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The Amberley Papers [shadowgraphy and early cinematography in the county], published June 1974 in West Sussex History, the Journal of West Sussex Archives Society (no. 2, article, p.3) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 16404/2] & The Keep [LIB/500479]

Pioneers of Cinematography in Brighton, by J. Barnes and R. Holman, published May 1978 in Cinema 1900-1906: an analytical study (article, pp.93-100)

Bungalow Town: Theatre and Film Colony, by N. E. B. Wolters, published 1 October 1985 (pamphlet, 64 pp., published by the author, ISBN-10: 0951101900 & ISBN-13: 9780951101902) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 9454] & West Sussex Libraries

Dream Palaces of Worthing, by Fred T. P. Windsor, published 1986 (booklet, 28 pp., Mercia Cinema Society, ISBN-10: 0946406200 & ISBN-13: 9780946406203) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 9710] & West Sussex Libraries

A Refuge from Reality - The Cinemas of Brighton and Hove, by D. Robert Elleray, published November 1989 (46 pp., Hastings: Olio Books, ISBN-10: 0951539906 & ISBN-13: 9780951539903) accessible at: R.I.B.A. Library & East Sussex Libraries

Memories of Brighton Cinemas in 1963, by David A. Ellis, published 1993 accessible at: The Keep [LIB/502545]

The Showman s Dream. Film-Making on Shoreham Beach, 1914-1923, published 1995 (21 leaves) accessible at: British Library

West Sussex on the silver screen: Films made in West Sussex during the first 100 years of the cinema, by Martin O'Neill, published 1 January 1995 (Chichester: West Sussex County Council, ISBN-10: 0862603447 & ISBN-13: 9780862603441) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries

Ninety Years of Cinema in Bognor Regis, Filey, Skegness, by Brian Hornsey, published 1 May 1996 (pamphlet, 21 pp., Fuchsiaprint, ISBN-10: 187396978 & ISBN-13: 9781873969786) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 13183] & West Sussex Libraries

Hove Pioneers and the Arrival of Cinema, by John Barnes, Ine van Dooren, Frank Gray and Martin Sopocy, published September 1996 (pamphlet, 60 pp., University of Brighton, ISBN-10: 1871966493 & ISBN-13: 9781871966497) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 15355] & The Keep [LIB/503849] & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
This book marks the arrival of projected film in commercial spaces in Britain in 1896, and is the first publication to be devoted to the pioneer film-makers George Albert Smith and James Williamson. They both lived and worked in Hove and the Brighton area - it was here that they built their film studios and made some of the most important films in the early history of cinema.

Cinema West Sussex: The First Hundred Years, by Allen Eyles, Frank Gray and A. E. Readman, published 22 November 1996 (xvi + 240 pp., Chichester: Phillimore & Co. Ltd., ISBN-10: 1860770355 & ISBN-13: 9781860770357) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 13342] & R.I.B.A. Library & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
The South Coast was popular with early film-makers and the county had links with many. Their work is highlighted and that of the film studio at Shoreham, which produced a string of successful feature films. This book also provides a rare insight into the world of amateur cinematography with the remarkable story of the nationally-acclaimed Bognor Regis Film Society. The authors trace the travelling showmen who brought moving pictures to public halls and fairgrounds and describe in detail the history of all 62 cinemas that have operated in West Sussex.

That's All Folks!: Cinemas of Hastings and St.Leonards, by Nick Prince, published 1 December 1998 (vi + 73 pp., Wakefield: Mercia Cinema Society, ISBN-10: 0946406405 & ISBN-13: 9780946406401) accessible at: British Library & East Sussex Libraries

Film-makers, Cinemas and Circuses at Hove, by Judy Middleton, published 2001 (City Books) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries

Kiss & Kill: Film Visions of Brighton, edited by Nicola Coleby, published 2002 (83 pp., Brighton: Royal Pavilion, Libraries & Museums, ISBN-10: 0948723491 & ISBN-13: 9780948723490) accessible at: British Library

Brighton and Hove Cinemas, by Allen Eyles, published 15 November 2003 (128 pp., The History Press, ISBN-10: 0752430696 & ISBN-13: 9780752430690) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
This fascinating collection of over 150 photographs provides a unique view of the cinemas of Brighton and Hove. In 1896 Brighton became the first town outside of London to show films and has had a remarkable range of picture houses over the years. These include the Duke of York, the Regent and the Astoria. Each picture is accompanied by detailed text providing the salient details of each cinemas history.

Ninety Years of Cinema in East Sussex, by Brian Hornsey, published 7 April 2006 (40 pp., Fuchsiaprint, ISBN-10: 1901425991 & ISBN-13: 9781901425994) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/509267] & East Sussex Libraries

Ninety Years of Cinema in Chichester, by Brian Hornsey, published 13 November 2007 (pamphlet, 12 pp., Fuchsiaprint, ISBN-10: 190585532X & ISBN-13: 9781905855322)

Our Navy and patriotic entertainment in Brighton at the start of the Boer War, by Frank Gray, published 2008 in Early Cinema and the "National" (edited by Richard Abel, Giorgio Bertellini and Rob King, pp.79-89, John Libbey publishing, ISBN-10: 0861966899 & ISBN-13: 9780861966899)

The dream palaces of Horsham, Sussex : an essay in celebration of the cinemas, by Brian Hornsey, published 19 January 2008 (12 pp., Fuchsiaprint, ISBN-10: 1905855168 & ISBN-13: 9781905855162) accessible at: British Library & West Sussex Libraries

Back Row Brighton: Cinema-going in Brighton and Hove, edited by Sarah Hutchings and John Riches, published 30 September 2009 (70 pp., Brighton: QueenSpark Books, ISBN-10: 0904733637 & ISBN-13: 9780904733631) accessible at: The Keep archive of QueenSpark Books & East Sussex Libraries
Back Row Brighton transports us back to the heyday of cinema-going in the company of those who were there. Alongside evocative archive photographs, names such as the Astoria, the Granada, the Continentale and the Regency are recalled in touching and humorous stories of romance, excitement, grandeur and, occasionally, fleas.
Some of these recollections are drawn from QueenSpark's rich archive, others are the recorded reminiscenses of elders of the city asked to recall cinema-going in Brighton & Hove in the 1930s and 1960s.

Lost Cinemas of Brighton & Hove, edited by Sarah Hutchings, published 2010 (Brighton: QueenSpark Books, ISBN-13: 9780904733686) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/508796] & The Keep archive of QueenSpark Books

Ninety Years of Cinema in Brighton, by Brian Hornsey, published 1 October 2010 (pamphlet, 20 pp., Fuchsiaprint, ISBN-10: 1905855540 & ISBN-13: 9781905855544)

A brief cinema history of Littlehampton and a look at Arundel cinemas, by Brian Hornsey, published 2011 (8 pp., limited edition of 50 copies, Fuchsiaprint, ISBN-13: 9781907788383) accessible at: British Library

Bexhill on Sea Revisited: Ninety years of cinema, by Brian Hornsey, published 2011 (12 pp., Fuchsiaprint, ISBN-10: 1907788050 & ISBN-13: 9781907788055) accessible at: British Library

Eastbourne Revisited an Essay in Celebration of the Cinemas, by Brian Hornsey, published 17 March 2011 (20 pp., Fuchsiaprint, ISBN-10: 1907788247 & ISBN-13: 9781907788246)

The Cinemas of Bognor Regis Revisited, by Brian Hornsey, published 10 May 2011 (14 pp., Fuchsiaprint, ISBN-10: 1905855869 & ISBN-13: 9781905855865) accessible at: British Library

Cinemas of the past : a compilation of the cinema histories of East Grinstead, Sussex; Eastwood, Notts.; High Wycombe, Bucks.; Leatherhead, Surrey; St. Albans, Herts.; and Staveley, Derbyshire, by Brian Hornsey, published November 2011 (25 pp., Fuchsiaprint, ISBN-13: 9781907788413) accessible at: British Library

The Brighton School and the quest for natural color - redux, by Simon Brown, published 20 December 2012 in Color and the moving image: history, theory, aesthetics, archive (pp.13-22, Routledge, ISBN-10: 0415892643 & ISBN-13: 9780415892643)

Sussex on the Screen: A Guide to Filming in the County 1896-2012, by Daryl Burchmore, published 18 March 2013 (142 pp., Brighton: Pen Press, ISBN-10: 1780034997 & ISBN-13: 9781780034997) accessible at: Eastbourne Heritage Centre & British Library & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries

Electric Pictures: A Guide to the Films, Film-Makers and Cinemas of Worthing and Shoreham, by Ellen Cheshire and James Clarke, published 2 March 2017 (128 pp., Stroud: The History Press, ISBN-13: 9780750981415) accessible at: British Library & West Sussex Libraries
Written as part of the Worthing WOW festival celebrations, Electric Pictures commemorates 120 years of film in the Sussex coastal towns of Worthing and Shoreham, capturing the region's rich cinematic legacy and its place in British film history. From film-making pioneers through to blockbuster films and key events in the film history of the coast, this volume draws on research from film archives and local history resources to tell the story of the south coast film world. Richly illustrated and featuring contributions from local historians and film and theatre specialists, this book also includes an additional Heritage Trail guide that reveals key filming locations and the towns' cinemas.

Screen Stories: Lewes Goes to the Pictures, by Ruth Thomson, published 27 May 2017 (Lewes History Group, ISBN-13: 9780995606418)
The building of Depot, Lewes' new cinema, was the original catalyst for Screen Stories. Reel Lewes, a group of Lewes-based film professionals and researchers led by Ruth Thomson, has spent two years investigating the history of the three previous cinemas in the town: the County Theatre (Watergate Lane), Cinema de Luxe (School Hill) and the Odeon (Cliffe), which operated from 1910 to 1971.