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Story of Witchcraft at Brightling, by Unknown Author(s), published 1866 in Sussex Archæological Collections (vol. 18, article, pp.111-113) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 2103] & The Keep [LIB/500237] & S.A.S. library   View Online

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Witchcraft in Sussex, by Unknown Author(s), published 1919 in Sussex Archæological Collections (vol. 60, notes & queries, p.147) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 2145] & The Keep [LIB/500278] & S.A.S. library   View Online

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Witchcraft , by George Aitchison, published May 1933 in Sussex Notes & Queries (vol. IV no. 6, note, pp.186-187) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 2203][Lib 8222][Lib 8861] & The Keep [LIB/500206] & S.A.S. library

Witchcraft in Sussex, by W. Albery, published 1935 in Sussex County Magazine (vol. IX no. 3, article, pp.177-178) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 9330] & The Keep [LIB/500179]

Witch Lore from the Borders of Sussex and Surrey. (1895-1898), by Mary M. Banks, published March 1941 in The Folklore Society (vol. 52, issue 1, article, pp.74-75, Taylor & Francis)   View Online

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Folklore of Sussex, by Jacqueline Simpson, published 1973 (London: B. T. Batsford Ltd.) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/500148]

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Sussex Witchcraft, by N. F. Armstrong, published 1 April 1976 (32 pp., Cornwall: Pike Publications, ISBN-10: 0859321711 & ISBN-13: 9780859321716) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 12305] & British Library & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries

The Bellarmine Witch-Bottle and its Contents, Michelham Priory, by Jane Bellam, published 1990 in Sussex Archæological Collections (vol. 128, archaeological note, pp.254-256) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 11106] & The Keep [LIB/500301] & S.A.S. library

Bellarmines and Witch-bottles in Sussex, by Janet Pennington, published 1992 in Sussex Archæological Collections (vol. 130, article, pp.201-203) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 11918] & The Keep [LIB/500289] & S.A.S. library

A Sussex Witch, by Frances Lord, published April 1995 in Midhurst Magazine (Volume 7 Number 3, article, pp.27-28, Spring 1995) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 15968]
Story of Old Mother Digby (nee Mollen) of East Harting and reputed in the 18th century, to have been a witch. Extract from Highways and Byways of Sussex by E V Lucas.

Brighton Ghosts, Hove Hauntings: True Ghost Stories from Brighton, Hove and neighbouring villages, by John Rackham, published 1 December 2001 (vi + 366 pp., Brighton: Latimer Publications, ISBN-10: 0953959201 & ISBN-13: 9780953959204) accessible at: British Library & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries

Folklore of Sussex, by Jacqueline Simpson, published 2002 (illustrated and revised, 208 pp., Tempus, ISBN-10: 0752424696 & ISBN-13: 9780752424699) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries

Sussex Haunted Heritage, by Debra Munn, published 1 June 2006 (180 pp., Seaford: S. B. Publications, ISBN-10: 1857703189 & ISBN-13: 9781857703184) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
Many books about Sussex ghosts have been written over the years, but as far as we know, this is the first to focus solely upon haunted historic properties that the public may visit. Sussex, has more than its share of haunted historic properties where people have lived and died. Debra Munn has searched out tales of the supernatural at forty of the these places open to the public - manors, palaces, abbeys, castles, fortresses and even windmills - where live visitors are just as welcome as ghosts.
The author, Debra Munn lives in Brighton, she has a Ph.D. in American literature and has published many short stories, essays and articles on a variety of subjects

Ghost Hunter Walks in Sussex, by Rupert Matthews, published 30 July 2006 (100 pp., Seaford: S. B. Publications, ISBN-10: 1857703111 & ISBN-13: 9781857703115) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
If you like a walk with a difference, then this is the book for you. Sussex is one of the most haunted counties in England and each of the walks in this book includes a number of spine-tingling spooks and spectres to unnerve even the most daring. The 15 walks in this book range from 1 mile to 10 miles in length and take in a wide variety of scenery from the elegant seafront of Brighton to the windswept heights of Ditchling Beacon on the very summit of the South Downs. Each walk has been walked by the author and all the ghosts are most scarily genuine along with good maps and refreshment stops.
The author, Rupert Matthews has written many books on various aspects of history and writes a newspaper column on Ghosthunter walks throughout the country

Haunted Brighton, by Alan Murdie, published 1 July 2006 (96 pp., The History Press, ISBN-10: 0752438298 & ISBN-13: 9780752438290) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries

Folklore of Sussex, by Jacqueline Simpson, published 15 June 2009 (revised edition, 192 pp., The History Press, ISBN-10: 0752451006 & ISBN-13: 9780752451008) accessible at: British Library & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
From giants and bogeymen to fairies and witches - a detailed exploration of the folklore of Sussex

Haunted Hastings, by Tina Lakin, published 30 September 2009 (96 pp., ISBN-10: 0752438271 & ISBN-13: 9780752438276) accessible at: East Sussex Libraries
From heart-stopping accounts of apparitions, manifestations and related supernatural phenomena to first-hand encounters with ghouls and spirits, this collection of stories contains new and well-known spooky tales from in and around Hastings.

The Ghosts of Brighton's Lanes, by Robert Marks, published 30 May 2010 (60 pp., Seaford: S. B. Publications, ISBN-10: 185770357X & ISBN-13: 9781857703573) accessible at: British Library & East Sussex Libraries
This pocket-sized compendium offers tourists and locals alike, an opportunity to visit the various haunted sites in The Lanes, Brighton's oldest part of the city, whilst perusing the ghostly accounts associated with them. You may choose to stop off for a drink at one of the many haunted taverns or take a twilight wander through the haunted gardens of the Old Steine. You can even visit the little Police museum, where a gruesome murder once took place. Alternatively, simply wander the many fascinating twittens. You will discover there is hardly a street or lane that does not have a spectral connection.
Happy ghost hunting! Robert Marks, the author lives in Brighton, and specialises in escorted ghost tours around the town.

Haunted Worthing, by Wendy Hughes, published 6 September 2010 (96 pp., The History Press, ISBN-10: 0752456164 & ISBN-13: 9780752456164) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries
This collection of phantoms, ghouls and spirits contains new and well-known spooky tales from Worthing and its environs. Featuring the 8ft-monk reading his prayer book, the young girl whose hair is stroked by an unseen hand, the two child-like figures caught on security cameras, the famous musician who frequented his last home and the painting that weeps salty tears, these tales will leave you chilled to the bone. Also included are the mysterious historical sites of Cissbury Ring, Chanctonbury Ring and Arundel Castle, which attract ghouls and curious ghost hunters in equal measure. This collection of spine-tingling tales is guaranteed to entertain and spook anyone interested in Worthing's ghostly history.

Rye Spirits: Faith, Faction and Fairies in a Seventeenth Century English Town, edited by Annabel Gregory, published 22 March 2013 (320 pp., The Hedge Press, ISBN-10: 0957108001 & ISBN-13: 9780957108004) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/501581] & East Sussex Libraries

Sussex Folk Tales, by Michael O'Leary, published 1 October 2013 (192 pp., The History Press, ISBN-10: 0752474693 & ISBN-13: 9780752474694) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
With screaming demons in Wealdon copses and dragons lurking in bottomless ponds, the folk tales of Sussex truly represent the diversity of the area. Meet knuckers and willocks, mawkins and marsh monsters, the Piltdown Man, Lord Moon of Amberley Swamp and the princess of the Mixon Hole. There is also something terrible crawling to Crawley from Gatwick, which develops a degraded appetite in a bin . . From ghosts and madmen to witches and wise women, Michael O'Leary reveals many of the hidden horrors of Sussex - horrors that can be found in the most beautiful places, or that lurk beneath the seemingly mundane. Amid these dark tales are stories of humour and silliness, of love, lust and passion.

British Witch Legends of Sussex, by Shaun Cooper, published 11 November 2016 (206 pp., Country Books, ISBN-10: 1910489387 & ISBN-13: 9781910489383) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries