East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(272) WALDRON, All Saints

Mostly Early English; South aisle 1859-62 - Nairn & Pevsner (619); a defective porch pavement, over a grave, was reported in 1686 (Ford 52); the parish had 87 families in 1724 when the church fabric was reported to be fine; the population was 752 in 1801; 4 generations of Dyke family of Horsham are commemorated at Waldron; there are terracottas by Harmer in the churchyard.

272A Wall monument for Major John FULLER, d. 1722

-  North-East corner of North aisle, against North wall; partly obscured by banners.

-  194(W) x c.390(H)~Generally very good; M.I. very worn.

-  In a selection of rich, coloured marbles; a backplate in grey marble comprising an obelisk with arms; below, a covered sarcophagus, flanked by freestone white urns; M.I. (5 lines, Latin in the basement; 7 lines of English on sarcophagus); no M.I. on obelisk.

-  Major John Fuller, son of John Fuller Esq. (no more legible).

272B Mural monument for Philadelphia DYKE, d. 1720

-  North aisle; South wall, North face, very high.

-  Inaccessible~Fine; faded.

-  A small, unframed freestone tablet with a moulded and arched top; M.I. (8 lines, engraved, black).

-  Philadelphia Dyke, d. 22 Aug 1720, buried at Waldron; widow of Sir Thomas Dyke.

272C Mural monument for Rev. Thomas LEWIS, d. 1818

-  Choir, North wall, at head height.

-  c.68(W) x c.97(H)~Fair; tablet cracked; local losses to urn moulding.

-  Above, a grey marble urn in relief against a black baseplate with pointed top; below, an oval tablet set portrait-wise with a decorated border, a M.I. (20 lines, engraved) all on a small bracket.

-  Rev. Thomas Lewis, curate of Waldron for 42 years, d. 3 Jun 1818, aet 66; quotes Timothy IV 7-8.

272D Ledger and brass for Thomas DYKE, d. 1632

-  Nave, East end, near sanctuary step.

-  74(W) x 158(L)~Slab very worn; brass worn but legible.

-  A (Horsham?) stone slab with brass and matrices for other missing brasses; head to West.

-  Thomas Dyke, Esq., d. 6 Apr 1632, aet 69; his wife, Joane, daughter of Thomas Walsh, Gent., of Horeham; issue - Abraham, Herbert, Thomas, Margery, Judith, Elizabeth and Sarah.

272E Ledger and brasses for Abraham and Joane DYKE, d. 1632 and d. 1633

-  Nave, East end, near sanctuary step, near 272D.

-  Slab: 77(W) x 168(L)~Very worn.Brasses - (i) 40(W) x 12(H); (ii) (lozenge) 19(W) x 17(H), (iii) 47(W) x 14(H)~Worn but legible.

-  3 brasses on a (Horsham?) stone slab; head to West.

-  Abraham Dyke, Esq., d. 15 Oct 1632, aet 24; son of Joane Dyke, d. 1 Jan 1632/3, aet 46, wife of late Thomas Dyke, Esq., of Horeham.

272F Ledger for Thomas OFFLEY, d. 1673

-  Nave floor, towards East end.

-  68(W) x 198(L)~Sound; very worn on left side.

-  Escutcheon, then M.I. (engraved) fill black slab; head to West.

-  Only right-hand fragments of M.I. survive:

272G Ledger for Catherine and Hugh OFFLEY, d. 1735 and d. 1746/7

-  Nave floor, near East end.

-  99(W) x 200(L)~Sound; M.I. and arms very worn.

-  Escutcheon, then M.I. (17 lines, engraved) fill black slab; head to West.

-  Catherine Offley, d. 1 May 1735, aet 69; youngest daughter of Thomas Lade, Gent., of Warbleton; and wife of Hugh Offley, Esq., of Possingworth, d. 29 Jan 1746/7, aet 71.

272H Ledger for Richard THOMAS, d. 1677

-  Centre of nave floor.

-  83(W) x 204(L)~Very worn, almost illegible; cracks on North side.

-  Escutcheon, then M.I. (21 lines, engraved) fill white slab; head to West.

272I Ledger for James DALRYMPLE, d. 1781

-  Centre of nave floor, partly obscured by pews.

-  (Visible): 114(W) x 200(L)~Sound but worn.

-  M.I. (14 lines, engraved) in upper 80% of a black slab; head to West.

-  James Dalrymple, Esq., of Gatehouse, Mayfield, d. 29 Mar 1781, aet 49; his wife, Cordelia, d. 6 Jun 1802, aet 70.

272J Ledger for Ann COURTHOPE, d. 1675

-  Nave floor, West end, partly obscured by pews, cut on North side.

-  (Visible): 88(W) x 200(L)~Worn but legible.

-  Escutcheon, then M.I. (11 lines, engraved) fill 80% of black slab; head to West.

-  Ann Courthope, d. 16 Dec 1675, aet 25; daughter of John Fuller, Esq., of Waldron Sussex; and wife of George Courthorpe, Esq., eldest son of Sir George Courthope, Knt., of Whyligh, Sussex.

272K Ledger for Thomas FULLER, d. 1744

-  Nave floor, West end, partly obscured by pews, cut on North side.

-  (Visible): 88(W) x 200(L)~Worn but legible; large crack running North-South.

-  Escutcheon, then M.I. (8 lines, engraved) fill 75% of black slab; head to West.

-  Thomas Fuller, Esq., of Mayfield, d. 19 Apr 1744, aet 50.

272L Mural cartouche for Bridget DYKE, d. 1722

-  North aisle, West wall, South of 272M, high up.

-  c.80(W) x c.140(H)~Sound; very faded.

-  Convex Baroque cartouche; framed by drapes and 3 cherubim; above, an escutcheon; M.I. (14 lines, engraved, black) filling 60%.

-  [Bridget Dyke], 19 Jun 165? - 3 Nov 1722, daughter [?] of Sir Thomas Dyke; her sister, executrix and patron of the monument, Dorothy Dyke.

272M Mural Monument for Sir Thomas and Katherine DYKE, d. 1669 and 1695

-  North aisle, West wall, North of 272L, high up.

-  c.80(W) x c.140(H)~Fine; faded (M.I. and arms).

-  M.I. (17 lines, engraved, black) fills oval convex plaque; below, escutcheon as corbel; above, urn in relief; framed by 2 cherubs, garlands and foliage.

-  Sir Thomas Dyke, of Horeham, d. 13 Dec 1669, aet 51; his wife, Katherine Dyke, d. 28 May 1695, aet 76, daughter of Sir John Bramston, of Skreens, Essex, Judge; issue: John, Thomas, William, Mary, Katherine, Elizabeth, Bridget, Sarah, Dorothy, Bridget, Martha and Lucy.

272N Mural Monument for Sir Thomas DYKE, d. 1706

-  North aisle, North wall, North-West corner, high up.

-  85(W) x 190(H)~Fine; faded (M.I. and arms).

-  Convex Baroque cartouche; drapery and 2 cherubs flanking; above, an escutcheon; below, a death's head with folded wings.

-  Sir Thomas Dyke, Bart., of Horeham, d. 31 Oct 1706, aet 57; his widow, Philadelphia, daughter of Sir Thomas Nutt, Knt., of Mays, Sussex; issue: Thomas (died an infant), Catherine (died an infant), Philadelphia, Elizabeth (another) and Thomas; patron of 272N, Philadelphia, widow and mother.