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born - 10 October 1732, Leadenhall Street, London
died - 20 January 1796, Deepdene, Surrey

Biography of Sir William Burrell


Sir William Burrell, Bart., L.L.D., F.R.S., F.S.A., by Mark Antony Lower, published 1865 in The Worthies of Sussex (pp.131-133) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 3208][Lib 3233][Lib 3304] & The Keep [LIB/503515][LIB/504913]

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Sussex Views from the Burrell Collection 1776-1791, edited by Walter H. Godfrey and L. F. Salzman, published 1951 (Jubilee volume, xxii + 191 plates, Sussex Record Society, ISBN-10: 0854450521 & ISBN-13: 9780854450527) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 5580][Lib 14469] & The Keep [LIB/504472][Lib/500472] & R.I.B.A. Library & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
Review by D. Macleod in Sussex Notes and Queries, August, 1951:
To mark the passage of fifty years during which the Sussex Record Society has published fifty scholarly volumes containing records and documents relating to the County this Society has exuberated into a Jubilee Volume which is sure to appeal to the general public.
Probably for the first time no less that 191 most attractive drawings selected from the Burrell Collections are reproduced between the covers of one volume. And a most delightful collection they make. All are eighteenth century drawings by Samuel Hieronymus Grimm and James Lambert, who have given us the most fascinating views of the parish churches, mansion houses, castles and historic ruins as they stood in their day, with a few views of Sussex towns and villages such as Eastbourne, Hastings, Jevington and Rotherfield.
Appropriately enough to the occasion the introduction to this volume by Mr. L. F. Salzman gives in brief outline the story, of the Sussex Record Society from the summer of 1900 when its formation was first mooted to the present day, From this story emerges the fact, which if it is not a record is none the less notable, that Mr. Salzman took his place as a member of the first council of the Society elected in February 1901 and has continued to serve on the council ever since, being now one of its two literary directors, and in that capacity he has been largely responsible for this charming Jubilee Volume.
On this occasion the Society has relaxed its rule and non-members can purchase a copy of this volume on application to the Assistant Secretary of the Sussex Record Society at Barbican House, Lewes, for £2 12s. 6d., and it may be said that any who may buy this book may congratulate himself on having obtained a striking collection of eighteenth century views most admirably reproduced. The Society may well congratulate itself on this work and on its fine series of publications, regularly and punctually produced in spite of steadily rising costs of printing. Perhaps the Sussex Archaeological Society may also admit to some pride and satisfaction in the work of the Society of which it is the parent.

The Knepp Castle Estate: 200 years of land ownership in the Weald - Sir Walter Burrell., published 1982 in West Sussex Grasslands Society (vol. 14, article, pp.7-10) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 8622]

The Burrell collection : exhibition of material relating to William Burrell (1732-96) and his artists, James Lambert (senior and junior) and Samuel Hieronymus Grimm, published (no date) accessible at: East Sussex Libraries
Exhibition presented to Eastbourne Library by E. Machell-Cox. Material contained in large folder.