East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(166) LITTLE HORSTED, St. Michael & All Angels

Chancel Norman; some other parts Early English - Nairn & Pevsner (563-4); reported to be in good repair in 1686 and in 1724 (Ford 52; 174); restored in 1863; about 20 families in 1724 and a population of 201 in 1801; Horsfield (Sussex I 374) did not note any M.I.s relating to 166A.

166A Set of engraved brasses for the NOTT family, early 19th century

-  Chair, West wall, South-West corner and on nearby window-sill.

-  Wall set, in total: 63(W) x 105(H); Window brass: 88(W) x 34(H)~Generally good; some M.I.s worn.

-  The upper wall section comprising a small engraved brass, M.I. for Sergison Nott, d. 1802, in Latin, a border, escutcheon to left; its pair, larger and lower, with a decorated border, M.I. for one Anthony Nott, d. 1823, etc.; another M.I. for Anthony Nott on a trapezoidal brass on the window sill.

-  First brass: Sergison Nott, Esq., d. 31 Jan 1802, aet [email protected] Second brass: Rev. Anthony Nott, rector of Little Horsted for 40 years and of Litlington for 24 years, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, d. 15 Feb 1823, aet 70; his wife, Susanna, d. Stanford, London, 25 Dec 1840, aet 67, buried at Horsted Place; issue - second son, George Anthony Nott, paymaster of the Royal African Colonial Corps, d. Sierra Leone, 5 Aug 1826, aet 28; eldest son, Lieut. Charles S. Nott of the 41st Regiment, d. Bellary, East Indies 22 May 1837, aet 41; his widow, unnamed; their issue - 6 [email protected] Third brass: Anthony Nott, d. 27 Jun 1791, aet 85; on 13 Apr 1732, he married Prudence Warden, d. 27 Nov 1786, aet 74, great niece of Charles Sergison, Esq.; also Mrs Julia Nott, d. 21 Mar 1793.