very high over West arch of South-East chapel.

-  Inaccessible~Fine; worn.

-  M.I. (engraved, gilded, black) on cartouche; above, an over-large scrolled frame and escutcheon; much gilding, some colour visible; freestone surround; crude flattened corbel.

-  Walter Burrell, of Trinity College, Cambridge and Inner Temple, buried 24 Mar 1650, aet 21; eldest son of Walter Burrell, Esq., of Holmested.

72R mural monument for Walter BURRELL, d. 1683/4

-  Above head height on South wall of South nave aisle, South-East corner.

-  90(W) x c.240(H)~Very good; faded.

-  In white marble; M.I. (13 lines Latin, English) fills 60% of an oval lettered cartouche framed by scrolls and garlands of hops(?); initial capitals in red, otherwise black; above and below, winged cherubs; above, a curving cornice with coloured and gilded escutcheon.

-  Walter Burrell, Esq., 8 Mar 1660/1 - 21 Feb 1683/4, died of smallpox; eldest son of Ninion Burrell, Esq., and Anne, daughter of Sir William Culpeper, of Wakehurst, Baron.

72S Mural monument for John BURRELL, d. 1690/1

-  South aisle wall, above head, between central windows.

-  89(W) x 184(H)~Very good.

-  Moulded white marble frame with small pointed pediment; encloses a black M.I. tablet (engraved and gilded); below, base mouldings, a curved scrolled apron with ferns and other foliage and a distraught, winged cherub acting as corbel.

-  John Burrell, Gent., d. 15 Jan 1690/1, aet 76; youngest son of Ninion Burrell, Esq., of Holmsted; his wife, Bridgett, daughter of Thomas Short, Gent., of Tenterden, Kent; their issue - 8: only Mary still living, wife of William Board, eldest son of William Board, Esq., of Board Hill.

72T Mural monument for William FETEPLACE, d. 1656

-  South nave aisle, very high in arcade, opposite 72S.

-  c.80(W) x c.140(H)~Generally good; cornice damaged.

-  In freestone, around a black M.I. tablet (engraved and gilded), set landscape-wise; radically broken pediment around an achievement; below, a generous base moulding, then volutes and gilded foliate ornament; scrolled bracket in centre.

-  William Feteplace, Gent., d. May 1656, aet 71, at Cuckfield; youngest son of Bessells Feteplace, Esq., of Bessells Lee, Berkshire; also, Walter Burrell, Esq., of Holmested, near kinsman.

72U Mural monument for Peter BURRELL, d. 1775

-  East of South nave / aisle door, above head height.

-  88(W) x 122(H)~Very good; fading.

-  White marble M.I. tablet (engraved and black), set portrait-wise; mid relief border of foliage; on 2 corbels.

-  Peter Burrell, Esq., of Beckenham, Kent, Crown Officer, d. 6 Nov 1775; his wife Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John Lewis, Esq., of Hackney, Middlesex; their issue - Peter, b. 16 Jun 1754, husband of Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth, baroness Willoughby de Eresby, eldest daughter of Perigrine Bertie, Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven; Elizabeth Amelia, b. 28 Jan 1749/50, wife of Richard Bennet, Esq.; Isabella Susannah, b. 19 Dec 1750, wife of Algernon, Earl of Beverley; Frances Julia, b. 21 Dec 1752, wife of Hugh, Duke of Northumberland; Elizabeth Anne, b. 10 Apr 1757, wife of Douglas, Duke of Hamilton and Brandon; and Charlotte Maria, 31 Aug 1761 - 5 Jun 1762; Peter Burrell's surviving brother William.

72V Mural monument for Sir William BURRELL, d. 1796

-  Above South door.

-  150(W) x 90(H)~Very good.

-  White marble M.I. tablet (engraved and black), set landscape-wise; flanked by panels with friezes of Greek key ornament and symbols in relief; below, two plain brackets; above, a shallow, plain, pointed pediment.

-  Sir William Burrell, Bart., LL.D., politician, public servant, etc., died at Deepdene, Dorking, Surrey, 20 Jan 1796, aet 63, buried at West Grinstead, Sussex; third son of Peter Burrell, Esq., of Beckenham, Kent and Amy, daughter of Hugh Raymond, Esq.; his wife, Sophia, eldest daughter of Sir Charles Raymond, Bart.; their issue - Charles Merrick, b. 24 May 1774; William Raymond, 23 Dec 1775 - 24 Aug 1777; Walter, b. 15 Apr 1777; Percy, b. 6 Jul 1779; Juliana, b. 11 Jul 1782; Peter Algernon, 4 Aug 1787 - ?? Sep 1787; and Elizabeth Amelia, b. 5 Oct 1789.

72W Mural monument for Peter BURRELL, d. 1756, and others

-  South aisle, West of 72V.

-  94(W) x 173(H)~Very good; fading.

-  White marble unframed M.I. (engraved, black and reddened) fills upper 60%; set portrait-wise on 2 scrolled corbels; above, modest moulded cornice.

-  Peter Burrell, Esq., of Beckenham, Kent, d. 16 Apr 1756, buried Beckenham; his wife Amy, eldest daughter of Hugh Raymond, Esq., of Saling Hall, Essex and Langley, Kent; their issue - Peter (died after 1756); William (died after 1756); Amelia, wife of Tobias Frere, Esq., no issue; Raymond (died in infancy); Issabella (died in infancy); and John (died in infancy); he was the eldest son of Peter Burrell, d. 13 Sep 1718, aet 69, lived at Beckenham from 1684, ninth son of Walter Burrell, Esq., of Holmsted Place, Cuckfield; and Isabella, second daughter of John Merrick, Esq., of Stubbers, North Ockenden, Essex; his siblings - Sir Merrick Burrell, Bart., of West Grinstead Place, Sussex; Francis, wife of Richard Wyatt, Esq., of Egham, Surrey; Issabella, wife of Thomas Dallison, Esq., of Hamptons, Kent; Ann, wife of Richard Acland, Esq., of Devonshire; four other sons died in infancy; one other daughter died in infancy.

72X Mural monument for Percy BURRELL, d. 1807

-  South aisle, West end, South wall.

-  154(W) x 310(H)~Very good.

-  An idealised military figure group of 3 males, within a shallow niche with arched top; above, an entablature with a curved top and an urn; below, M.I. tablet set landscape-wise, flanked by squared blocks and on block corbels; a curving apron below with a decorative escutcheon, the upper parts against a black baseplate; signed (lower right corbel) : 'J. BACON, Junr Sculptor, / LONDON, 1810'.

-  Percy Burrell, Captain (6th Dragoon Guards), 5 Jul 1779 - 5 Jul 1807 at Buenos Aires; fourth son of Sir William Burrell, Bart., and Sophia, daughter of Sir Charles Raymond, Bart.; 2 surviving brothers, unnamed.

72Y Ledger for Thomas WARDEN, d. 1695

-  Nave floor, opposite South door.

-  54(W) x 78(L)~Cracked; damage and losses upper right.

-  M.I. (9 lines, engraved) showing white in upper 60% of a slate slab; set head to West.

-  Thomas Warden, b. 10 Jul 1695, buried 28 Aug 1695; son of John and Hopestill Warden.

72Z Ledger for Matthew WARDEN, d. 1697/8

-  Nave floor, alongside 72Y.

-  54(W) x 78(L)~Sound; damaged edges.

-  M.I. (9 lines, engraved) in a black slab; set head to West.

-  Matthew Warden, d. 4 Jan 1697/8, aet 1; son of John and Hopestill Warden.

72AA Anonymous ledger, d. 1735

-  Nave floor, West end, partly obscured by door into tower.

-  75(W) x 136(L)~Very worn.

-  Engraved lines in centre of a freestone slab; head to West.

72BB Mural monument for James WILLETT, d. 1795, and his daughter

-  North nave aisle, North wall, North-West corner, top left, very high.

-  50(W) x 70(H)~Fine; faded; local damage.

-  Unframed, white marble tablet; M.I. (engraved and black) in upper 50%; cornice over.

-  James Willett, d. 6 Dec 1795, aet 32; his widow, Elizabeth; their issue - Louisa Elizabeth Willett, d. 9 Feb 1795, aet 4.

72CC Mural monument for Jane and Lashford WILLETT, d. 1790 and 1794

-  North nave aisle, North wall, East of 72BB, top obscured by wooden ceiling.

-  50(W) x 100(H)~Fine; pigment fading.

-  Unframed white marble tablet set portrait-wise; M.I. (9 lines) in upper 75% of tablet; cornice over; grey marble pointed pediment with coloured escutcheon; below, a base moulding on two scrolled brackets; curving apron.

-  Jane Willett, d. 23 Oct 1790, aet 60; wife of Lashford Willett, Esq., of Brighthelmston, d. 3 Mar 1794, aet 60.

72DD Monument for Mercy MICHELL [HURST], d. 1706

-  North nave aisle, North wall, below 72BB and 72CC.

-  113(W) x 136(H)~Fine; local damage to cornice.

-  A slate(?) panel, set portrait-wise, M.I. (7 + 6 lines, engraved); within a freestone surround; cornice breaking forward of panelled pilasters on bases and moulded blocks.

-  Mercy Michell, of Cuckfield, d. 5 Jun 1706, aet 42; daughter of John Monlos, of Withyham; and wife of John Hurst; their issue - also John Hurst, d. 11 May 1726, aet 42.

72EE Mural monument for John and Hopestill WARDEN, d. 1730 and d. 1749

-  High in the South nave aisle.

-  95(W) x c.180(H)~Generally very good; fading.

-  M.I. (14 lines, engraved, black) white marble tablet; set portrait-wise; within a grey veined marble frame; above, entablature with broken pointed pediment and urn; below, squared base moulding, then block corbels against a darker grey apron with the escutcheon and motto 'Guardez le foy'; signed (underneath): 'Thos. Burnell Londini fecit'.

-  John Warden, of Butler's Green, d. 30 Apr 1730, aet 79; his wife, Hopestill, d. 22 Jul 1749, aet 92; their only son - Francis Warden, Esq.

72FF Mural monument for Sir Henry and Jane RYCROFT, d. 1846 and d. 1797

-  Very high in North nave aisle arcade, facing North.

-  90(W); (H) unknown~Fine.

-  M.I. (8 + 4 lines) on a white marble tablet set landscape-wise with part-fluted Doric pilasters; rosette corbels below and a grey apron with crossed ferns and an escutcheon; above, a moulded entablature supporting 2 lamps, an urn and festoons against a broad dark grey obelisk as backplate; unsigned.

-  Sir Henry Rycroft, Knt, of Butler's Green, died at Brighton 3 Oct 1846, aet 80; his wife, Jane, d. 21 Apr 1797, aet 31.