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A settlement of the South Saxons, by G. M. White, published October 1934 in The Antiquaries Journal (vol. 14, issue 4, article, pp.393-400)   View Online
The presence of a Saxon settlement at Selsey (other than that of St. Wilfrid, which is generally supposed to have been in the eastern half of the Peninsula) has recently been revealed by coastal erosion west of the remains of Medmerry Farm, (O.S. 6 in. LXXXI, N.W.). The site is on low ground, only a few feet above the marshy land which lies behind, and the Saltings on the east.

The Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways, later known as the West Sussex Railway, 1897-1935, by Edward C. Griffith, published 1948 (pamphlet, 42 pp. & illus., Haslemere: E. W. Langham) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 4704] & West Sussex Libraries

Looking Back in Sussex: The Story of the Manhood and West Wittering down to Domesday, by W. E. P. Done, published 1953 (176 pp., Faber & Faber Ltd.) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 97] & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
the story of the Manhood and West Wittering down to Domesday
Review by L. F. [L. Fleming] in Sussex Notes and Queries, May 1954:
The author of this pleasant, well written and well produced book quotes Belloc to attest his love of Sussex, and sees his theme with a poet's more than an historian's eye.
He discourses of early man in this country, before the Conquest, from a local stance, perhaps, but not very much of Sussex or the Manhood. Some of the early chapters are good, well-digested Gordon Childe. For Roman times the author invokes V.C.H. Sussex III. But a "caveat" must be entered. S. E. Winbolt's services to Sussex archaeology were outstanding, especially in popularising field work. But both he and Heron-Allen were sometimes carried away by their enthusiasm. For instance the head of Germanicus, illustrated in V.C.H., was Roman but not of local origin. Closer examination revealed that it had been repaired in modern times. And the legend of the Roman foundations of Bosham Church was contradicted, by inference, in Clapham's "English Romanesque Architecture," and in Baldwin Brown's "Anglo-Saxon Architecture."
Regarding the Belgi, no evidence from excavations has yet been found to confirm that these people occupied the site of Chichester. I do not know the evidence for the author's assertion that the Belgi stormed the Trundle. The author's speculations on Pagham Harbour and Cumeneshora-Kynor, following S.A.C. liii, 8, but the author, information in "History of Pagham." I am loth to give up Cumeneshora-Kynor, following S.A.C. liii, 8, but the author, after Eric E. Barker, S.A.C. lxxxvi, 64, may be right.
Chapter XIII affords a useful summary of the descent of the South Saxon monarchy. The last two chapters come home and are valuable in drawing attention to interesting topics, the former extent of commons and roadside wastes in the district, and the possible course of Roman roads.
There is no reference to Dr. Wilson's reports on the excavations directed by him on behalf of the Chichester Civic Society, nor to the aerial photographs lately taken of the Selsey peninsula, that have given rise to interesting hypotheses regarding the Roman economy. Further light on the subjects discussed in the book under review, can be shed by excavation, work for experts as the author says, but for the amateur too.

The Hundred of Manhood, edited by L. F. Salzman, published 1953 in The Victoria History of the County of Sussex (vol. 4: The Rape of Chichester, p.198, London: Victoria County History, ISBN-10: 071290588X & ISBN-13: 9780712905886) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 7398] & The Keep [LIB/500082] & R.I.B.A. Library & East Sussex Libraries   View Online

The Manhood Diary, by E. E. Reynolds, published 1956 accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 1921]

The Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways, later known as the West Sussex Railway, 1897-1935, by Edward C. Griffith, published 1968 (revised pamphlet, 64 pp., published by the author) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 4703] & West Sussex Libraries

Manhood Local Plan: A Strategy for the Manhood, published 1976 (booklet, Chichester District Council) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 8600][Lib 8599][Lib 8594]

A picture of the Manhood, published 1978 (32 pp., West Sussex County Council, Library Service-Archives Service) accessible at: British Library

A Picture of thr Manhood, compiled by H. R. H. Harmer, published December 1978 (33 pp., WSCC Library and Archives Service, ISBN-10: 0905139054 & ISBN-13: 9780905139050) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries

Manhood Local Plan: Written Statement, published 1982 (pamphlet, Chichester District Council) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 10358]

Medmerry: a reassessment of a Migration Period site on the south coast of England, and some of its finds, by D.M. Goodburn, published 1987 in International Journal of Nautical Archaeology (vol. 16, no. 3, article, pp.213-224)
Whilst carrying out work on the collections of Chichester District Museum, Sussex, England,  the writer came across finds from the Saxon coastal site of Medmerry.

Religious Survey 1851 - Westhampnett district, edited by John A. Vickers, published August 1990 in The Religious Census of Sussex 1851 (Sussex Record Society, vol. 75, pp.147-160, ISBN-10: 085445036X & ISBN-13: 9780854450367) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 10578][Lib 13824] & The Keep [LIB/500452][LIB/507827] & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
Westhampnett district incl. Manhood, Birdham, West Itchenor, West Wittering, East Wittering, Earnley, Sidlesham, Selsey, Pagham, Hunston, North Mundham, Donnington, Appledram, New Fishbourne, Rumboldswyke, Merston, Yapton, Barnham, Felpham, Middleton, Binsted, Madehurst, Walberton, Eastergate, Boxgrove, Aldingbourne, Eartham, Oving, Tangmere, East Lavant, Singleton, West Stoke, Mid-Lavant, East Dean, Up-Waltham & Graffham

Predicting overwashing and breaching of coarse-clastic barrier beaches and spits?Application to Medmerry, West Sussex, southern England, by S. Cope, published 2005 in Proceedings of Coastal Dynamics (article)

Predicting Overwashing and Breaching of Coarse-Clastic Barrier Beachesand Spits?Application to Medmerry, West Sussex, by Samantha N. Cope, published 2006 in Coastal Dynamics 2005: State of the Practice (article, pp.1-14)

Story of the Manhood High School Showband, by Peter Ogden, published 2011 (spiral bound, Selsey Society) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries

Managed realignment in the UK: the role of the environment Agency, by Karen Thomas, published 2014 in Managed Realgnment: a viable long-term coastal management strategy ? (article, pp.83-94)
Mainly on the Medmerry site, Manhood Peninsula

Understanding the physical processes occurring within a new coastal managed realignment site, Medmerry, Sussex, UK, by Heidi Burgess, Paul Kilkie and Tim Callaway, published 2016 in Coastal Management (article)   Download PDF