East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(186) NORTHIAM, St. Mary

South aisle is Decorated; arcades are Early English (South arcade is earlier); whole East end added on original chancel axis and mausoleum added to building by Thomas Frewen Turner in 1846 - Nairn & Pevsner (573-4) and SNQ (IV 139) with plan); state of repair reportedly fine in 1724 (Ford 113) when the rector, Thankful Frewen, owned the chancel; an important series of Frewen family monuments now located in their mausoleum; the Archbishop of York, Accepted Frewen, 1588-1664 (see biography by William Joseph Sheils in ODNB), was of this family and his descendant re-established the Frewens in the district under Charles II, see family account books in W. Cooper Extracts from Account-books of the Everenden and Frewen Families (SAC 4 22-30); Rev. Thomas Frewen Turner was major 19th-century landowner, see R. Davey (162), and the family supported the school in Beckley at that time (Caffyn 44); Longley's work on 186A suggests that Northiam was within the manufacturing ambit of Canterbury; for the parish, see W.L. Davis O Rare Norgam; it had c.70 families in 1724 and a population of 997 in 1801; 186H-P were probably relocated to their present positions in 19th century.

186A Mural monument for William BUNCE, d. 1830

-  Nave, North wall, East of North door, above head height.

-  68(W) x 67(H)~Fine; local damage (corbels).

-  M.I. (11 lines, engraved) on upper 40% of an unframed rectangular freestone tablet; 2 block corbels; signed (below): 'LONGLEY CANT.Y'.

-  William Bunce, Gent., died at Northiam, 10 Feb 1830, aet 77; son of Rev. William Bunce, L.L.B., vicar of St. Clement and rector of St. Peter, both in Sandwich, Kent; grandson of Stephen Odiarn, Gent.

186B Mural monument for Mary FREWEN, d. 1811

-  Frewen Chapel, West wall, South end, facing East, high.

-  95(W) x 145(H)~Excellent.

-  Scrolled pediment; M.I. (many lines, engraved, black) fills marble panel set portrait-wise on grey baseplate; Greek key and guttae decorate base moulding and corbels.

-  Mary Frewen, died Brickwall, Northiam, 7 Dec 1811, aet 57; daughter of Rev. Thomas Frewen Turner, of Cold Overton Hall and rector of Sapcote, Leicestershire; her virtues.

186C Mural monument for Thomas FREWEN, d. 1738, and relatives

-  Alongside and North of 186B.

-  95(W) x 280(H)~Very good; fading.

-  M.I. fills marble panel set portrait-wise; flanked by fluted Corinthian pilasters in grey-veined marble; above, broken pointed pediment and large achievement; below, base moulding, apron with acanthus and another M.I. on a huge corbel with acanthus decoration.

-  Thomas Frewen, Esq., of Brickwall, d. 3 Apr 1738, aet 50; father of Thomas Frewen; and grandson of another Thomas Frewen of Surrey, d. 8 Sep 1702, whose late wife was Jane Wymondesold, d. 20 Jun 1718, aet 70, relict of Sir Daws Wymondesold and daughter of Sir Robert Cooke, of Gloucestershire.

186D Mural monument for Sir Edward FREWEN, d. 1723, and his wife Selina, d. 1714

-  Alongside and North of 186C, over chapel West door.

-  c.140(W); (H) inaccessible~Excellent; fading.

-  M.I. (engraved, black) on a white marble panel framed by fluted Corinthian pilasters of grey-veined marble; beyond, scrolls; above, segmented pediment over broken cornice with achievement; below, gadroon ornament on base mould; then scrolled apron and acanthus corbel; on the pediment; achievement below an urn.

-  Sir Edward Frewen, of Brickwall, Northiam, d. 8 Oct 1723, aet 61; his wife, Dame Selina, died at Hawkhurst, 25 Nov 1714, aet 54, daughter of John Godschall, of East Sheen, Surrey; their issue - eldest daughter, Jane, wife of William Ives, Esq., of Braden, Northamptonshire, died no issue; youngest daughter, Selina, wife of John Turner, Esq., Cold Overton Hall, Leicestershire; sons, John and Edward, died young, and Thomas, married Martha, daughter of Henry Turner, Esq.

186E Wall-mounted brass for John SHARP, d. 1583

-  North aisle, East wall.

-  35(W) x 13(H)~Fair.

-  5 lines engraved on a brass plate.

-  John Sharp, Esq., of Northiam, d. 8 Apr 1583; his wife Alice Odyer[ne]; issue - 6 sons and 7 daughters.

186F Wall-mounted brass for Nicholas TUFTON, d. 1539

-  North aisle, East wall.

-  43(w) x 66(H)~Fair.

-  Standing robed male figure; below, M.I. (6 lines, engraved, Latin); decorative flourish in end space.

-  Nicholas Tufton, d. 31 Dec 1538.

186G Ledger for Thankful FREWEN, d. 1749, and his wife

-  Chancel floor, just North of central aisle, mainly obscured by furnishings.

-  112(W) x 202(L)~(Visible is) Sound.

-  Escutcheon, then M.I. (many lines, engraved) in Latin fill a polished black slab (marble?); head to West.

-  Thankful Frewen, of Northiam, d. Sep 1749, aet 81; his wife, d. 4 Aug [1734], aet ??

186H Floor slab for Henry WARNER, d. 1821

-  South aisle floor, East end, centre of vestry floor.

-  60(W) x 103(L)~Very worn.

-  Head to West; M.I. on upper section which has pointed top and engraved border; hinge-like corbels; lower section is a framed rectangular panel set landscape-wise.

-  Henry Warner, d. 13 [or 15?] Oct 1821 aet 9; only son of Thomas and Elizabeth Warner, of Northiam.

186I Floor slab for William JONES, d. 1734/5

-  Alongside 186H.

-  60(W) x 133(L)~Fine.

-  M.I. (engraved) fills upper 50% of a freestone slab; at top, 2 cherubim, a skull and crossed bones, an open book and other decorations.

-  William Jones, d. 11 Mar 1734/5, aet 18, son of William Jones and Elizabeth his wife.

186J Floor slab for John and Elizabeth BLUNDY, she d. 1702

-  As for 186H, partly obscured by furnishings.

-  50(W) x 70(L)~Poor.

-  A few lines engraved on a wrecked freestone slab.

-  John Blundy Snr; his wife Elizabeth, d. 14 Dec 1702.

186K Floor slab for Mary, Afra and Robert COOPER, d. 1731/2, 1735 and 1739

-  As for 186H.

-  70(W) x 116(L)~Fine.

-  Double headed freestone slab; head to West; each side has curved top and decoration over M.I. (engraved) filling upper 75% of slab.

-  The parents, Robert and Judith Cooper; issue - Mary, d. 25 Jan 1731/2, aet 8; Afra, d. 25 Oct 1735, an infant; Robert Jnr, d. 14 Sep 1739, aet 9.

186L Floor slab for John BLUNDELL, d. 1747/8, and his wife Elizabeth, d. 1771

-  South aisle, East of 186K.

-  96(W) x 140(L)~Worn.

-  A cross engraved in a slab dividing M.I. (engraved); at foot, 2 cherubim with flowers.

-  John Blundell, d. 17 Jan 1747, aet 50; his wife, Elizabeth, d. 14 Apr 17[71]; their issue - 2 sons and [?] daughters.

186M Ledger for John BLUNDELL, d. 1759

-  South aisle floor, East end, South side of vestry.

-  96(W) x 145(L)~Poor (East end).

-  M.I. (engraved) on upper 60% of a freestone slab; head to West.

-  John Blundell, d. 25 Dec 1759, aet 34; his wife, Elizabeth still living; their issue - Ann, Mary and Elizabeth.

186N Floor slab for Elizabeth JONES, d. 1729

-  South aisle floor, East end, near South-East corner of vestry, partly obscured.

-  48(W) x 90(L)~Fine.

-  Above, 2 cherubim and flowers engraved in a freestone slab; below M.I. (engraved) within a circular border; head to West.

-  Elizabeth Jones, d. 16 Feb 1729, aet 46; wife of William Jones.

186O Ledger for Elizabeth [BLUNDELL?], d. 1747/8

-  South aisle floor, East end, close to South wall of vestry, partly obscured by furnishings.

-  56(W) x 140(L)~Very worn.

-  M.I. (engraved) fills upper 80% of a freestone slab; head to West.

-  Elizabeth B..., d. 23 Feb 1747/8, aet 20; daughter of John and Elizabeth.

186P Ledger for Thomas [BLUNDELL?], d. 1791

-  As for 186O.

-  84(W) x 146(L)~Poor.

186Q Ledger for Richard SEAMER, [d. 1699]

-  Chancel floor, near pulpit, alongside 186R-S.

-  Inaccessible~Very worn.

-  M.I. (engraved) in Latin on a black slab.

-  Illegible.

186R Ledger for Mary SEAMER, d. 1721/2

-  Chancel floor, alongside 186Q and 186S, partly obscured.

-  93(W) x 116(L)~Cracked.

-  (Visible) M.I. (14 lines, engraved, centred, Latin) on a polished slab.

-  Mary Seamer, née Ever(e)nden, d. 9 Jan 1721/2, aet 76.

186S Ledger for Thomas FREWEN, d. 1676/7

-  Chancel floor, alongside 186Q and 186R, partly obscured by choir stalls.

-  93(W) x 170(L)~Fair.

-  M.I. (12 lines, engraved, Latin) on a freestone slab.

-  Thomas Frewen, d. 25 Jan 1676/7, aet 47; son of John Frewen and grandson of another John Frewen, of Northiam; husband of Mary Frewen.