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Battle district incl. Hollington, Bexhill, Catsfield, Crowhurst, Westfield, Sedlescombe, Ewhurst, Whatlington, Mountfield, Brightling, Dallington, Penhurst & Ashburnham

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Gypsum excavations at Mountfield, by Don Cox, published 1996 in Sussex Industrial History (issue no. 26, article, pp.26-31, ISSN: 0263-5151) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/506527]   Download PDF
Whilst there have been several mentions of the overhead cable railway at Mountfield in our newsletters I have noticed the absence of any information on the product that it carried. Thus I was pleased that when I was recently given a book on the History of BPB Industries I found it contained some information on the gypsum works at Mountfield. The following is based on information taken mostly from that book.

Mountfield Meanderings, Some memories for the Millennium., by Patricia A. Jones, published 2000 (Mountfield: Dog Kennel Yard Publications) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/503470] & East Sussex Libraries

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