East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(276) WARTLING, St Mary Magdalene

As at Hooe and Herstmonceux, a mediaeval church originally on a coastal rise; Perpendicular North and South arcades; South chapel off chancel now gone (Nairn & Pevsner 621; SNQ IV 1932-33 182 - with plan); state of chancel (belonging to the parson) in both 1686 & 1724 described as poor (Ford 46; 118); the parish had c.100 families in 1724 and a population of 858 in 1801; once the chancel was repaired it was filled with a notable series of tablets for members of the Curteis family, also noted by Horsfield (Sussex I 548-9); there are terracottas by Harmer in the churchyard.

276A Mural monument for Thomas LUXFORD d. 1739

-  Chancel, across North-West corner, above head height.

-  98(W) x 136 (H)~Excellent.

-  M.I. (18 lines, engraved, black) on 80% of a grey-veined and white marble tablet; straight entablature; base mouldings; two simple curved corbels; a dark grey curved apron.

-  Thomas Luxford, Esq., of Windmill Hill, Sussex, d. 24 Feb 1739, aet 72; his grandparents, Thomas Luxford, of Windmill Hill and Changed Collins, daughter of Thomas Collins, Esq., of Socknersh, Sussex; eldest son of Richard Luxford, Esq., and Catherine, daughter of Thomas Henshaw, Esq., all of Billingshurst, Sussex; Catherine Henshaw was niece to Joseph Henshaw, bishop of Peterborough.

276B Mural monument for Jeremiah and Jane CURTEIS d. 1806 and 1796

-  Chancel, North wall, West end, above head height.

-  113(W) x 168(H)~Excellent.

-  M.I. (engraved, black) fills an unframed white and grey-veined marble tablet; modest, straight entablature; base mouldings; above, escutcheon on base; below, two fluted scrolled corbels.

-  Jeremiah Curteis, Esq., of Rye, d. 31 Dec 1806, aet 71; his wife, Jane Curteis, d. 1 Mar 1796, aet 54, both buried Tenterden, Kent; their only son, Edward Jeremiah Curteis, of Windmill Hill; their grandson, Edward Jeremiah Curteis, d. 7 Aug 1795, aet 4, buried at Tenterden; a daughter to Edward-Jeremiah Curteis, unnamed.

276C Mural monument for Jane Anne Elizabeth CURTEIS d. 1820, her sister Laura Charlotte Darby d. 1847 and others

-  Chancel, North wall, East of 276B, above head height.

-  128(W) x 158(H)~Excellent.

-  M.I. fills surface of grey and white marble tablet; unframed; straight entablature; base mouldings; 2 fluted, scrolled corbels.

-  Jane Anne Elizabeth Curteis, d. 24 Oct 1820, aet 28, buried at Wartling; second daughter of Edward Jeremiah Curteis, Esq., MP; his third daughter, Laura Charlotte Darby, born London, 3 Apr 1795, d. 27 Mar 1847, aet 51, and buried Florence, Italy; her husband as of 11 Apr 1822, William Henry Darby, Esq., of Leap Castle, King's County, Ireland; also, Steuart Boone Inglis, Esq., died at his residence, The Manor House, Inveresk, N[orth] B[ritain], 4 Apr 1828, aet 55, the only son of Capt. John Inglis, RN, of Cramond, N.B.; also his daughter, Mary Barrett Curteis Inglis who was granddaughter of Edward Jeremiah Curteis.

276D Mural monument for Mary Barrett INGLIS d. 1813

-  Chancel, North wall, East of 276C, above head height.

-  126(W) x 110(H)~Excellent.

-  Against a thin, black baseplate on four black ball corbels; with an arched top; in white marble relief, a sarcophagus on pillared legs, with a moulded top, supporting a draped vase; below, a broad pedestal with a moulded top, supporting an escutcheon with motto; M.I. on the face of the sarcophagus on moulded tablet (9 lines, engraved, black).

-  Mary Barrett Inglis 29 Dec 1789 - 17 Aug 1813, aet. 23; eldest daughter of Edward Jeremiah Curteis, Esq.; and wife of Steuart Boone Inglis.

276E Mural monument for Mary Barrett Curteis INGLIS d. 1827

-  Chancel, North wall, East of 276D, over rail, above head height.

-  90(W) x 75(H)~Excellent.

-  Against a thin black baseplate with a pointed top; unframed white marble tablet with pointed pediment, set landscape-wise; squared-off corbels; low relief roses in pediment; below, a straight moulded entablature, M.I. (11 lines, engraved, black); signed (lower right): 'THEAKSTON.SC / PIMLICO.LONDON'.

-  Mary Barrett Curteis Inglis, d. 16 Oct 1827, aet 14; only child of Steuart Boone Inglis, Esq., of Inveresk and Cramond, North Britain; and grand-daughter of Edward Jeremiah Curteis, Esq., MP.

276F Mural monument for Caroline Sarah CURTEIS d. 1825

-  Chancel, South wall, centre, above head height.

-  A mottled dark grey baseplate in obelisk form; a white marble relief with a standing, semi-draped putto mourning over a floral tribute; draped urn with profile relief portrait of the deceased, facing West; base mouldings over a substantial pedestal; M.I. (19 lines, engraved, black) fills a square tablet; below, a moulding, at foot, escutcheon with motto on a grey-veined baseplate.

-  Caroline Sarah Curteis, born at Ashford, 16 May 1802, died at Tonbridge Wells, 15 May 1825, the last day of her 23rd year; daughter and co-heiress of Robert Mascall, Esq., of Peasmarsh Place, Sussex; and wife from 29 Jun 1821 of her cousin, Herbert Barrett Curteis, Esq., eldest son of Edward Jeremiah Curteis of Windmill Hill, MP; their only issue, Herbert Mascall Curteis, b. 8 Jan 1823, at Florence.

276G Mural monument for Mary Jane SMITH d. 1805

-  South-East chapel, West wall, above head height on bare wall.

-  63(W) x 124(H)~Good; faded.

-  M.I. (10 lines, engraved, black) fills a white marble oval plaque; engraved border; above, flaming urn in low relief; below, ball corbel.

-  Mary Jane Smith, d. 31 Jul 1805, aet 16; daughter of Rev. Jeremiah Smith, vicar of Wartling and his wife Ann.