East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(172) MARESFIELD, St. Bartholomew

Norman and Perpendicular but over-restored; for work in 1862, see Turner (SAC 14 138-170); transepts and chancel 1875-9 - Nairn & Pevsner (564-5); patron at Maresfield in 1603 was John Gage, of Firle, a recusant Catholic, see Renshaw (Ecclesiastical Returns); condition reported to be fine in 1724 (Ford 177) when there were c.70 families in the parish; population was 133 in 1801; there is no mention of monuments in Horsfield (Sussex I 374-7); the mural monuments grouped in the West tower are likely to have been moved during the restorations of the 1870s.

172A Mural monument for Caroline DAY, d. 1823

-  Nave, North wall, high.

-  c.96(W) x c.83(H)~Fine, fading.

-  M.I. (13 lines, engraved, centred, black) in Latin on a rectangular white tablet set landscape-wise; unframed; black baseplate; 2 black block corbels.

172B Mural monument for Family of Henry MICHELL, memorial dated 1792

-  Chancel, South wall, at head height.

-  34(W) x 58(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. (16 lines, engraved, black) in Latin on an unframed marble tablet; above, a generous pointed pediment; below, base mouldings.

-  Dorothy, wife of Francis Reade of Bedford; Henry Michell, rector of Maresfield for more than 50 years; Elizabeth; Thomas; erected by F[aith] Michell in 1792.

172C Mural monument for Edward KIDDER, d. 1817

-  Tower, South wall, towards East end, above head height.

-  c.62(W) x c.106(H)~Good; colour traces.

-  Low relief roundels of arms, top and bottom, that at the top with armoured man with shield; M.I. (21 lines, engraved, centred, black) on an unframed marble tablet; rounded top and shoulders; a curved base with simple moulding.

-  Edward Kidder, citizen of London, d. 21 Jun 1817 aet 47, his wife, Maria Emery, of Potton, Bedfordshire; their issue - 2 sons, 6 daughters; descended from George Kidder, of an ancient family in this parish, whose son Vincent, Army Major in Ireland in 1649, married Ellen Loftus, daughter of Sir Thomas Loftus, of Killian, Meath, the fourth son of Adam Loftus, D.D., archbishop of Dublin, etc.; issue of Vincent and Ellen - 3 sons and 6 daughters, of whom the second son, Vincent, distinguished himself in 1689, and also at the Battle of the Boyne [1690], and was later a Colonel of the Dublin Militia, d. 1736; erected by Edward's brother Thomas.

172D Mural monument for William NUTT, d. 1769, and his daughter Anne HOLFORD, d. 1796

-  Tower, centre of South wall, above head height, above 172E.

-  c.108(W) x c.80(H)~Very good; rosette missing (lower right corbel).

-  A pointed pediment with a dark grey inlay; frieze (with exhortation); moulded cornice supported by 2 fluted brackets with guttae below; between them, M.I. (9 lines) on an unframed tablet on 2 dark grey block corbels with rosette decoration.

-  William Nutt, Esq., d. 14 Jan 1769, aet 66; son of John and Philadelphia Nutt, of Marshalls, Maresfield; his daughter, Ann, wife of Peter Holford, Esq., 3 Oct 1729 - 23 Nov 1796, aet 67.

172E Mural monument for Louisa RIVETT, d. 1798

-  Tower, centre of South wall, at head height, beneath 172D.

-  79(W) x 92(H)~Fine; local damage (upper M.I.), faded.

-  In grey marble; M.I. (15 lines, engraved, centred, black) fills a tablet set portrait-wise; simple moulded frame; flat cornice; wave decoration on base moulding; below, 2 scrolled corbels.

-  Louisa Rivett, died in childbirth, 14 Apr 1798, aet 27; youngest daughter of Culling Smith, Esq., of Hadley, Middlesex; and wife of Thomas Rivett, rector of Maresfield; issue - 3 unnamed; her virtues.

172F Mural monument for Thomas KIDDER, d. 1829

-  Tower, South wall, towards West end, above head height.

-  81(W) x 131(H)~Very good; local losses (top / bottom).

-  A white marble tablet; unframed; on trapezoidal, slender, black baseplate with a pointed top; flat cornice moulding; M.I. (7 lines, engraved, centred, black) in the upper 30%; below, escutcheon.

-  Thomas Kidder, of London, d. 23 Nov 1829, aet 66; family of Maresfield.

172G Wall-mounted cast iron ledger for Robert BROOKS, d. 1667

-  Tower, North-West corner, against North wall.

-  56(W) x 172(H)~Pitting; rust; fine.

-  M.I. (7 lines, raised) in a band across the centre of iron slab; lines 1-4 justified L; lines 5-7 central.