East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(45) BURWASH, St. Bartholomew

Much of the church is Early English; North arcade is Decorated, many windows renewed - Nairn & Pevsner (463); rebuilt in 1856 with wider aisles but reproducing ancient features, see SNQ (XI 167), Godfrey & Salzman (Pl. 33) views by Grimm 1784 (BL Add. MS 5670 f.10); in 1686 Mr John (or Anthony) Cruttenden had a South aisle gallery; in 1724, the condition was reportedly fine (Ford); there were c.400 communicants at Burwash in 1603, see Renshaw (Ecclesiastical Returns). Several memorials not mentioned in Horsfield (Sussex I 579).

45A Anonymous ledger, d. c.1700?

-  Outer West porch floor, near church door.

-  70(W) x 140(L)~Very worn; part legible; cracks (West end).

-  M.I. (engraved) in black slab; head to West.

45B Mural monument for John CONEY, d. 1775

-  Inner West porch, North wall, at head height.

-  80(W) x 133(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. (7 lines, engraved) fill a slate panel with grey marble moulded base and cornice; flanking scrolls; above, part of a scrolled pediment; below, decorative apron.

-  John Coney, of Burwash, Gent., d. 2 May 1775, aet 72.

45C Mural monument for Sarah ELLIS, d. 1800

-  Inner West porch, North wall, at head height, East of 45B.

-  50(W) x 104(H)~Very faded.

-  M.I. on oval white stone plaque with moulded border; on top, white marble ribbon decorative on a black baseplate.

-  Sarah Ellis, d. 9 (or 19) May 1800, aet 28, eldest daughter of Thomas Johnson, of Framfield; and wife of James Ellis, Gent.

45D Mural monument for John POLHILL, d. 1689

-  North aisle, West wall, high up, over 45E.

-  60(W) x 160(H)~Fine; faded; colour.

-  M.I. (many lines, engraved, black) fill a white marble tablet; drapes flanking; 2 cherubim top left and right, another centre, below; above, an elaborate achievement.

-  John Polhill, of Frenches, Burwash, Gent., d. 29 May 1689, aet 44; his wife, Frances, daughter of John Cason, Gent., of Woodnesborough, Kent; issue 6 sons, 7 daughters; 1 survives Mary.

45E Mural monument for John CASON, d. 1675

-  North aisle, West wall, below 45D.

-  72(W) x 147(H)~Fine; colour.

-  Oval cartouche filled by M.I. (Latin); within a wreathed frame; above and below, scroll decorative; at top, an achievement.

-  John Cason, Gent., of Pelham, Hertfordshire, d. 14 Dec 1675, aet 65; his mother, Susan, daughter of Robert Oxenbridge, of Brede, wife of Thomas Blechende, of Woodnesborough, Kent; his first wife, Mary Brown; his second wife, Frances, only daughter of John Polhill, of Frenches; John Cason's virtues.

45F Mural monument for Elizabeth CASON, d. 1679/80

-  North aisle, centre of West wall.

-  54(W) x 55(H)~Very good.

-  Set diamond-wise; grey and white marble panel; unframed; M.I. (11 lines).

-  Elizabeth Cason, 21 Jun 1614 – 14 Feb 1679/80; wife of John Cason.

45G Mural monument for Richard Still DYKE, d. 1761

-  North aisle, West wall, North end.

-  74(W) x 153(H)~Very good; no colour.

-  M.I. (engraved and black) on white stone tablet; arched top; moulded and decorative frame with yellow inlay in white; arch-topped cornice supports an urn; decorative course of quatrefoils on base moulding; below, apron with Baroque escutcheon.

-  Richard Still Dyke, Esq., of Burwash, d. 2 Jun 1761, aet 45; his wife, Anne, d. 26 Sep 1794, aet 76, daughter of Rev. George Jordan, diocesian chancellor of Chichester.

45H Mural monument for Thomas DYKE, d. 1723

-  North aisle, North wall, towards West end.

-  95(W) x 170(H)~Good; upper M.I. faded.

-  White marble M.I. panel filled 60% from top in 2 equal parts; broken dark grey pointed pediment; Baroque achievement; decorative scrolls flanking; strong base mould; no apron.

-  Thomas Dyke, d. 3[?] Nov 1723, aet 39; his wife, Mary, d. 16 Jun 1755, aet 66; her second husband Robert Streatfeild, Gent., of Delaware, Brasted, Kent; her father, Richard Still, Gent., of Cowden, Kent; Thomas and Mary Dyke's sole issue – Richard Still Dyke; Thomas Dyke is descended from the Polhills of Burwash.

45I Ledger for Anthony CRUTTENDEN, d. 1686

-  Nave floor, East end North of 45J.

-  125.5(W) x 166(L)~Very good; cut.

-  Below an escutcheon, M.I. (12 lines, engraved) fills a black slab; head to West.

-  Anthony Cruttenden, Esq., buried at Burwash, 24 Jun 1686; only son of Anthony Cruttenden, Esq.; his wife, Mary, buried 16 May 1681, aet unknown, second daughter of Herbert Hay, of Glyndebourne.

45J Ledger for Anthony CRUTTENDEN, d. 1716

-  Nave floor, East end, South of 45I.

-  114(W) x 167(L)~Some shaling.

-  An escutcheon, then M.I. (10 lines, engraving) fill visible surface of a black slab, cut at East end; head to West.

-  Anthony Cruttenden, Esq., d. 21 May 1716; son of Anthony Cruttenden, Esq., and his wife, Mary.

45K Mural for James PHILCOX, d. 1824

-  South aisle, West end, South-West corner, above 45L.

-  70(W) x 60(H)~Stained; fading.

-  White marble on black slate backplate; M.I. (8 lines, engraved, black) on tablet of sarcophagal form; small feet left and right; shallow pointed pediment with palmettes.

-  James Philcox, of Burwash, Gent., d. 24 Jul 1824, aet 75; his wife, Mary, d. 3 Feb 1806, aet 58; buried in the churchyard at Burwash.

45L Mural for Rev. John COURTAIL, d. 1806

-  South aisle, West end, South-West corner, below 45K.

-  98(W) x 149(H)~Good; damaged cornice / pediment.

-  Rectangular black marble baseplate; white marble panel set portrait-wise, with M.I. (11 lines); pointed pediment over; on apron, symbol of eternity (serpent); flanking allegory of Faith and Hope; M.I.; signed (lower right): 'FLAXMAN RA SCULPTOR'.

-  Rev. John Courtail, M.A., archdeacon of Lewes, canon of Chichester, rector of Woodchurch, Kent and rector and vicar of Burwash for more than 51 years, d. 25 Feb 1806, aet 90.

45M Mural monuments for William CONSTABLE, d. 1810 and his wife Barbara, d. 1799

-  South aisle, centre of West wall, at head height and above.

-  Lower: 103(W) x 137(H); Upper: inaccessible~Both fine.

-  (Lower) a white & grey trapezoidal panel with M.I. (15 lines, engraved, black); base moulding & two feet; small cornice; shallow pointed pediment and palmettes supporting a draped urn; all on black slate backplate with point [email protected] (Upper) white tablet with M.I. on a black slate baseplate; signed: 'PARSONS.LEWES'.

-  William Constable, Esq., of Burwash, magistrate, etc., d. 6 Sep 1810, aet 65; his first wife Barbara, eldest daughter of Rev. George Strother, rector of Penton Mewsey and Grateley, [Hampshire], d. 1 Dec 1799, aet 59; buried on North side of church.

45N Ledger for Christian MACKENZIE, d. 1822, and her husband Rev. William Mackenzie, d 1840.

-  South aisle, West end, on North buttress.

-  Not measured~Excellent; fading; colour.

-  Above, M.I. (engraved, black) on white marble obelisk; below, thistle decorative left and right; at foot, base moulding, drapes, escutcheon with mottoes; all on a grey oval baseplate; signed (at foot): 'R.BLORE PICCADILLY'.

-  Christian Mackenzie, d. 17 Mar 1822; wife (42 years) of Rev. William Mackenzie, D.D., rector and vicar of Burwash for 19 years and rector of Smarden, Kent for 30 years, d. 4 Jun 1840, aet 82; issue - 2 daughters, both died infants.

45O Mural monument for Nathaniel CRUTTENDEN, d. 1770

-  Inner Porch, South wall, East end.

-  95(W) x 182(H)~Severe cracks and repairs; colour.

-  M.I. (11 lines) on upper 50% of an unframed grey-veined marble panel; below, crude grey marble apron with 2 scrolled corbels; above, broken scrolled pediment and cornice with Baroque escutcheon.

-  Nathaniel Cruttenden, Esq., of Hastings, d. 16 Jul 1770, aet 72, son of Anthony and Mary Cruttenden; his only daughter, [Mary], wife of Rev. John Bishop, rector of Sedlescombe.

45P Mural monument for George JORDAN, d. 1737

-  Inner porch, centre of South wall, above 45Q.

-  34(W) x 77(H)~Fine; some wear.

-  M.I. (engraved) on grey and white stone slab; unframed.

45Q Mural monument for Obedience NEVITT, d. 1619

-  Inner porch, centre of South wall, below 45P.

-  47(W) x 73(H)~Fine; some wear; restored.

-  In freestone; M.I. (black); escutcheon (black) top left corner; 3 slabs of stone forming a rectangular panel with a domed top.

-  Obedience Nevitt, b. 18 Apr 1587 – bur. 15 May 1619, aet 32, daughter of Robert Cruttenden, of Burwash; and wife (from 11 Mar 1604) of Thomas Nevitt, of London, Gent.; her virtues, piety; her husband's charitable bequest.

45R Mural for John CRUTTENDEN, d. 1727

-  Inner porch, South wall, West end.

-  Lower: 80(W) x 27(H); Upper: 62(W) x 80(H)~Stained; worn; losses at ends of baseplate.

-  M.I. on the upper rectangular panel in grey-white marble; curved, ornamental apron in grey-white marble below.