East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(182) NEWTIMBER, St. John the Evangelist

Very restored nave and chancel (1875); tower (1839) - Nairn & Pevsner (572) and VCH (VII 208); view from North-East, see Godfrey & Salzman (Pl. 117); plan (SNQ 5 183); reported to be fine in 1724 but chancel poor (Ford 138); the high quality mural monuments reflect the presence nearby of the substantial estate.

182A Mural monument for John NEWNHAM, d. 1756

-  North chapel, East wall, above head height.

-  112(W) x 240(H)~Very good; restored; local damage (top).

-  M.I. (16 lines, engraved, black) in upper 60% of an unframed white marble tablet, set portrait-wise; grey-veined marble surround; below, escutcheon with decorated frame on curved apron, block corbel; above, pointed pediment breaks forward from the entablature.

-  John Newnham, d. 16 Sep 1756, aet 12; fifth son of Nath[aniel] Newnham, Esq. and Sarah.

182B Mural monument for Rev. John and Jane OSBORNE, d. 1774 and d. 1761

-  Chancel, North wall, at head height over sanctuary rail.

-  65(W) x 148(H)~Excellent; restored.

-  M.I. (engraved, black) fills unframed white marble oval plaque; above, escutcheon in scrolled frame; below, an ornamental corbel with volutes; lamp in relief.

-  Rev. John Osborne, rector of Newtimber for 30 years, d. 6 May 1774, aet 63, youngest son of Thomas Osborne, Esq.; his wife, Jane, d. 7 Jun 1761, aet 49; John's virtues.

182C Mural monument for Anne OSBORNE, d. 1706, and members of her family

-  Tower, South wall, at head height.

-  100(W) x 180(H)~Excellent; rust stains (left); restored.

-  M.I. (14 + 4 + 9, engraved, black) on a white marble cartouche; scrolled frame; cherubim upper left and right; above, escutcheon; below, simple corbel.

-  Anne Osborne, d. 12 Nov 1706, aet 50; late wife of Thomas Osborne, Esq., d. 10 Jun 1710, aet 63; issue – Thomas, died an infant; Thomas, d. 30 Sep 1727, aet 51; John, buried 12 May 1736, aet 49; Charles d. 31 Mar 1733, aet 41; also, Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, d. 31 Jul 1735, aet 59.