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born - 22 february 1882, Hamilton Road, Brighton
died - 17 November 1940, Harefield Hospital, Middlesex


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Work and Property, by Eric Gill, published 1937 (vi + 141 pp., London: J. M. Dent & Sons & printed at Hague & Gill) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries
Eight essays by Eric Gill including 'Architects & Builders' with the book label of the noted architect Austen St Barbe Harrision, engraved by Eric Gill and of David Potter, engraved by Reynolds Stone. The noted architect Harrison spent a great deal of his working life in Jerusalem and it was there he collaborated with Eric Gill in building the Rockefeller Museum where 10 bas-reliefs by Gill can be seen in the inner courtyard.

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Engraved Bookplates of Eric Gill, 1908-40, edited by Christopher Skelton, published December 1986 (83 pp., Private Libraries' Association, ISBN-10: 0900002050 & ISBN-13: 9780900002052) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries
All of Gill's bookplates were private commissions and are seldom seen outside of the books for which they were used. Contains fifty-three plates, including three of Gill's own typographic bookplates.

Eric Gill, by Fiona MacCarthy, published January 1989 (384 pp., Faber & Faber, ISBN-10: 0571137547 & ISBN-13: 9780571137541) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
Eric Gill was a typographer and lettercutter whose typefaces still feature in our lives, especially his Perpetua and Gill Sans. He was also a sculptor and wood-engraver. He was a key personality in three Catholic art and craft communities at Ditchling, Capel-y-ffin and Pigotts. He was a devoted family man but, at the same time, he was fickle and quarrelsome and a believer in complete sexual freedom. He had a succession of mistresses and affairs. In this biography the author analyzes these apparent contradictions

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Bibliography of Eric Gill, by Evan R. Gill, Steven Corey and Julia Mackenzie, published 1991 (second revised edition, xv + 368 pp., St Pauls Bibliographies, ISBN-10: 0906795532 & ISBN-13: 9780906795538) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries
Decades have passed since the death of Eric Gill 1882-1940 and yet the reputation of this remarkable artist and thinker continues to grow. Famous for his stone carving, wood engraving, type designs and writing, he has also found a wide appeal amongst a younger generation who are sympathetic to his outlook on life - to "make a cell of good living in the chaos of our world." Since the original bibliography by Gill's brother, Evan, was published in 1953, a great deal of new material has come to light in the fine collections built up in the USA and elsewhere in recent years, and this new edition is a complete revision of the original bibliography. It includes not only all the new discoveries but also the material published on Gill in the last thirty-eight years. The number of bibliographical entries has increased by over one third in this greatly expanded work. The book has been redesigned with advice from Gill's nephew, Christopher Skelton, placing greater emphasis on the illustrations, which have been either retaken from the original editions or introduced as completely new ones of bibliographical interest.

Eric Gill and David Jones at Capel-Y-Ffin, by Jonathan Miles, published 1991 (220 pp., Seren Books, ISBN-10: 1854110527 & ISBN-13: 9781854110527) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries
Explores the four years which Gill and Jones spent in Gill's religious and artistic community in the Black Mountains of Wales and discovers that it was hugely significant time for both. For Jones it was a cultural homecoming. For Gill it was an opportunity to experiment spiritually and sexually.

Ditchling Museum : catalogue of the permanent collection of works by Edward Johnston, Eric Gill, The Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic and the other famous artists working in Ditchling in the 1920s, published 1993 (24 pp., Ditchling Museum) accessible at: British Library

Autobiography, Quod Ore Sumpsimus…, by Eric Gill, published October 1993 (new edition, 283 pp., Plantin Publishers, ISBN-10: 1870495136 & ISBN-13: 9781870495134) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries

Eric Gill and the Ditchling Common Workshops, by Peter Longstaff-Tyrrell, published 2000 in Sussex Industrial History (issue no. 30, article, pp.20-23, ISSN: 0263-5151) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 16389/30] & The Keep [LIB/506528]   Download PDF
Of all the illustrious sons of Sussex this century few could have made a more lasting daily visual impact, worldwide, than Eric Gill. It was in Sussex that Gill embarked on his international career - yet few people outside the world of the arts and publishing may have heard of his full name and controversial lifestyle. This article concentrates on Eric Gill's work on the former workshop premises on Ditchling Common and provides an illustrated record of this site.

Eric Gill in Ditchling : four essays, edited by Peter Holliday, published 1 January 2002 (vii + 82 pp., Oak Knoll Press, ISBN-10: 1584560754 & ISBN-13: 9781584560753) accessible at: British Library & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries

Eric Gill: The Sculpture, by Judith Collins, published 29 June 2006 (240 pp., A. & C. Black Publishers, ISBN-10: 0713679271 & ISBN-13: 9780713679274) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries
This beautifully illustrated book is the first ever complete survey of Eric Gill's sculptural work. With an extensive essay and 300 detailed catalogue entries, this book is the major title on the subject and a must for anyone interested in Gill's work and where to view it. Gill was one of the major artists of the 20th century and this book gives a fascinating insight into the creativity of this eccentric genius.

Eric Gill and Ditchling : The Workshop Tradition, by Ruth and Joe Cribb, published 2007 (91 pp., Ditchling Museum, ISBN-10: 0951622498 & ISBN-13: 9780951622490) accessible at: British Library & East Sussex Libraries

Eric Gill: Lust for Letter & Line, by Ruth and Joe Cribb, published 7 February 2011 (112 pp., London: British Museum Press, ISBN-10: 0714118192 & ISBN-13: 9780714118192) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
Eric Gill (1882?1940) is one of the twentieth century's most controversial artists. This illustrated introduction focuses on the clarity of Gill's drawn and cut line. It explores his genius as a letter cutter, wood engraver, sculptor and typographer in the light of his refined finished drawings and preparatory sketches. Like all modernists of the early twentieth-century, he used stylised form, explicit sexuality and the influence of other cultures to position himself at the forefront of the avant-garde. An outsider and a radical, Gill nevertheless became one the establishment's favourite artists, with his patrons including the Catholic Church, the Lord Chancellor's office, the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Royal Mint, the London Underground, the BBC, the Post Office and the League of Nations. The authors illuminate here the quality, complexities and contradictions of Gill's fascinating life and art.

Eric Gill's Masterpieces of Wood Engraving, edited by David A. Berona, published 31 May 2013 (128 pp., Dover Publications Inc., ISBN-10: 0486482057 & ISBN-13: 9780486482057)
This original collection gathers the finest woodcuts of one of the most creative and prolific English artists of the early 20th century. Ranging from the religious to the erotic, featured designs include images inspired by The Song of Songs, The Canterbury Tales, and the four Gospels. A feast for the eyes and an important and accessible reference

Cult fictions: Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft, Sussex; Architects: Adam Richards Architects, by Jay Merrick, published 18 October 2013 in Architects' journal (vol. 238, no. 14, article, pp.30-39) accessible at: R.I.B.A. Library
A finely-crafted museum celebrating Eric Gill and his creative cohort. Set in former school buildings, the enlarged and renovated museum includes a converted 18th century cart lodge, linked to a new-build introductory gallery and store; the former school buildings have been renovated and remodelled, with one end becoming an education centre. Includes working detail: window in zinc-clad envelope, by Adam Richards, p. 38-39

The art of a good letter, by Alan Powers, published 20 April 2016 in Country Life (vol. 210 no. 16, article, pp.118-119) accessible at: R.I.B.A. Library
Looks at the work of Edward Johnston (1872-1944), creator of the typeface used by London Underground and London Transport, who taught lettering to Eric Gill at the Central School and with whom he worked at Ditchling in East Sussex, amongst a small community of artists and designers. Johnston's work is the subject of an exhibition at Ditchling (March 12-September 11, 2016)

Ditchling Walks: in Eric Gill's Footsteps, by Lorraine Harrison, published 20 February 2017 (Snake River Press, ISBN-10: 1906022208 & ISBN-13: 9781906022204) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries