East Sussex Church Monuments - 1530 to 1830 - Archive of Photographs
by Professor Nigel Llewellyn

(107) FLETCHING, St. Andrew & St. Mary

13th-century nave arcades and transepts, mausoleum added in late 18th century, chancel in Early English style added as part of 1880 restoration - Nairn & Pevsner (501) and for external view see BL Add. MS 5671 ff.43-44; 5676 ff.49 & 97); generally in fine condition in 1724 although a chancel owned by T. Newnham Esq. was then poor, see Ford (169).

107A Mural monument for Mary FIELD, d. 1779

-  North nave arcade, almost opposite South door, high.

-  c.65(W) x c.130(H)~Fine; faded.

-  M.I. (9 lines, engraved) in upper 60% of a white marble oval panel; coloured surround; on top, garlanded urn; below, strapwork corbel.

-  Mary Field, d. 9 Dec 1779, in childbirth, aet 33; wife of Thomas Field, Esq., of Woodgate, Fletching.

107B Mural monument for Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, d. 1824

-  Nave arcade, North side, near East end, high.

-  c.80(W) x c.68(H)~Good.

-  Black backplate with pointed top; M.I. (engraved) in upper 60% of a white marble tablet, unframed, pointed top; 2 white block corbels.

-  Elizabeth Hutchinson, 15 Jun 1783 - 29 Mar 1824; wife of G.P. Hutchinson, Esq., of Woodgate, Fletching.

107C The SHEFFIELD Mausoleum, late 18th century

-  In an enclosed area to the North of the North transept.

-  c.450 max (W)~Very good.

-  Confronting the viewer is a Decorated screen, carrying M.I.s on tablets, reaching up through 2 stories of blank arcades into the vaulted spaces of the church; lit by the original North transept window; at top, a cornice supporting an achievement and a M.I. in a frieze.

-  From top, left to right, M.I.s for:@ (i) Dorothy, wife of Isaac Holroyd, born 1704, died aet 73;@ (ii) her husband, Isaac, born 1708, died aet 70, son of John and Sarah Holroyd, and father of John Baker Holroyd;@ (iii) John Baker Holroyd, Earl of Sheffield, d. 20 May 1821, aet 86;@ (iv) Abigail Way, his first wife, d. 1793;@ (v) Lucy Pelham, his second wife, daughter of the Earl of Chichester, d. 1797;@ (vi) Anne, his third wife, daughter of Lord North, 1764 - 1832;@ lower storey, from left to right, M.I.s for:@ (vii) Dorothy, daughter of Isaac and Dorothy Holroyd [see (i) - (ii)], d. 1770, aet 25;@ (viii) Daniel, son of Isaac and Dorothy Holroyd [see (i) - (ii)], brother of John Baker Holroyd, killed in action 30 Jul 1762;@ (ix) John William Holroyd, son of John Baker Holroyd and Abigail, d. 1772, infant;@ (x) Frederick Henry Stuart, Viscount Pevensey, 1827 - 1829, eldest son of George, 2nd Earl;@ (xi) Edward Gibbon, historian, family friend, lived 56 years, 7 months and 28 days and d. 17 Feb 1794.

107D Standing wall monument for Richard LECHE, d. 1596, and his wife Charity

-  South transept, East wall, in a recess.

-  247(W) x 256(H) x 129(D); effigies - 186(L) male; 180(L) female~Heavy restoration to superstructure and effigies.

-  A large canopied altar-tomb; alabaster tomb-chest, effigies and walling; grey marble columns flanking; grey marble and raunce panels and mouldings behind and below; M.I.s (engraved and gilded) on black panel, much of it in wood, on tomb-chest and back wall; a flat superstructure of entablature, frieze and cornice; achievement, perhaps separated; 2 effigies with hands clasped, feet to the North, he forward of her.

-  Richard Leche, Esq., High Sheriff of Sussex, Surrey etc, d. 22 Dec 1596, aet 66; his wife, Charitye, daughter of Robert White, Esq., late of Christchurch, Hampshire; no issue.

107E Mural brasses for members of the WILSON family from our period, erected in the 19th century: (a) Sir William Wilson, d. 1685; (b) John Wilson, d. 1640 and (c) Sir Thomas Wilson, d. 1581

-  South transept, West wall.

-  (a) 46 square ; (b) 46(W) x 36 (H) ; (c) 46(W) x 36 (H)~All fine.

-  Each with M.I. engraved in rectangular brass plate, 3 forming a set.