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The Manwood Family: A Story of Fame and Infamy, by Roger Sutton, published September 2014 in Sussex Family Historian (vol. 21 no. 3, article, pp.99-102) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/508853]
To the south of Chichester in West Sussex is the Manhood peninsula, comprising about 14,000 acres. The South Saxons first landed on this peninsula in AD 477. The name 'Manhood' is believed to have been derived from the Saxon words meaning 'common wood' (manwode). For many generations the family of MANWOOD lived in the Manhood, including my fifteenth century ancestor, Robert MANWOOD. He claimed to be descended from Sir John MANWOOD, circa 1400, but an earlier pedigree for the MANWOOD family does not exist. What we do know is that Robert MANWOOD was a man of some standing and was part of the landed gentry. He married Margaret MARTYN, daughter of Judge John MARTYN. His family roots were in Graveney, Kent and Frognall, Lincolnshire.