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A 17th Century Country Parson [Giles Moore], by Arthur J. Ashton, M.A., published 1932 in Sussex County Magazine (vol. VI no. 3, article, pp.148-150) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 9325] & The Keep [LIB/500175]

The Journal of Giles Moore of Horsted Keynes, 1655-1679, edited by Ruth Bird, published 1971 (vol. 68, xix + 356 pp., Sussex Record Society) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 8068][Lib 2284] & The Keep [LIB/500444][Lib/500445] & West Sussex Libraries   View Online

Giles Moore's Unpublished Diary, by Ruth Bird, published December 1979 in Sussex Genealogist and Family Historian (vol. 1 no. 3, article, pp.80-82) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 17603] & The Keep [LIB/501187] & CD SXGS from S.F.H.G.

Hancox: A House and a Family, by Charlotte Moore, published 2 June 2011 (528 pp., Penguin, ISBN-10: 0141021756 & ISBN-13: 9780141021751) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/508874] & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
Hancox is the Tudor hall house in rural Sussex where Charlotte Moore grew up, and where she lives today. It's been in the family since her ancestor Milicent Ludlow, young, single and an orphan, took it on in 1891 and began to enlarge the house and manage the farm. Hancox tells the story of the house and the family over the following thirty years, in the long run-up to the First World War.
In one sense it's a rural idyll: the arrival of the car disturbs this peaceful agrarian world, but apart from that the rhythms of the countryside go on as they had for centuries before. But all was not quite as it seemed: Milicent made a distinguished marriage but her husband harboured a secret. Milicent herself gradually succumbed to religious fanaticism. And the death of the youngest boy at Ypres devastated the family, bringing the idyll to a painful end.
Using extraordinary archive material held at Hancox today, Charlotte Moore weaves an Edwardian tale of madness and jealousy, love and loss, heroism and tragedy.