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Prehistoric Flint Mines on Long Down, Eartham, by E. F. Salisbury, published 1961 in Sussex Archæological Collections (vol. 99, article, pp.66-73) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 2184] & The Keep [LIB/500330] & S.A.S. library

An Early Third Millennium Sherd from the Long Down Flint Mines, West Sussex, by Peter L. Drewett, published 1983 in Sussex Archæological Collections (vol. 121, archaeological note, p.195) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 8902] & The Keep [LIB/500308] & S.A.S. library

Breaking Chalk: the archaeological investigation of early neolithic flint mines at Long Down and Harrow Hill, West Sussex, 1984-86, by Jon Baczkowski and Robin Holgate, published 2017 in Sussex Archæological Collections (vol. 155, article, pp.1-29)