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Obituary of Audrey Christie nee Mildmay (1900-1953), Canadian opera singer, who with husband John co-founded Glyndebourne Opera

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Obituary of John Christie (1882-1962), who with his wife Audrey nee Mildmay co-founded Glyndebourne Opera on his estate

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A Season at Glyndebourne, by Ira Nowinski, published 1 June 1988 (144 pp., Christopher Helm Publishers Ltd., ISBN-10: 0747024073 & ISBN-13: 9780747024071) accessible at: East Sussex Libraries
A photographic record of the Glyndebourne Opera Festival season in 1987 during which Ira Nowinski, the American photographer, aimed to capture on film all the various aspects of the season - the artists, the administrators, the buildings and the audience. The foreword was written by Lord Gibson who was a Trustee of the Glyndebourne Arts Trust from 1968 to 1972 and from 1977 to 1986.

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Opera rusticana; Architects: Michael Hopkins & Partners, by Hugo Cole, published 24 February 1994 in Country Life (vol. 188 no. 8, article, pp.56-59)

Glyndebourne: Building a Vision, by Colin Amery, Rosy Runciman and Marcus Binney, published 28 May 1994 (160 pp., Thames & Hudson Ltd, ISBN-10: 0500277540 & ISBN-13: 9780500277546) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/502231] & R.I.B.A. Library & West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
The Glyndebourne Opera Festival is one of the highlights of the musical year. Since its single-handed creation in the 1930s by John Christie, a determined music lover with the means and resolve to make his own country home and grounds the venue for a summer opera season of superior quality, Glyndebourne has been a landmark enterprise, setting a standard which is the envy of the world. Glyndebourne's spectacular success and the ever-increasing demand for tickets has long overburdened the opera house itself, built to adjoin the Christie family home and originally intended to provide an intimate, modest setting for performances. Christie's successor as director of the Festival, his son George, duly proposed a completely new opera house on the same site, one appropriate to an internationally famous festival. "Glyndebourne Anew" commemorates the fulfilment of that vision, after years of planning, fund-raising and construction. Colin Amery and Rosy Runciman present a history of the house, the Christie family and the festival they made possible, as well as an appreciation of the new opera house and what it means for the future. The illustrations range from historical material to up-to-the-minute photographs of work in progress, culminating in the final result.

Glyndebourne: An Operatic Miracle, by John Joliffe, published 15 April 1999 (299 pp., John Murray, ISBN-10: 0719555787 & ISBN-13: 9780719555787) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries & East Sussex Libraries
Covers the story of Glyndebourne to the present day. As well as the choice of repertoire and performers - including such stars as Luciano Pavarotti and Geraint Evans, and such designers as Oliver Messel and David Hockney - the book examines dramas, triumphant productions and clashes of personality.

Glyndebourne: A Garden for All Seasons, by David Wheeler and illustrated by Simon Dorrell, published 1 May 2000 (80 pp., Bryansground Press, ISBN-10: 0953823008 & ISBN-13: 9780953823000) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/508010]

Glyndebourne: A Visual History, edited by Brigitte Lardinois and Val Williams, published 2009 (288 pp., Glyndebourne Enterprises, ISBN-10: 1847248659 & ISBN-13: 9781847248657) accessible at: East Sussex Libraries
Celebrating Glyndebourne's 75th anniversary 'Glyndebourne: A Visual History' features over 450 photographs from Glyndebourne's extensive and sumptuous archive, the book traces the key personalities, performers, productions and audience that have contributed to the opera house's unique tradition.
This remarkable collection of photographs not only showcases the work of Glyndebourne but is also accompanied by anecdotal text written by Sir George Christie. It contains pictures by famous photographers including Angus McBean, indisputably one of the most important photographers of theatre and dance personalities, leading dance and theatre photographer Anthony Crickmay, royal photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones 1st Earl of Snowdon and respected Glyndebourne house photographers Guy Gravett and Mike Hoban.

Glyndebourne: A short history, by Michael Kennedy, published 10 July 2010 (72 pp., Shire Publications, ISBN-10: 074780821X & ISBN-13: 9780747808213) accessible at: R.I.B.A. Library & East Sussex Libraries
Begun by John Christie in 1934, the Glyndebourne Festival saw professional performances of opera in a purpose-built opera house adjoining the historic house on the site, near Lewes in East Sussex. The Festival quickly became a magnet for music lovers across the south of England and beyond. This concise history of Glyndebourne tells the fascinating story of the opera house on the Downs, from the inauguration of the festival under the direction of three exiles from Nazi Germany, through the great post-war years to the grand reconstruction of the opera house in the 1990s, and beyond. With illustrations from Glyndebourne's archive, this is an affectionate portrait of one of the treasures of music in Britain.