East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(225) SEDLESCOMBE, St. John the Baptist

Perpendicular, restored by Norman & Billing 1866-74 - Nairn & Pevsner (604); in good state of repair in 1686 and 1724 (Ford 50, 115); the parish had c.50 families in 1724 and a population of 510 in 1801; 225E was restored to its original location after the rebuilding.

225A Mural monument for Mary DYKE, d. 1642

-  South aisle, South wall, West of South door, at head height on.

-  80(W) x 65(H)~Fine; repairs.

-  M.I. (16 lines, engraved, black, Latin) fills an unframed rectangular panel (marble/alabaster?); black slate backplate; 2 small block corbels.

-  Mary Dyke, d. 5 Apr 1642, aet 21; daughter of Peter Farnden, armiger; wife of Robert Dyke, Gent., and mother of William Dyke.

225B Mural monument for George BARNSLEY, d. 1724

-  Tower, North wall, high.

-  80(W) x 90(H)~Very worn.

-  M.I. (many lines engraved) on a square freestone panel; backplate with pointed top; base; 2 tiny moulded corbels.

-  M.I. now illegible.

225C Mural monument for Mary FARNDEN, d. 1630

-  Tower, North wall, beneath 225B.

-  130(W) x 35(H)~Very worn.

-  M.I. (engraved) on an unframed rectangular freestone slab.

225D Mural monument for Col. Thomas SACKVILL, d. 1692/3

-   North-West chapel (vestry), West wall, at head height.

-  60(W) x 150(H)~Fine; some details fragile, detached and repaired.

-  An achievement over a curved pediment, over a cornice; below, M.I. panel set portrait-wise, flanked by scrolls and foliage; base moulding; below that, a cherub's head draped and tasselled.

-  Colonel Thomas Sackvill, d. 3 Jan 1692, son of Sir Thomas Sackvill and Joan Boyce; his wife, Margaret, daughter of Henry Compton, (brother of the Earl of Northampton), and widow of Anthony Roper of Eltham, Kent; Sisley Sackville, daughter of Robert, Earl of Dorset.

225E Cast iron slab for William BISSHOP, d. 1664, his wife and great grand-daughter

-  North aisle floor, towards the West end, partly obscured by furniture.

-  60(W) x 150(L)~Fine.

-  M.I. (3 bands of raised lines) on an iron slab; head to East.

-  William Bisshop, buried 14 Nov 1664, son of John Bisshop, Gent.; his wife, Elizabeth, buried 21 May 1639, daughter of Edward Hause, Gent.; their great granddaughter, Sarah, (daughter of their grandson William), d. 20 Dec 1669.