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born - 4 August 1792, Horsham
died - 8 July 1822, Lerici, Italy


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A new edition printed from a copy copiously amended and extended by the Author and left unpublished at his death

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Mary Shelley, by Miranda Seymour, published 2001 (655 pp., Trafalgar Square, ISBN-10: 0719557119 & ISBN-13: 9780719557118) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries
There is no more dramatic scene in literary history than the stormy night by Lake Geneva when Byron, Claire Clairmont, Polidori and the Shelleys met to talk of horror and the unexplained. From that night emerged in Frankenstein a monster who has haunted imaginations for nearly two hundred years. His creator was an eighteen-year-old girl who, in love with the married Shelley, had followed her principles and run away with him.
The Mary Shelley we meet here, brilliantly brought to life from previously unexplored sources, is a woman who belongs as much to our own times as to the Romantic Age in which her life began. Her world, so rich in its cast of characters, seems at times drawn from a novel, and at its centre is a writer whose dark and brilliant imagination gave us a myth which seems ever more potent in our own era.

Death and the Maidens: Fanny Wollstonecraft and the Shelley Circle, by Janet Todd, published 2007 (xviii + 297 pp., London: Profile Books, ISBN-10: 186197955X & ISBN-13: 9781861979551) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
1816 was the fateful year when the Romantic poet Shelley and his lover Mary shared a hectic creative and sexual menage in Switzerland with Lord Byron. This intense period drew from the men some of the greatest poetry of the age; from Mary, it elicited the seminal figures of Frankenstein and his Creature. But for other women close to Shelley it was a time of tragedy. At the heart of the story are Fanny Wollstonecraft and Harriet Westbrook, women whose lives were literally overwhelmed by him - and who both committed suicide before the year was out.

Being Shelley: The Poet's Search for Himself , by Ann Wroe, published 5 July 2007 (464 pp., Jonathan Cape, ISBN-10: 0224080784 & ISBN-13: 9780224080781) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
This book takes the life of one of England's greatest poets and turns it inside out. Rather than following a daily round in which poetry erupts occasionally, it tracks the inner adventures of a spirit struggling to escape and create. This is the life of the poet, rather than the man. Four questions consumed Shelley and coloured everything he wrote. Who, or what, was he? What was his purpose? Where had he come from? And where was he going? He sought the answers in order to free and empower not only himself, but the whole human race. His revolution would shatter the earth's illusions, shock men and women with new visions, find true Love and Liberty - and take everyone with him. Now, for the first time, this passionate and radical quest is put at the centre of Shelley's life. The result is a spiritual journey that is as dangerous and exhilarating as it is astonishing. This is Shelley as he has never been seen before.

Percy Bysshe Shelley : the major works, by Zachary Leader and Michael O'Neill, published 2009 (xxvii + 845 pp., Oxford: Oxford University Press, ISBN-13: 9780199538973) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
This freshly edited anthology includes all but one of Shelley's longer poems, from 'Queen Mab' onwards, in their entirety. As well as works such as 'Promethus Unbound', 'The Mask of Anarchy' and 'Adonais', the volume includes a wide range of Shelley's shorter poems, major prose and drama.