East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(111) FRANT, St. Alban

A report of 1724, Ford (170) noted that East chancel was adequate although the North chancel belonging to Lord Abergavenny was in a poor state; church was rebuilt with donations from local worthies (the vicar, the son of the Earl of Abergavenny, the Marquis of Camden who had a family pew built into his South aisle) from 1819 and reopened 14 Jul 1822 - Horsfield (Sussex I 408-9); Nairn & Pevsner (507) follow Horsfield in citing the antiquarian expertise of the designer John Montie; monuments from the old church were reinstalled; for the earliest slabs in the church (not found) for the Fowles, local ironmasters, one to Sybil, d. 1631, the third wife of William Fowle, of Riverhall, and one to 'EF', perhaps Elizabeth Fowle, d. 1606, the first wife of William Fowle, see Eeles (253-4). See too Horsfield (Sussex 1 409); Willatts (SAC 125 102-4) reports 3 iron slabs here, one with the Fowle arms, which recur at Wadhurst.

111A Mural monument for William DELVES, d. 1784

-  West wall, near North-West corner, at head height.

-  100(W) x 60(H)~Fine; faded.

-  M.I. on unframed grey marble tablet, moulded cornice, simple curved apron.

111B Mural monument for Daniel CROFTS, d. 1785

-  North aisle wall, near North-West corner, at head height.

-  100(W) x 87(H)~Fine; rust, crack on right side.

-  Description as for 111A; added is a thin baseplate in dark marble above the cornice and an escutcheon; final 3 lines added later.

-  Daniel Crofts, Esq., d. 2 Sep 1785, aet 45; his wife, name unknown, d. 11 Dec 1799, aet 52.

111C Mural monument for Catherine Erskine ROWLAND, d. 1829

-  North aisle wall, centre, at head height.

-  114(W) x 128(H)~Fine; colour.

-  In freestone; Perpendicular frame; M.I. (engraved, black) in upper 75% of marble tablet; below, additional epitaph; above, Tudor arch decorated with trefoils; then, mantling and escutcheon carried by 2 winged angels; below, decoration.

-  Catherine Erskine Rowland, d. 10 Dec 1829, aet 52; daughter of Pelham Maitland, Esq., and Charlotte Helen, of Belmont, near Edinboro'; and wife of Daniel Rowland, Esq., of Saxonbury Lodge, Frant; their son, Erskine Knightley Rowland, d. 31 Jan 1819, an infant.

111D Mural monument for Charles BROWN, d. 1754

-  Sanctuary, North wall, above head height.

-  114(W) x 268(H)~Excellent.

-  White marble tablet, unframed; 2 decorative corbels with an ornate acanthus urn; flanked by decorative scrolls; above, a moulded cornice and an urn, festooned, in relief against a dark grey backplate in obelisk form; towards the top, a wreathed escutcheon; signed (on urn base): 'Peirce Fecit Deptford.'.

-  Charles Brown, Esq., of Bay Hall, Pembury, Kent, d. in 1754, aet 36, his wife, Elizabeth, d. 6 Dec 1789, aet 89.

111E Mural monument for Henry WELLER, d. 1720/1

-  Sanctuary, South wall, above head height.

-  100(W) x 236(H)~Excellent; colour.

-  M.I. (engraved and black) fills a cartouche; revealed by putti holding back tasselled curtains with gilded edges; below, centre, 2 cherubs; a moulded pedestal and an ambitious achievement.

-  Henry Weller, d. 2 Mar 1720/1, aet 81; son of Thomas, [grandson] of Richard Weller; also Robert Weller, of Rochester, son of Thomas and brother of Henry, his heir.

111F Ledger for Robert DYKE, d. 1644

-  Nave floor, near chancel steps, (beneath carpet), alongside and North of 111G.

-  64(W) x 149(L)~Fine; damage to left side.

-  An escutcheon, then M.I. (engraved; Latin, 14 lines concluding with 6 lines of elegiac couplets) in black slab; head to West.

111G Ledger for Emmerline Champneys GARNAR, d. 1807

-  Nave floor, near chancel steps (beneath carpet), alongside and South of 111F.

-  89.5(W) x 185(L)~Very worn in parts.

-  Grey-veined marble slab; head to the W; pigment originally red?

111H Ledger (and brass) for Richard DYKE, d. 1635

-  Nave floor, West of 111G, beneath nave carpet.

-  66.5(W) x 154(L)~Cracked; (always) in 2 parts.

-  On a brown freestone slab, above - oval brass and engraved escutcheon [33W x 45H]; below, another brass with M.I. (engraved) [43W x 18H].

111I Ledger for Jane WEEKES, d. 1768

-  Nave floor, West of 111F, beneath carpet.

-  114(W) x 202(L)~Bad cracks; part-illegible.

-  M.I. (6 lines, engraved) in upper 15% of a black slab.