East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(112) FRISTON, St. Mary the Virgin

Norman with 14th-century chancel - Nairn & Pevsner (508); in Horsfield's day (Sussex I 283), folding doors separated the nave from the Selwyn chapel; state of church never less than fine in 1686 and 1724 (Ford); in 1777, Grose thought the Selwyn monuments at Friston fine (Farrant 118); the parish had just 20 communicants in 1603, see Renshaw (Ecclesiastical Returns).

112A Floor slab for Edward READING, d. unknown

-  Porch floor.

-  39(W) x 37(L)~Fine.

-  M.I. (3 lines, engraved) on a pale brown freestone slab; head to North.

112B Mural monument for Thomas SELWYN, d. 1613/4, and Elizabeth his wife

-  North chapel, West wall.

-  170(W) x 325(H)~Good; repairs; losses.

-  In alabaster; Thomas Selwyn (to left) and his wife kneel at a prayer desk; below, 3 infants in chrisoms; below that, a ledger stone with chamfered edge, on a chest with 6 daughters, in relief, who kneel and face North; flanking, 2 black polished Corinthian columns; on back wall, an arch over strapwork; M.I. (engraved, gilded) on a black panel with lozenged ends, set portrait-wise; above, a straight gilded entablature, 3 achievements, the central one very large; all stands on a moulded plinth.

-  Thomas Selwyn, armiger, d. 16 Mar 1613/4, aet 67; his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Henry Goring, of Burton; issue – 3 sons, two died in infancy; Mary, wife of Thomas Woodward; Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Parker; Alice, wife of John Woodward; Dorothy; Anne; and Beatrice.

112C Wall monument for Edward SELWYN, d. 1704/5, and family

-  North Chapel, East wall.

-  240(W) x 380(H)~Good.

-  White and grey marbles; M.I. (engraved) in English on a slate panel set landscape-wise on a broad grey marble base; a segmented pediment with an achievement over its centre; in the middle, a serliana comprising 3 additional M.I.s (Latin) on panels; 2 escutcheons left and right; vertical scrolls at sides; a rectangular basement with a 4th M.I.

-  Left panel - William Thomas Selwyn, 11 Aug 1684 – 9 Feb 1704/5, aet 20, son of Edward [email protected] Central panel - Edward Selwyn, Esq., 19 Sep 1638 - 9 Dec 1704, son of Francis Selwyn, armiger, and Penelope daughter of George Shurley, Esq., and Mary; and grandson of Edward Selwyn, armiger, and Alicia, daughter of Edward Burton, Esq.; Edward's wife, Mary Garret, widow, daughter of Sir Robert Smith, Bart., of Westham (Essex); issue – William Thomas Selwyn and [email protected] Right panel - Francis Selwyn's seventh daughter Judith Meddlicote, 15 Jun 1637 – 18 Dec [email protected] Lower panel - Francis Selwyn, d. 20 Aug 1661 and his wife, Penelope, d. 13 Jan 1664/65, daughter of Sir George Shurley, of Isfield, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland; issue of Francis & Penelope – 7 sons: George, Francis (d. in Holland), Thomas (d. in London), Nicholas, Edward, John and another John (d. in Spain) and 8 daughters: Mary (d. in Ireland), Charity (d. in London, aet 63), another Mary, Philadelphia, Penelope (d. in London), Alice, Judith (living), Elizabeth (d. in London).