East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(264) UCKFIELD, Holy Cross

Almost completely rebuilt by Woseley in 1839, but for tower and some ancient walls - SNQ (4 90-91); Nairn & Pevsner (614-5); for view of old church from North-East see Godfrey & Salzman (Pl. 166), see too Turner (SAC 12 9); for a parish with just 40 families in 1717 and a population of 811 in 1801 the wealth of 18th-century mural monuments is astonishing; they must all have been reinstalled: are any of those scrolled escutcheons original? Ledgers presumably lost in the rebuilding (an exception is 264N); indeed, Horsfield (Sussex I 369) reported that the chancel and nave abounded in M.I.s and monuments.

264A Mural monument for Martha GRAEBKE, dated 1779

-  South-West lobby, East wall, at head height.

-  86(W) x 153(H)~Dirty; faded; some cracks.

-  In pale brown freestone set portrait-wise; an unframed M.I. tablet with a scrolled top, a base moulding and an ornamental apron.

264B Mural monument for Rev. John and Lucy LLOYD, d. 1738 and 1746

-  South-West lobby, on staircase, facing South, above head height.

-  70(W) x 130(H)~Very weathered; stained.

-  In sandy freestone; framed tablet with convex face, moulded entablature and pointed pediment; below, a thick base moulding and 2 scrolled corbels.

264C Mural monument for Edward, Philadelphia and Sarah INSKIP, d. 1764, 1732 and 1757

-  North-West lobby, on staircase, facing North, above head height.

-  92(W) x 180(H)~Fine; very weathered.

-  In pale brown freestone, close to 264A in type.

264D Mural monument for Elizabeth JACKSON, d. 1756

-  North aisle, North wall, at head height.

-  87(W) x 125(H)~Very good.

-  In grey marble; in centre a rectangular M.I. tablet (5 lines, engraved) and a slim black raised moulded frame; plain flanking pilasters end in scrolled brackets; below, an ornamental apron with polished black finial as corbel; above, no cornice or entablature, but a pointed pediment.

-  Elizabeth Jackson, d. 26 Nov 1756, aet 44; wife of Thomas Jackson, Esq.

264E Mural monument for Rev. David BAYFORD, d. 1792

-  On East pier, between nave and North aisle, facing South, at head height.

-  43(W) x 83(H)~Good; fading.

-  An unframed oval M.I. tablet (10 lines, engraved, black) on a small scrolled corbel.

-  Rev. David Bayford, curate of Uckfield, d. 28 Nov 1792, aet 24.

264F Wall-mounted brasses for John FULLER, d. 1610

-  Now against the North choir wall.

-  Slab: 88(W) x 204(H): Brass 1: 19(W) x 24(H); Brass 2: 22(W) x 62(H); Brass 3: 62(W) x 26(H); Brass 4: 53(W) x 29(H)~Fine.

-  Four brasses set on a black slab, with chamfered edges: top, (1) an escutcheon, with the motto 'IOHN FULLER'; below that (2) standing portrait of John Fuller, hands in prayer, in a fur-trimmed gown, (3) a brass M.I. with John Fuller's charitable bequests, (4) a brass epitaph - didactic (11 lines).

-  John Fuller, Gent., of Uckfield, d. 6 Apr 1610, aet unknown; quotes 1 John 3, 11-13.

264G Mural monument for John and George EGLES, d. 1712 and 1727/8

-  South choir wall, towards East end, above head height.

-  74(W) x 158(H)~Very good; colour restored.

-  In grey-veined marble; M.I. (12 lines) in upper 50%; straight top and chamfers; base moulding and ornamental apron; above, a scrolled escutcheon.

-  John Egles, 18 Apr 1709 - 28 Jul 1712, 'buried under the family seat'; George Egles, 30 Mar 1710 - 4 Mar 1727/8, 'buried under this monument'; both sons of John Egles, Gent. and Mary his wife.

264H Mural monument for Rev. Henry COURTHOPE, d. 1804

-  South choir wall, alongside and West of 264G.

-  134(W) x 278(H)~Very good; heraldic colour.

-  Composite white marble M.I. panel with arched top; black surround; white marble architrave; flanked by Tuscan columns on very high pedestals with moulded blocked corbels; above, broken pointed pediment and scrolled escutcheon; below, a straight frame moulding.

-  Rev. Henry Courthope, A.M., vicar of Brenchley, Kent, d. 15 Nov 1804, aet 64, buried at Uckfield; second son of George Courthope, Esq., of Whiligh, Sussex; his wife, Mary, d. 29 Apr 1830, aet 82, youngest daughter of William Peckham, Esq., of Arches, Sussex; issue - Mary, d. 1 Nov 1825, aet 48.

264I Mural monument for members of the WILSON Family, erected 1770

-  South choir wall, alongside and just West of 264H.

-  98(w) x 184(H)~Very good.

-  Black rectangular frame around a white marble tablet set portrait-wise with heraldry on top.

-  This monument was erected by Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, 6th Bart. in memory of his sister, Barbara Wilson, d. 5 Mar 1730, aet 6; his sister, Anne Wilson, d. 26 Oct 1744, aet 19; his father, Sir Thomas Wilson, 4th Bart., d. 6 Oct 1759, aet 77; his brother, Sir Edward Wilson, 5th Bart., d. 1 Jun 1760, aet 42, unmarried; his mother, Dame Elizabeth Wilson, d. 4 Jul 1768, aet 78.

264J Mural monument for Mary ELLIS, d. 1718

-  Nave, East end, against choir wall, facing West, at head height.

-  74(W) x 114(H)~Good.

-  Elegant small tablet with gilded lettering, within a grey marble frames; flat pilasters; base mouldings and decorated apron; above, an escutcheon on a stand against a pointed grey backplate.

-  Ms Mary Ellis, d. 19 Dec 1718, aet 61.

264K Mural mounted slab for John-Barham EGLES and Mary EGLES, both d. 1721

-  Now against East nave wall, below 164J, partly obscured by recent wooden extension to chancel steps.

-  (Visible) 84(W) x 99(H)~Good.

-  Unframed white marble slab; M.I. (only 13 lines visible, engraved and black).

264L Mural monument for Dorothy ELLIS, d. 1731/2

-  South-East chapel, North wall, facing South, high up.

-  70(W) x c.140(H)~Good.

-  Ornate; slate and column marbles; lettering (?gilded); inverted scrolls on the flanking pilasters; above, 3 overlapping cornices, a scrolled escutcheon on a pedestal and 2 gilded, flaming lamps; below, base mouldings on a complex corbel with volutes and an acanthus boss.

-  Dorothy Ellis, d. 14 Feb 1731/2, aet 73; she had sister(s).

264M Mural cartouche for John EGLES, d. 1750

-  South aisle, South wall, near East end, at head height.

-  69(W) x 154(H)~Very good.

-  In white marble; Baroque gilded scrollwork; M.I. (lines, engraved and black) filling the double convex face; above, an escutcheon, flanked by cherubim; another at the foot.

-  John Egles, Esq., of Copwood, d. 5 Aug 1750, aet 73; his wife, Mary, d. 6 Sep 1744, aet 71, daughter of George Goring, Esq., of Barcombe; issue, 1 daughter, Mary, wife of Richard Beard Streatfeild, second son of Henry Streatfeild, Esq., of Chiddingstone, Kent.

264N Wall mounted slab for Gabriel EGLES, d. 1707

-  South aisle, rests against South wall, beneath 264M.

-  75(W) x 176(H)~Fine.

-  Cast iron slab; M.I. (8 lines over an escutcheon); cabled edge.

-  Gabriel Egles, Esq., d. 7 Aug 1707, aet 64.

264O Mural monument for Richard Thomas STREATFEILD, d. 1813, and his wife Anne, d. 1848

-  South aisle wall, at head height, West of 264M.

-  79(W) x 180(H)~Very good; colour visible on arms.

-  In white marble with a scrolled escutcheon above; lightly moulded M.I. tablet (engraved and black) filled; above, cornice and escutcheon; below, base mouldings, and an ornamental apron with scalloped edge, also inscription.

-  Richard Thomas Streatfeild, Esq., of the Rocks and Copwood, d. 26 Aug 1813, aet 53, buried Chiddingstone, Kent; his first wife, Jane Esther, d. 26 Oct 1796, aet 26, daughter of Admiral Sir Chaloner Ogle, Kt, of Worthy, Hampshire; no issue; his second wife, Anne, d. 6 Jul 1848 and buried at Kensal Green Cemetery, Paddington, Middlesex, daughter of Robert Shuttleworth, Esq., of Barton Lodge, Lancashire; issue - Anne, Rosa-Sophia, Richard-Shuttleworth, Georgiana-Charlotte, Sidney-Robert, Thomas-Brand (d. 3 Feb 1811, infant, and buried at Chiddingstone) and Gertrude Harriet, a posthumous child; Anne subsequently married Richard Prime, Esq., of Walberton, issue - three children.

264P Mural monument for Richard Beard STREATFEILD, d. 1770, and his family

-  South aisle wall, at head height, towards West end.

-  100(W) x 215(H)~Excellent.

-  In grey-veined marble, a rectangular M.I. tablet (engraved and black); flanked by fluted Doric pilasters; below, base mouldings, finials, an ornamental apron with a column escutcheon and 2 cherubim; above, a plain frieze with raunce inset and cornice supporting urn and 2 flaming lamps.

-  Richard Beard Streatfeild, Esq., of Copwood, d. 10 Jan 1770, aet 60; his widow, Mary, d. 3 Aug 1789, aet 74, daughter of John Egles, Esq., of Copwood; issue - Mary, d. 13 Mar 1740/1, an infant; and Elizabeth, d. 14 Mar 1741/2, an infant; all buried Chiddingstone, Kent.