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Disclosures of Jesuitism in Brighton, by Raffaele Ciocci, published 1852 (48 pp., London: J. Nisbet & Co.) accessible at: British Library   View Online

The Jews of Brighton, 1770-1900, by David Spector, published 1968 in Jewish Historical Society of England (vol. 22, article, pp.42-52) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/507979]   Download PDF

Jewry in Sussex, by David Spector, published December 1981 in Sussex Genealogist and Family Historian (vol. 3 no. 3, article, pp.83-86) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 8892] & The Keep [LIB/501189] & CD SXGS from S.F.H.G.

Jewry in Sussex - 2, by David Spector, published March 1982 in Sussex Genealogist and Family Historian (vol. 3 no. 4, article, pp.112-116) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 8892] & The Keep [LIB/501189] & CD SXGS from S.F.H.G.

Jewish Ancestry, by David Spector, published June 1982 in Sussex Genealogist and Family Historian (vol. 4 no. 1, article, pp.12-14) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 8893] & The Keep [LIB/501190] & CD SXGS from S.F.H.G.

Brighton Jewry reconsidered, by David Spector, published 1987 in Jewish Historical Studies (vol. 30, article, pp.91-124)

The Brighton Jewish Community and 19th Century Australia, by David Spector, published June 1988 in Sussex Family Historian (vol. 8 no. 2, article, pp.51-52) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 10736] & The Keep [LIB/501260] & CD SFH40 from S.F.H.G.
The founder of the local community was Emanuel Hyam Cohen from Niederwerren, near Munich, who arrived in Brighton in 1782. He married Hannah Benjamin and they had twelve children. Two sons, Abraham (1812-1874) and Raphael or Ralph (1814-1890) emigrated to Australia. Article covers the years 1782 - 1890 in the parishes of Brighton and the many descendants in Australia.

Take hold of the robe of a Jew: Herbert of Bosham's Christian hebraism, by Deborah L. Goodwin, published 29 November 2005 (xii + 300 pp., Leiden: Brill, ISBN-10: 9004149058 & ISBN-13: 9789004149052) accessible at: British Library
This engaging, meticulously documented study explores the complex, sometimes conflicting motives of Christian hebraists. It locates Herbert of Bosham's twelfth-century Psalms commentary at the nexus of the intellectual and social movements of his day, and elucidates the complex situations that contributed to Christians' divergent perspectives on the Jews. Was the twelfth century a rare period of collaboration between Christian and Jewish exegetes, or did anti-Semitism originate in the texts of the era's Christian polemicists? Modern scholars have been divided on these questions. This study of Herbert's commentary, which relied on the Hebrew commentary of R. Solomon ben Isaac of Troyes, articulates a more nuanced, integrated approach to medieval Jewish-Christian relations, and provides transcriptions from the unpublished manuscript.

Reading the rabbis : Christian Hebraism in the works of Herbert of Bosham, by Eva De Visscher, published 15 January 2014 (viii + 222 pp., Boston: Brill & printed at Greenman Enterprise, Wadhurst, ISBN-10: 9004254684 & ISBN-13: 9789004254688) accessible at: British Library
In Reading the Rabbis Eva De Visscher examines the level of Hebrew scholarship, programme of literal exegesis, and use of Jewish and Christian Hebraist sources in two commentaries on the Psalms by English polymath Herbert of Bosham (c.1120-c.1194).