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The Roedean School Magazine (Various from October 1923 to December 1943), by Miss Mellanby, published 1923 (180 pp., Brighton: Farncombe)

Roedean School, by L. Cope Cornford and F. R. Yerbury, published 1927 (19 pp. & 31 leaves of plates, London: Ernest Benn) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/506178] & R.I.B.A. Library & East Sussex Libraries

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The founders of Roedean, by Paul Ogden Lawrence, published 1935 (92 pp., Brighton: Farncombe) accessible at: East Sussex Libraries

Roedean School 1885-1955, by Dorothy De Zouche, published 1955 (225 pp., Brighton: Dolphin) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/506177] & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries

Roedean School 1885-1985 - Centenary Appeal Brochure, published 1985 (12 pp.)

Roedean School - Old Roedeanians Association Directory, April 1972, by M. L. Pinnock, published 1992 (130 pp.)

Memories of Roedean: The First Hundred Years, compiled by Judy Moore, published 1 March 1998 (80 p., Seaford: S. B. Publications, ISBN-10: 1857701526 & ISBN-13: 9781857701524) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
Frank and funny, serious and sad, here are the memories of generations of girls who lived, loved and learned in the great school on its exposed cliff top where 'the wind howled like a banshee' down the corridors. Here too are the memories of the sailors who occupied the building when it became HMS Vernon in WWII, after the school moved to Keswick in 1940.