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A yeoman's letters, by P.T. Ross, published 1901 (186 pp., London: Simpkin Marshall) accessible at: British Library
Memoirs of experiences in the Boer War by P.T. Ross, Corporal in the 69th Sussex Company, Imperial Yeomanry, a mounted unit.

The 577 Sussex Army Troops Company R.E (1914-1918), by Herbert John Paine, published 1951 (19 pp., Ilfracombe: Stockwell)

Levy for Parliamentary Army in 1645, by S. G. Beckensall, published November 1962 in Sussex Notes & Queries (vol. XV no. 10, article, pp.345-346) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 8233][Lib 2982] & The Keep [LIB/500217] & S.A.S. library

Parliamentary Army Levy, by A. W. G. Lowther, published May 1963 in Sussex Notes & Queries (vol. XVI no. 1, note, p.27) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 8234] & The Keep [LIB/500218] & S.A.S. library

Sussex Sappers: A history of the Sussex Volunteer and Territorial Army Royal Engineer units from 1890 to 1967, by A. F. Morling, published 1972 (276 pp., 208th Field Company R.E. Committee, ISBN-10: 0950260606 & ISBN-13: 9780950260600) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/502154] & East Sussex Libraries

The Roman Army returns to Fishbourne, by David Rudkin, published December 1981 in Sussex Archæological Society Newsletter (no. 35, article, p.252, ISSN: 0307-2568) accessible at: S.A.S. library   Download PDF

The skeleton army and the Bonfire Boys, Worthing, 1884, by Chris Hare, published June 1988 in The Folklore Society (vol. 99, issue 2, article, pp.221-231, Taylor & Francis) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries   View Online

"Rex v Blake": Sussex attitudes toward the Military and Blake's trial for sedition in 1804, by G.E. Bentley, Jr., published 1993 in Huntington Library Quarterly (vol. 56, no. 1, article, pp.83-89)
William Blake, the poet and artist, was tried in Chichester.

From soldier to peasant ? The land settlement scheme in East Sussex, 1919-1939, by Carol A. Lockwood, published 1998 in Albion (vol. 30, no. 3, article, pp.439-462)

Investigating local war memorial committees: demobilised soldiers, the bereaved and expressions of local pride in Sussex villages, 1918-1921, by Keith Grieves, published 2000 in Local Historian (vol. 30, no. 1, article, pp.39-58)   View Online
Six case-studies: Slinfold, Warnham, Ashurst, Salehurst, East Chiltington and Angmering.

The Maple Leaf Army in Britain, by Peter Longstaff-Tyrell, published 2003 (124 pp., Polegate: Gote House Publishing, ISBN-10: 0952129779 & ISBN-13: 9780952129776) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries

Thomas Prosser (c1780-1827): army surgeon on the convict ship Maria , by Anne and Paul Bayliss, published May 2007 in The Journal of Medical Biography (vol. 15, no. 2, article, pp.82-87)   View Online

"A fabricated perjury": The [mis]trial of William Blake, by Mark Crosby, published March 2009 in Huntington Library Quarterly (vol. 72, no. 1, article, pp.29-47)
William Blake, the poet and artist, was tried in Chichester for sedition in 1804.

Canucks by the Sea: Lick Them over there! Come on Canada! The Canadian Army in Eastbourne during the Second World War, by Michael Ockenden, published November 2009 (193 pp., Eastbourne Local History Society, ISBN-10: 0954764749 & ISBN-13: 9780954764746) accessible at: Eastbourne Local History Society
The story of the Canadian Army in Eastbourne during the Second World War.

Not Enough Food and Too Many Military Police: Discipline, Food, and the 23rd Reserve Battalion July - September 1917, by Ryan Barry Flavelle, published 2016 in War & Society (vol. 35, issue 2, article, pp.92-113)   View Online
Discusses the reasons for a mutiny that Canadian artist A.Y. Jackson took part in while stationed in Shoreham-by-Sea and serving with the Canadian Army's 23rd Reserve Battalion. The battalion was composed of convalescents who, having been wounded at the front, were on their way back to France. There was much discontent due to harsh discipline and poor food. The incident was concealed after a visit b.y senior staff