East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(158) LEWES, St. John-sub-Castro

The mediaeval church was demolished on an adjacent site in 1839-40 - Godfrey & Salzman (Pl. 95) – a view, and Nairn & Pevsner (552); the patron of the re-built church was the rector, Peter Guerin Crofts (see 158C) and the architect George Cheeseman; also salvaged from the old church were an Anglo-Saxon doorway, the chancel arch and some monuments, the relocation of which in the chancel gives pride of place to Crofts' ancestors (158A, B, C and E); although the structure of the old church was satisfactory in 1724, see Ford (146), it was too small and there had been no chancel 'in memory of man' so was perhaps unsatisfactory for commemorative purposes.

158A Mural monument for Peter Guerin CROFTS (jnr), d. 1859, and his family

-  Chancel, South wall, lower left.

-  103(W) x 188(H)~Excellent.

-  Curve-topped black slate baseplate with white marble urn in half relief; M.I. (engraved, black) on white marble tablet with black frame, set portrait-wise, with cornice and base mouldings; Doric half-columns flanking; rosettes above; below, decorated brackets.

-  Harriet Crofts, d. 13 Mar 1813, aet 34; daughter of William Campion, Esq., of Lewes; first wife of Rev. Peter Guerin Crofts, M.A., rector of this parish for 48 years, d. 16 Jul 1859, aet 84; his second wife, Elizabeth Frederica, d. 24 Aug 1878, aet 83; their daughter, Mary Henrietta, d. 30 Jan 1829, aet 4.

158B Mural monument for James CROFTS, d. 1778

-  Chancel, South wall, top left.

-  110(W); height inaccessible~Excellent.

-  Black slate baseplate in obelisk form; white marble half urn on a bracket; below, M.I. (6 lines, engraved black) fills a white marble tablet; grey cornice and base mouldings; decorated border on two corbels; between, slate apron with escutcheon; finial at foot.

-  James Crofts, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister, d. 11 Nov 1778, aet 34.

158C Mural monument for Rev. Peter Guerin CROFTS [Snr], d. 1784, and his widow Sarah, d. 1809

-  Chancel, South wall, centre, high.

-  103(W) x 188(H)~Excellent; local loss (arms).

-  Grey-green baseplate in obelisk form; white marble urn in low relief; above, escutcheon; below, cornice over M.I. (engraved, black) on white marble tablet; rectangular top; curved apron.

-  Rev. Peter Guerin Crofts, A.M., late rector of St. John-sub-Castro, Lewes, d. 21 May 1784, aet 39; his widow, Sarah, also widow of Rev. James Smyth, d. 30 Aug 1809, aet 62.

158D Mural monument for Ann and Daniel LA PLA, d. 1771 and 1774

-  Chancel, South wall, top right.

-  Inaccessible~Excellent.

-  Pendant to 158B; M.I. (13 lines).

-  Rev. Daniel Le Pla, L.L.B., late rector of St. John-sub-Castro, Lewes, d. 8 Mar 1774, aet 65; his wife, Ann, d. 8 May 1771, aet 60, daughter of Thomas Swallow, M.D., of Thaxted, Essex.

158E Mural monument for William and Priscilla CAMPION, d. 1818 and 1833

-  Chancel, South wall, lower right.

-  98(W) x 175(H)~Excellent.

-  Pendant with 158A but larger; has frieze and black frame for M.I.

-  William Campion, Esq., d. 28 Feb 1818, aet 79; second son of William Campion, Esq., of Danny; his wife, Priscilla, d. 10 Oct 1833, aet 86.

158F Mural monument for Bridgit SHORE, d. 1681

-  South aisle, East end, at head height.

-  58(W) x 72(H)~Fine.

-  Rectangular slate panel (once floor-mounted ?); M.I. (10 lines, engraved) in Latin in 2 blocks in upper and central sections.

-  Bridgit Shore, d. 9 Aug 1681; wife of John Shore.