East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(156) LEWES, All Saints

Condition reported as fine in 1724 (Ford 121) when there were c.54 families in the parish, the population of which was 1196 in 1801; the nave and chancel of mediaeval church rebuilt in brick in classical style by Amon Wilds, 1806-7 and reconsecrated on 1 Sep 1807 - Horsfield (Lewes I 284) and Nairn & Pevsner (551); East end added in 1883; now redundant, and monuments were preserved and relocated when the building was converted into an arts centre.

156A Vault marker for William DURRANT

-  Nave floor, centre, West end, now the staircase lobby.

-  181(W) x 82(L)~Fine, worn.

-  M.I. (engraved) in freestone slab; head to East.

156B Floor slab for William and Mary ROASE, d. 1756 and d. 1765, and others

-  Nave floor, West end, now hall lobby.

-  81(W) x 172(H)~Cracked, worn (edges).

-  M.I. (13 + 4 + 4 lines, engraved, black) fills 90% of surface of a grey marble slab; head to East.

-  William Roase, ironmonger and merchant, d. 4 Sep 1756, aet 47; his wife, Mary, d. 23 May 1765, aet 64, daughter of Isaaca and Jane Guipin; their daughter, Mary, d. 18 Jul 1742, aet 2; his mother, Mary Bywater, d. 9 Oct 1753, aet 72; his nephew, Peter Roase, d. 1 Nov 1738, aet 28.

156C Mural monument for Thomas and Anne WOOLLGAR, d. 1821 and d. 1815

-  Nave, North wall, above head height, alongside other Woolgar monuments.

-  94(W) x 55(H)~Very good; local losses (cornice).

-  M.I. (17 lines, Latin, engraved, black), on tablet set landscape-wise with a moulded edge, in grey marble, a straight cornice and dropped lower edges left and right.

-  Thomas Woollgar, 1761 - 1821; his wife Anne, 1762 - 1815; married 1794; buried St. John Baptist, Southover; issue – unnamed.

156D Mural monument for Nathanael and Mary TRAYTON, d. 1714/5 and 1707, and others

-  Nave, North wall, alongside and East of 156C, at head height.

-  94(W) x 141(H)~Dirty but fine.

-  In grey marbles, a tablet set portrait-wise with a stepped, arched top; M.I. (engraved, black) fills tablet; a large moulded and angled frame on 3 sides; below, a decorated baseplate with a Baroque escutcheon.

-  Nathanael Trayton, Esq., d. 18 Mar 1714/5, aet 51; his wife, Mary, d. 21 Oct 1707, aet 37; their eldest son, Edward Trayton, Esq., d. 14 Mar 1761, aet 68; Edward's wife, Frances, d. 20 Apr 1728, aet 30, daughter of Richard Bridger, Esq., of Combe.

156E Mural monument for Sarah TRAYTON, d. 1724

-  Nave, North wall, towards East end, at head height.

-  77(W) x 91(H)~Very good.

-  M.I. (engraved, black) fills a grey marble, oval tablet; rectangular decorated frame with 2 cherubs and ferns.

-  Sarah Trayton, d. 9 May 1724, aet 50, buried at Pinnar, Middlesex, second wife of Nathanael Trayton; son in law, Edward Trayton, Esq.

156F Mural monument for John and Jane STANSFEILD, d. 1626/7 and d. 1650

-  Nave, South wall, fragments 1-3 are towards East end, at head height; fragments 4-6, in hall entrance lobby.

-  M.I. tablet: 61(W) x 40(H); Kneeling figures: 72(H)~Now dispersed: some parts fine (tablet); others, cracked and heavily restored (figures); colour visible on heraldry and costume.

-  Elements remaining are: (1) M.I. (engraved) on a black (slate?) panel with cornice and simple base moulding; (2) a pair of adult kneelers on modern shelves, hands clasped in prayer, in civil dress; (3) an achievement-of-arms, in relief; (4, 5 & 6) one heraldic supporter and two damaged kneeling figures (children?).

-  John Stansfeild, Gent., of Cliffe, Lewes, d. 23 Feb 1626/7; his wife, Jane, d. 10 Dec 1650; charitable bequests.

156G Mural monument for Charles and Mary BLUNT, d. 1747 and d. 1765

-  Nave, South wall, centre, at head height.

-  61(W) x 162(H)~Fine.

-  M.I. (engraved, black) in upper 60% of an unframed white oval marble panel; on a thin black backplate in obelisk form; above, an escutcheon. on ribbons; below, a base moulding and a grey ornamental baseplate.

-  Charles Blunt, Esq., d. 18 Jun 1747, aet 47, second son of Sir John Blunt, Bart., of Essex; his wife, Mary, d. 12 Dec 1765, aet 68, youngest daughter of Peter Short, Esq., of Tenterden, Kent; his son, Peter, died an infant; [his sister-in-law ?], Jane Short, d. Jan 1711, aet 22.

156H Mural monument for Samuel ISTED, d. 1745

-  Nave, South wall, West of 1561G, at head height.

-  94(W) x 160(H)~Remains are very good; losses (foot).

-  Damaged in a relocation (?); very large M.I. (10 lines, engraved, black) on a grey-veined marble panel, now set portrait-wise, angled on 3 sides, with a moulded frame; achievement-of-arms; lower edge with curved ornament.

-  Samuel Isted, Gent., lawyer, d. 21 Oct 1745, aet 73.

156I Floor slab for Rev. John and Elizabeth STUDLEY, d. 1726 and d. 1738

-  Nave floor, South side, West end.

-  100(W) x 178(L)~Very worn; cracks (West end).

-  M.I. (engraved, his Latin, hers English) on a black slab; escutcheon in low relief; head to East.

-  Rev. John Studley, Gent., d. 25 Sep 1726; his wife, Elizabeth, d. 9 Aug 1738, aet 56.

156J Mural monument for William and Barbara DURRANT, d. 1751 and d. 1750, and family

-  Nave, South wall, near West end (now a lobby), at head height.

-  94(W) x 140(H)~Fine, local losses, fading.

-  Description as for 156D; M.I. (8 + 7 lines).

-  William Durrant, Gent., d. 7 Dec 1751, aet 59; his wife, Barbara, d. 8 Sep 1750, aet 64; their son, Samuel Durrant, Esq., d. 21 Dec 1782, aet 65; their daughter-in-law, Sarah, d. 18 Aug 1787, aet 73, daughter of William and Mary Constable, Esq., of Burwash.