East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(16) BARCOMBE, St. Mary

South aisle & vestry rebuilt 1879-80, chancel added to earlier nave in 13th century (SNQ X 149 - with plan) - Nairn & Pevsner (403); for a view by Lambert from North-East see Godfrey & Salzman (Pl. 14) (BL Add. MS 5677 f.24); condition fine in 1724 (Ford); for exterior mural monuments see Lambarde (SAC 71 144-5); Barcombe has an important set of monuments dating from c.1700 relating to two local families linked by marriage (16A,C,D,E and F): the Raynes were owners of Conniborrow Park until 1685 when John Raynes left the estate to his sister, Susanna Medley.

16A Mural monument for Anne RAYNES, d. 1632

-  Chancel, North wall, West end, above head height.

-  61(W) x 30(H)~Good.

-  M.I. (9 lines, engraved) of Latin fills an unframed slate panel.

-  Anne Raynes, d. 9 Jul 1632; daughter of William Stonestreat, of Lewes, Gent.; and wife of Edward Raynes, Gent.; issue - Richard Raynes.

16B Mural monument for Robert CRAYFORD, d. 1683

-  Chancel, North wall, East end, above head height.

-  51(W) x 74(H)~Very good.

-  A cartouche; drapes falling from a cherub reveal M.I. (10 lines, engraved, black) of Latin on a convex oval panel; below, a death's head.

-  Robert Crayford, d. 1683, aet 63, scholar (Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge).

16C Mural monument for John RAYNES, d. 1687

-  Chancel, South wall, East end, above head height.

-  82(W) x 149(H)~Good; faded; worn.

-  A cartouche; two putti hold back drapes to reveal M.I. (9 lines, shallow engraved) on more drapery; below, swags; beneath a cherub and a central fluted corbel; above, scrollwork around an escutcheon.

-  John Raynes d. 23 Oct 1687, aet 53[?]; partly illegible.

16D Ledger for John MEDLEY, d. 1682

-  South aisle floor, East end, alongside 16E.

-  55(W) x 143(L)~Good; worn.

-  M.I. (9 lines, engraved) in upper parts of a light brown freestone slab; head to West.

-  John Medley, d. 10 Oct 1682 aet 8; eldest son of Thomas Medley, Gent., and his wife Susanna.

16E Ledger for Edward RAYNES, d. 1677

-  South aisle floor, East end, alongside 16D.

-  95(W) x 95(L)~Very worn.

-  M.I. (engraved) fills surface of a light brown freestone slab; hardly legible; head to West.

-  Edward Raynes, Gent., d. 16 Aug 1677, aged about 80.

16F Mural monument for Susanna MEDLEY, d. 1704

-  South aisle, South wall, East end, at head height.

-  180(W) x 365(H)~Excellent.

-  Magnificent in white and grey marble; elegant draped caryatids, standing on ornamental bases, flank M.I. (engraved black) in upper 50% of a panel set portrait-wise, with cherub over; caryatids support an entablature and a heavy scrolled and broken pediment; urn in the centre; below, ornamental apron, moulded, with escutcheon in Baroque frame.

-  Susanna Medley, died at Coneyborough, Barcombe, 5 Apr 1704, aet 62; wife of Thomas Medley, Esq.; heir to her brother, John Raynes, Gent.; monument erected 1730 by her youngest son Edward Medley.

16G Ledger for Elizabeth LUCAS, d. 1769 and her uncle Edward, d. 1776

-  Nave floor, West end, East of tower chapel.

-  110(W) x 198(L)~Fine: worn (arms).

-  Escutcheon, then M.I. (engraved) fills surface of a black (slate?) slab; head to West.

-  Elizabeth Lucas, d. 29 Aug. 1769 aet 37; daughter of John Lucas, Esq. of Longford, Barcombe; also Edward Lucas, (brother of John), d. 2 Feb 1776, aet 81.