East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(239) SOUTH MALLING, St. Michael

Mediaeval church rebuilt 1626-8 (some Decorated remains at West end); consecrated in 1632 as a Puritan foundation, the living maintained by a bequest from John Stansfield (see Lewes All Saints) - Nairn & Pevsner (608-9); plan in SNQ (III 247); South Malling was held in plurality with Glynde from 1683-1760; 22 families in 1717 and a population of 348 in 1801; 239E-G refer to the several generations of Kempe, owners of nearby Malling Deanery (1648-1826); some M.I.s refer to now-removed pews (239F); Burrell noted that the chancel monuments were reordered in 1775; Horsfield (Sussex I 343) found nothing noteworthy at South Malling.

239A Mural monument for William BRODIE, d. 1827

-  Nave, South wall, West of South door, above head height.

-  105(W) x 78(H)~Very good; faded.

-  M.I. (7 lines, engraved, black) on a white marble tablet of sarcophagal form; dark grey backplate; light, engraved border; 2 finials as corbels; cornice over; pointed pediment; palmettes in corners; escutcheon in pediment.

-  William Brodie, Esq., of Malling Cottage, d. 3 May 1827, aet 61; his son, Francis William Brodie, died Calcutta, 16 Aug 1822, aet 3.

239B Mural monument for Richard RUSSELL, d. 1759

-  North wall, towards West end, at head height.

-  48(W) x 49.5(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. (5 lines, engraved) in Latin and Greek, on black marble, elliptical panel, set landscape-wise; suspended from it, a circular heraldic medallion.

239C Ledger for Wm KEMPE, d. 1691

-  Nave floor, East end, North side.

-  92(W) x 188(H)~Worn.

-  M.I. (6 lines, engraved) in upper 30% of a black slab; head to North.

-  William Kempe, Esq., d. 6 Nov 1691, aet 66.

239D Mural monument for Mary KEMPE, d. 1775

-  Chancel North wall, at head height.

-  95(W) x 49(H)~Fine.

-  M.I. (9 lines, engraved, black) in Latin on light grey tablet set landscape-wise; moulded frame; chamfered corners.

-  Mary Kempe, d. 28 Oct 1775, aet 47; wife of William Kempe, lawyer.

239E Ledger for Dorothy SPENCE, d. 1685, and others

-  Chancel floor, South-East corner.

-  96(W) x 163(H)~Scratched.

-  M.I. (many lines, engraved) covers a black slab; head to East.

-  Dorothy Spence, buried 10 Jul 1685, youngest daughter of Sir Houland Roberts, Bart., of Glassenbury, Kent, and wife of John Spence II, Esq., the son of John Spence I; also, Byne, d. 1721, aet 39, daughter of Sir G Walker, Bart., and first wife of John Spence III, Esq.; their issue - youngest son, Benjamin, d. 1721; eldest son, William, died aet 9; third son, Henry, d. 7 Jul 1761, aet 42; also, Mary Spence, d. 24 Dec 1751, aet 23, second daughter of John Spence III by Graciana, his second wife; also, Henrietta, d. 27 Oct 1775, aet 58, daughter of Sir Thomas Frederick, Knt., and wife of Luke Spence, Esq.

239F Mural monument for Annette Jane HORT, d. 1810

-  Chancel South wall, above head height.

-  56(W) x 78(H)~Fine; faded.

-  M.I. (10 lines, engraved, black) on a white marble oval tablet, set landscape-wise; below, a base moulding and corbel with ring decoration; above, a flaming urn in relief on a base mould.

-  Annette Jane Hort, d. 15 Jun 1810, aet 5.

239G Ledger with attached brasses for Luke SPENCE, d. 1800, and others

-  Nave floor, East end, South side.

-  Ledger: 99.5(W) x 163(H); Upper brass: 32(W) x 39.5(H); Lower brass: 32.5(W) x 16(H)~Very good.

-  A slab; head to South; from South end, M.I. (4 lines, engraved) in stone; in centre, upper brass, with many engraved lines; then another M.I. (3 lines, engraved) in stone; then lower brass; also set in centre; finally, another M.I. (4 lines, engraved) in stone.

-  Luke Spence, Esq., d. 28 May 1800, aet 84; his granddaughter, Harriet, d. 11 Sep 1797, aet 28; also, William Spence, buried 16 Jul 1677; also, Audry Barksted, d. 7 Aug 1691, aet 26, daughter of John Spence I, and wife of John Barksted; also, John Spence, armiger, 23 Sep 1683 - 15 Jun 1741; also, John Spence I, d. 3 Aug 1691, aet 67; his wife, Ruth, d. 6 Apr 1693, aet 63.

239H Ledger for Sarah KEMPE, d. 1794

-  Nave floor, centre, near East end.

-  89(W) x 111(H)~Cracked (diagonal from top right).

-  M.I. (12 lines, engraved) on a black slab; head to South.

-  Sarah Kempe, d. 10 Jul 1794, aet 25; wife of William Kempe, Esq., Serjeant at Law, impropriate rector of South Malling; their issue, 4 unnamed children.