East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(49) CHAILEY, St. Peter

Mostly 13th century, restored c.1845 (SAC 84 149ff); enlarged in 1878-9 with outer North aisle and fragmentary South aisle, see Nairn & Pevsner (469); walls mostly modern; for plan see SNQ (XII 6); for a view from South-East see Godfrey & Salzman (Pl. 36) (BL Add. MS 5671 f.45; 5677 ff.26, 53, 55); condition reported as fine in 1724 (Ford).

49A Iron slab for Richard PORTER, d. 1762

-  On floor beneath West tower.

-  90(W) x 180(L)~Fine.

-  A cast iron slab; M.I. (raised relief).

49B Mural monument for Richard BOURCHIER, d. 1770, and his wife Jane, d. 1771

-  Vestry, South wall.

-  140(W) x 190(H)~Good; fading.

-  In white marble; M.I. (12 lines [7+5]) flanked by scrolls, on rectangular panel; moulded top and bottom; above, a broken pediment and an urn in bas-relief on a pedestal; flanking, flaming lamps; below, an ornamental apron, fluted brackets, arms and a base finial.

-  Richard Bourchier, Esq., of Ades, Chailey, formerly of East Indies Co. and governor of Bombay; d. 2 Dec 1770, aet 78; his widow, Jane, d. 10 Aug 1771, aet 32.

49C Mural monument for John INGRAM, d. 1803, and his wife, Elizabeth, d. 1818

-  Vestry, North wall.

-  85(W) x 160(H)~Fine; local losses (lower mouldings); faded.

-  In white and grey marble in low relief; a fluted urn on a pointed pediment; below, a M.I. (12 lines) on a rectangular panel; grey frame; decorated roundels in corners; at foot, corbels and ornamental apron; signed: 'WILLIAMS. BRIGHTON'.

-  John Ingram, Gent., d. 18 Dec 1803 aet 69; eldest son of Rev. James Ingram, rector of Sedlescombe and vicar of Westfield, by his second wife, Anne; John Ingram's wife, Elizabeth, d. 23 May 1818, aet 79.

49D Mural monument for Rev. Sir Henry POOLE, Bart., d. 1821

-  Chancel North wall, West end, at head height.

-  86(W) x 99(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. on white marble panel, black base; no decorative or figure work.

-  Rev. Sir Henry Poole, Bart., rector of Chailey for more than 50 years, of Poole Hall, Cheshire and The Hooke, Sussex, d. 25 May 1821 aet 76.

49E Mural monument for Rev. Richard PORTER, d. 1753, and other members of his family

-  Chancel North wall, at head height.

-  72.5(W) x 152(H)~Good; local losses (top).

-  In white marble; M.I. (13 lines, black) on a rectangular panel; moulded edge; above, chamfered shoulders and a now vacant pedestal; below, apron with floral relief and black base finial.

-  Rev. Richard Porter, A.M., rector of Chailey for 40 years, d. 14 Aug 1753, aet 79; also Thomas Porter, d. Feb 1739, aet 64; his wife, Elizabeth, d. 25 May 1761, aet 73; also Catherine Porter, d. 11 May 1748, aet 71.

49F Mural monument for Frances DAY, d. 1769

-  Chancel North wall, in centre, at head height.

-  98(W) x 170(H)~Excellent; fading; repaired (lower left).

-  M.I. fills a white marble panel; brown marble frame; grey pilasters flanking with very pretty foliage relief; above, brackets support a layered entablature and broken pediment; flaming urn (gilded); below, a decorative base moulding; between corbels, a decorative apron with arms and base finial.

-  Frances Day, d. 31 Jul 1769, aet 64; only daughter of John Middelton, Gent., and his wife, Frances, of Hurstbarns, Chailey; and wife of the late Robert Day, Gent.; and granddaughter of Ellyott Moor, Gent., of Moor House, Wivelsfield.

49G Mural monument for Francis MIDDLETON, d. 1673, his parents and descendants

-  Chancel North wall, East end, at head height.

-  c.100(W) x 170(H)~Fine; fading.

-  M.I. (shallow engraved, gilded) fills a black slate panel; flanking, white pilasters; above, a grey frieze and white entablature; on cornice, flaming lamps (left and right); achievement in centre; below, a black base moulding and decorated apron between brackets.

-  Francis Middleton, Gent., of Hurstbarns, Chailey, d. 23 May 1673, aet 53; son of Arthur Middleton, of Horsham, and Anne, who d. 1665 aet 70[?]; his son, John Middleton, Gent., of Hurtsbarns, d. 2 Feb 1750/1, aet 84.

49H Mural monument for Thomas MYDDLETON, d. 1616

-  Chancel, South wall, East end, at head height.

-  82(W) x 133(H)~Fine; faded.

-  2 abutting engraved stone panels; (1 upper): arms; (2 lower): M.I. and memento mori.

49I Mural monument for George GORING, d. 1728, his wife and children

-  Chancel South wall, above head height.

-  75(W) x 155(H)~Good; colour losses.

-  M.I. (13 lines, shallow engraved, black) on a rectangular, unframed panel; on base, foliate relief decorated; above, broken pointed pediment in grey; achievement.

-  George Goring, Esq., of Eades, d. 3 Jan 1728, aet 58; his wife, Elizabeth, d. 17 Jun 1737, aet 63; daughter of Gabriel Egles, of Copwood, Esq.; their issue - Mary, d. 8 Aug 1745, aet 42; Elizabeth, d. 25 May 1705, infant; Martha, d. 8 Feb 1762, aet 55; (another) Elizabeth, d. 1 Jan 1733, aet 25; George, d. May 1711, infant; Dorothy, d. 14 Jul 1752, aet 39; no issue from any of them.