East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(40) BRIGHTON, St. Nicholas of Myra

The 14th-century flint, parish church of Brighthelmstone (until 1873) set on a hill overlooking the ancient but transformed fishing village, was radically altered in 1853 - compare the ground plans in Clarke (SAC 32 36-40); the North aisle is completely new, the South aisle enlarged - Nairn & Pevsner (427-8); many monuments previously towards the East end were relocated to the West tower walls and the West ends of the North and South aisles, in 1892, when a clerestory was installed; the monuments record no prominent family dynasties and little recurrence of family name amongst the mass of wall tablets; there are many references to immigrants to the town; little remains in the floor (ledgers were replaced by tile flooring); a late 19th-century ledger in the choir commemorates earlier parishioners; in 1724, the condition was reported to be fine (Ford); Horsfield (Sussex I 141) calls it a tasteless and unsightly edifice for 1300 auditors, by then crowded with galleries ....

40A Mural monument for Anna Diana COXE, d. 1829

-  Nave West wall, facing East, at head height.

-  105(W) x 84(H)~Dirty; broken edges.

-  M.I. in 2 sections on marble tablet, unframed.

-  Anna Diana Coxe, d. 11 Jan 1829, aet 84; daughter of Sir Charles Sheffield, Bart., of Normanby Hall, Lincolnshire; and wife of the late Major General Thomas Coxe, soldier; issue - youngest daughter, Julia, d. 19 May 1853, aet 66, widow of Major Richard Lothian Dickson; other(s) unnamed.

40B Mural monument for Katherine BLAKER, d. 1809

-  Nave West wall, very high.

-  c.60(W); (H) inaccessible~Fine.

-  M.I. (7 lines, engraved, black) on unframed marble tablet; engraved border with chamfered top.

-  Katherine Blaker, d. 6 Sep 1809, aet 70; daughter of Nathaniel and Katherine Blaker, of Kingston by Sea.

40C Mural monument for Henry KIPPING, d. 1785 and many other members of his family

-  Nave West wall, immediately below 40B.

-  c.180(W); (H) inaccessible~Fine.

-  M.I. on marble tablet set portrait-wise.

-  Henry Kipping, Snr, d. 8 Sep 1785, aet 59; his [first] wife, Elizabeth Kipping, d. 1 Dec 1756, aet 26; his [second] wife, Susannah Kipping, d. 15 Apr 1760, aet 26; their issue - John, d. 24 Sep 1760, infant; his [third] wife Anna, d. 12 Apr 1814, aet 74; their issue - John, d. 4 Mar 1774, aet 5; Anna, d. 26 Apr 1805, aet 35; Katherine, d. 11 Aug 1793, aet 18; Henry, d. 25 Mar 1803, aet 25; and William, d. 5 Apr 1855, aet 72; William's wife, Elizabeth, d. 20 Feb 1844, aet 53; their issue - William Henry Kipping, d. 3 Apr 1823, aet 15; and Thomas, d. 1 Dec 1869, aet 60; Thomas' wife, Mary Ann, d. 14 Dec 1867.

40D Mural monument for Henry MICHELL, d. 1789

-  Nave West wall, South of tower arch, at head height.

-  73(W) x 110(H)~Excellent; colour.

-  M.I. (many lines, final 3 added; engraved and black) on white marble tablet; dark (blue?) baseplate; unframed; below, fluted decorative.

-  Henry Michell, A.M., of Clare, Cambridge, rector of Maresfield, rector of Blatchington and vicar of Brighton, d. 1[?] Nov 1789, aet 75; his wife, [Faith], of 42 years, d. 12 Mar 1809, aet 82; their issue - 9 unnamed, 7 still living in 1790.

40E Mural monument for Humphry COTES, d. 1775

-  Tower South wall, top left corner.

-  60(W) x 42(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. (7 lines, engraved, black) on an unframed white marble tablet.

-  Humphry Cotes, Esq., of Woodcote, Shropshire, d, Hove, 30 Apr 1775, aet 62.

40F Mural monument for Francis Milbourn MARSH, d. 1782

-  Tower South wall, West of 40E.

-  69(W) x 52(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. (6 lines, engraved, black) in upper 50% of an unframed white marble tablet.

-  Francis Milbourn Marsh, Esq., Major (90th Regiment of Foot), d. 16 Sep 1782, aet 44.

40G Mural monument for Robert and Emma SWANTON, d. 1765 and 1822 and their daughter

-  Tower South wall, West of 40F.

-  60(W) x 81(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. (13 lines, engraved, black) on white marble tablet, unframed.

-  Robert Swanton, Esq., Rear Admiral, d. 11 Jul 1765; his widow, Emma, d. 18 Jul 1822, aet 84; their daughter, Mrs Frances Swanton, 21 Feb 1841.

40H Mural monument for Wilhelmina PARR, d. 1827

-  Tower South wall, West of 40G.

-  53(W) x 56(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. (black) on an unframed white marble tablet.

-  Wilhelmina Parr, d. 2 Sep 1827, aet 62; widow of Captain Parr, naval officer, of Langdown House, Hampshire; issue - 3 daughters (unnamed).

40I Mural monument for George HODGES, date unknown

-  Tower South wall, West of 40H.

-  Inaccessible~Dirty; faded; local losses.

-  M.I. hardly legible.

-  George Hodges, son of William Robert and Mary Hodges, date of death and other details illegible.

40J Mural monument for John PANKHURST, d. 1795 and his family

-  Tower South wall, centre left.

-  87(W) x 70(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. on unframed white marble tablet with scalloped edges; signed (lower left): 'WILLIAMS'.

-  John Pankhurst, customs officer, d. 27 June 1795. aet 67; his wife, Sarah, d. 5 Dec 1760, aet 33; their issue - John Pankhurst, Esq., surgeon, d. 25 Nov 1804, aet 44, unmarried; Hannah Pankhurst, d. 20 Jan 1811, aet 72.

40K Mural monument for Richard TIDY, d. 1788 and his family

-  Tower South wall, West of 40J.

-  63(W) x 77(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. on unframed white marble tablet.

-  Richard Tidy, Esq., d. 27 Dec 1788, aet 69; his wife, Mary, d. 2 Feb 1760, aet 23; their issue - John, d. 11 Jul 1771, aet 12; Richard, d. 18 Jan 1760, aet 1.

40L Mural monument for William RANDALL, d. 1796

-  Tower South wall, West of 40K.

-  84(W) x 74(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. (100%) on a white marble tablet, unframed, engraved border.

-  William Randall, barrack master, d. 30 Nov 1796, aet 57; his wife, Phoebe, d. 25 Feb 1822, aet 77; their daughter, Mary, d. 21 May 1805, aet 34, wife of Lieut. Gerard Fletewood, R.N.

40M Mural monument for Richard ATKINSON, d. 1785

-  Tower South wall, just West of 40L.

-  66(W) x 79(H)~Good; rust.

-  M.I. on an unframed white marble tablet.

-  Richard Atkinson, Esq., MP (New Romney), Alderman (London), d. 26 May 1785, aet 47.

40N Mural monument for Charles PRICHARD, d. 1817

-  Tower South wall, lower tier, East end.

-  45(W) x 30(H)~Edges damaged.

-  M.I. on a white marble tablet, corners chamfered.

-  Charles Prichard, Esq., d. 14 Feb 1817, aet 50.

40O Mural monument for Fanny COWLEY, dated 1830

-  Tower South wall, lower tier, West of 40N.

-  20(W) x 25(H)~Dirty; faded.

-  M.I. (engraved) on an unframed grey marble tablet.

40P Mural monument for Elizabeth MICHELL, d. 1808

-  Tower South wall, middle tier, towards West end.

-  48(W) x 67(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. fills marble tablet.

-  Elizabeth Michell, d. 31 Mar 1808, aet 33; eldest daughter of William Johnson, Esq., of Petworth; and wife of James Charles Michell; issue - Elizabeth Sarah, d. 2 Feb 1807, aet 2; John Eardley, d. 2 May 1807, aet 5.

40Q Mural monument for Rev. Radulph SNEYD, d. 1808, and his wife Penelope, d. 1820

-  Tower South wall, lower tier, West of 40P.

-  47(W) x 63(H)~Fine: paint loss (border).

-  M.I. in Latin (engraved) on white marble tablet, set portrait-wise; painted black border.

-  Rev. Radulph Sneyd, LLB, vicar of Westham, rector of Jevington, d. 13 Jun 1808, aet 54; second son of Radulph Sneyd, armiger, of Keele, Staffordshire; his widow, Penelope, d. 20 Mar 1820, aet 62.

40R Mural monument for William GWYN, d. 1770

-  Tower South wall, lower tier, East end.

-  51(W) x 35(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. on white marble tablet, unframed.

-  William Gwyn, A.M., principal of Brasenose College, Oxford, d. 17 Aug 1770, aet 35.

40S Mural monument for James STANLEY, d. 1810

-  Tower West wall, South of West door, very high.

-  Inaccessible~Very good; colour.

-  M.I. (engraved) on framed tablet of white marble, set landscape-wise; at top, escutcheon.

-  James Stanley, armiger, d. 28 Sep 1810, aet 57; wife, brother and issue - all unnamed.

40T Mural monument for Thomas W. STEELE, d. 1796

-  Tower West wall, South of West door, below 40S.

-  c.50(W); (H) inaccessible~Very good; rust.

-  M.I. on unframed, white marble tablet.

-  Thomas W. Steele, of Trelawny, Jamaica, d. 28 Jan 1796, aet 12.

40U Mural monument for James HODGE, d. 1794

-  Tower West wall, South of West door, below 40T.

-  c.50(W); (H) inaccessible~Very good.

-  M.I. on an unframed, white marble tablet.

-  James Hodge, Esq., of Penryn, Cornwall, died at Brighton, 19 Oct 1794, aet 38.

40V Mural monument for Philip METCALFE, d. 1818

-  Tower West wall, South of West door, below 40U, partly obscured by notice board.

-  57(W) x 70(H)~Fine; rust.

-  M.I. (engraved, black) fills unframed white marble tablet. Final line (obscured) reads: '... made the scene of his residence'.

-  Philip Metcalfe, Esq., F.R.S. F.S.A., of Hill Street, Berkeley Square, London and Hawsted, Suffolk, MP 1784-1807 (Horsham, Malmsbury, Plympton), died at Brighton, 26 Aug 1818, aet 85; regular visitor to Brighton for over 50 years.

40W Mural monument for Caroline Margaret THOMPSON, d. 1821

-  Tower West wall, South of West door, low down.

-  48(W) x 37(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. on an unframed, white, marble tablet.

-  Caroline Margaret Thompson, d. 30 Mar 1821, aet 40; wife of Henry Thompson, Esq., late of Oporto.

40X Mural monument for William HALSTONE, d. 1809

-  Tower West wall, North of West door, high up.

-  c.50(W); (H) inaccessible~Very good.

-  M.I. on an unframed white marble tablet.

-  William Halstone, Esq., late of Bermondsey, Surrey, d. 20 Dec 1809, aet 63.

40Y Mural monument for Bridget BARNETT, d. 1816

-  Tower West wall, North of West door, below 40X.

-  c.50(W); (H) inaccessible~Very good.

-  M.I. on an unframed white marble tablet.

-  Bridget Barnett, d. 18 Sep 1816; widow of Charles Barnett, of Stratton, Bedfordshire.

40Z Mural monument for Thomas SMITH, d. 1823

-  Tower West wall, North of West door, at head height.

-  36(W) x 45(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. (engraved) on an unframed white marble tablet; chamfered corners.

-  Thomas Smith, Esq., Alderman (London), d. 18 Apr 1823, aet 76.

40AA Mural monument for David BAILLIE, d. 1826

-  Tower West wall, North of West door, near floor level.

-  41(W) x 36(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. on an unframed white marble tablet.

-  David Baillie, Esq., of West Moulsey Villa, Surrey, d. 4 Dec 1826, aet 66.

40BB Wall-mounted lead slab commemorating Edward LOWE and others, dated 1677

-  Tower West wall, North of West door, standing on floor.

-  69(W) x 107(H)~Fine, blacked.

-  M.I. (8 lines, relief) on a lead slab.

-  Cites Edward Lowe, vicar; and John Scras, Henry Smith, Richard Herman, all three churchwardens, dated 1677.

40CC Mural monument for Walter MURRAY, d. 1826

-  Tower North wall, West end, at head height.

-  55(W) x 33(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. on an unframed white marble tablet.

-  Walter Murray, Esq., of Jamaica, d. 25 May 1826, at Brighton, aet 53; his elder brother, William Murray, Esq.

40DD Mural monument for Charlotte MARYATT, d. 1816

-  Tower North wall, East of 40CC.

-  39.5(W) x 42(H)~Good.

-  M.I. on an unframed white marble tablet.

-  Charlotte Maryatt, d. 7 Oct 1816, aet 23, daughter of Joseph and Charlotte Marryat, of Wimbledon, Surrey.

40EE Mural monument for Robert Home GORDON, d. 1826

-  Tower North wall, East of 40DD.

-  56(W) x 35(H)~Fading.

-  M.I. on an unframed, white marble tablet.

-  Robert Home Gordon, Esq., of Embo, N[orth] B[ritain], d. 19 Dec 1826, aet 61; his widow, Susannah Harriot, d. 18 Jul 1839, aet 71.

40FF Mural monument for William TROUP, d. 1825

-  Tower North wall, below 40CC-EE.

-  82(W) x 39(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. on an unframed trapezoidal white marble tablet; space left for further lines.

-  William Troup, surgeon in the East India Co., born, Brighton, 1801 - buried Bassadore, Persian Gulf, 30 Nov 1825, aet 23; son of George and Ann Troup, of St. James' Palace, she d. 31 Jan 1820, aet 50; also, her sister, Sarah Kent, d. 18 July 1829, aet 56.

40GG Wall-mounted slab commemorating Thomas FRILAND, etc., dated 16[7]5

-  Tower North wall, centre, standing on the floor.

-  74(W) x 131(H)~Blacked.

-  Escutcheon, then M.I. (relief) on a lead slab

-  Thomas Friland, Thomas Roberds, Richard Rossum, all churchwardens; John Vandyke, Plum[b]er.

40HH Wall-mounted slab commemorating Richard MASTERS, etc., dated 1705

-  Tower North wall, alongside and East of 40GG.

-  69(W) x 114(H)~Blacked.

-  2 cherubim, an escutcheon, a M.I., all in relief on a lead slab.

-  Richard Masters, Richard Tuppen, John Masters all three churchwardens, dated 1705.

40II Mural monument for Charlotte WILSON, d. 1782

-  North aisle, West wall, facing East, South of window, above head height.

-  (W) inaccessible; 34(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. on an unframed white marble tablet, set portrait-wise.

-  Charlotte Wilson, d. 8 Sep 1782, aet 18, daughter of Rev. William Worcester Wilson, D.D., vicar of Deptford, Kent.

40JJ Mural monument for Elizabeth Grace ROBINSON, d. 1830

-  North aisle, West wall, facing East, towards South end.

-  51(W) x 54(H)~Fading.

-  M.I. on a white marble tablet; moulded frame and black border.

-  Elizabeth Grace Robinson, died at Brighton, 2 Jan 1830, aet 74; wife of George Robinson, Esq., formerly of Bath.

40KK Mural monument for Jane BATHURST, d. 1827

-  North aisle, West wall, facing East, North of 40JJ.

-  48(W) x 29(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. on an unframed white marble tablet.

-  Jane Bathurst, died at Dieppe, 5 Jun 1827, aet 40; wife of Frederick Hervey Bathurst, Bart., of Clarendon Park, Wiltshire.

40LL Mural monument for Lady MANSFIELD, d. 1819

-  North aisle, West wall, centre, facing East, below window, at head height.

-  91(W) x 69(H)~Fine.

-  M.I. on an unframed white marble tablet; Grecian ornament in corners.

-  Susan, Lady Mansfield, 22 Sep 1750 - 10 Nov 1819; wife of Rt. Hon. Sir James Mansfield, PC, etc., Chief Justice, etc.

40MM Mural monument for Tobias ATKINSON, d. 1819

-  North aisle, West wall, facing East, North of 40NN, above head height.

-  56(W) x 54(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. on white marble tablet; border of chamfered corners; black baseplate.

-  Tobias Atkinson, d. 19 Nov 1819, aet 75; his daughter, Elizabeth Jackson, d. 8 Jan 1821, aet 46.

40NN Mural monument for Elizabeth LEIGH, d. 1826

-  North aisle, West wall, facing East, North end, above head height.

-  Inaccessible~Faded; dirty.

-  M.I. (engraved, black) fills unframed white marble tablet; black baseplate with pointed top; arms over moulded cornice.

-  (Little legible) Elizabeth Leigh, d. 9 May 1826, aet 70; last daughter of Stratford Canning, Esq., of Carvagh, Ireland; her first husband, Captain Westly Percival, of Knight's Brook, Co. Meath; her second husband, Rev. William Leigh, of Rushhall, Hall, Staffordshire; issue - 3 daughters; her many virtues; quotes 1 Corinthians 15.22.

40OO Mural monument for Mary ANGELO, d. 1823

-  North aisle, North wall, high in North-West corner.

-  Inaccessible~Very good.

-  M.I. (engraved, black) on white marble tablet taking form of an open book; black baseplate.

-  Mary Angelo, d. 16 Aug 1823, aet 21; eldest daughter of Captain George Frederick Angelo.

40PP Mural monument for John CLARKE, d. 1783

-  North aisle, West wall, facing East, top left of group of 6.

-  Inaccessible~Fine.

-  M.I. on an unframed white marble tablet.

-  John Clarke, of London, surgeon, d. 25 Aug 1783, aet 57; issue - an unnamed youngest son.

40QQ Mural monument for R[ichard] BRACKEN, d. 1830

-  North aisle, West wall, facing East, top centre of group of 6.

-  Inaccessible~Fine.

-  M.I. on an unframed white marble tablet.

-  R[ichard] Bracken, curate of Brighton, died in an alpine snowstorm, 13 Sep 1830.

40RR Mural monument for Elizabeth Harriet WAGNER, d. 1829

-  North aisle, West wall, facing East, top right of group of 6.

-  Inaccessible~Fine.

-  M.I. on white marble tablet, unframed.

-  Elizabeth H[arriet] Wagner, d. 1829, aet 32.

40SS Mural monument for Frances Crosbie FAIRFIELD, d. 1830

-  North aisle wall, towards West end, at head height.

-  94(W) x 234(H)~Some local damage.

-  Above, a relief with a shallow curved top; set portrait-wise; an angel embracing the subject as she is borne aloft; then, a moulded cornice; below, an unframed tablet with M.I. (9 lines, engraved, biography, script. quote) between 2 pilasters each with a digger in relief; supported by 2 corbels; signed (under lower base moulding): 'R WESTMACOTT JNR WILTON PLACE LONDON'.

-  Frances Crosbie Fairfield, d. 28 Aug 1830, at Brighton; wife of Charles Fairfield, Esq.