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Two portraits by Van Dyck identified, by Malcolm Rogers, published April 1982 in Burlington Magazine (vol. 124, no. 949, article, pp.235-238)
At Arundel Castle.

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In 1877 the 15th Duke of Norfolk and his architect C A Buckler began the conversion of Arundel Castle into the largest of all great Victorian houses

Arundel Castle, West Sussex (2), by John Martin Robinson, published 30 May 1991 in Country Life (vol. 185 no. 22, article, pp.130-135) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 11171][Lib 13665] & R.I.B.A. Library
The sumptuous interiors created by C A Buckler between 1877 and 1901 combine detailed recreation of 13th-century forms with up-to-the-minute domestic technology

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The Farm Buildings of the Dukes of Norfolk, Arundel Eastate, West Sussex, by Brian Banister, published 1994 in The Historic Farm Buildings Group (vol. 8, article, pp.34-53)
A consideration of the farm buildings of the Arundel Estate, focussing on the period from the late 18th century to the early 20th.

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Arundel Park, Sussex, by John Martin Robinson, published 20 June 1996 in Country Life (vol. 190 no. 25, article, pp.60-65) accessible at: R.I.B.A. Library
The house was built as a dower house in the grounds of Arundel Castle in 1958-1962 to designs by Claud Phillimore with interiors designed by John Fowler

The conservation of Henry Hope's Vinery at Arundel Castle, Sussex, by Mark Geraghty, published 1997 in Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings (vol. 22, article, pp.3-12) accessible at: R.I.B.A. Library
The mid-19th century Vinery has been restored and re-erected on the site of the demolished Peach House in the kitchen gardens of the Castle (architects for restoration Carden & Godfrey).

A Scientific Examination of the Relics of St Edmund at Arundel Castle, by R. Gem and T. Waldron, published 1998 in Conference transactions for the year; British Archaeological Association (vol. 20, article, pp.45-56) accessible at: British Library

The Patronage and Collecting of Aletheia, Countess of Arundel, 1606-54, by David Howarth, published 1998 in Journal of the History of Collections (vol. 10, issue 2, article, pp.125-137)
Aletheia Talbot (d 1654) married Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Arundel in 1606 Arundel was later to be described as the 'father of verlu in England' by Horace Walpole. The purpose of this article is to evaluate the contribution of Lady Arundel to the Arundel collection, the first in Britain to combine Renaissance paintings of the European schools with Greek and Roman antiquities. The issue of how and what Lady Arundel contributed is approached by describing how she acted independently of her husband as patroness and collector, particularly in relation to her extensive travels in Europe when she was without her husband, and at the end of their lives when they lived separately in exile - she in the Low Countries and he in Italy. The difficulties of defining Lady Arundel's own tastes, and identifying what part of the Arundel collection can be regarded as specifically hers, are also raised.

A shilling for the ducal show [Arundel Castle], by John Martin Robinson, published 23 April 1998 in Country Life (vol. 192 no. 17, article, pp.94-99)

The Lost Boy-Sweep of Arundel, by Jack Tymer, published October 1998 in Midhurst Magazine (Volume 11 Number 1, article, pp.31-31, Autumn 1998) accessible at: W.S.R.O. [Lib 15969]
Account by Charles Lamb of a boy-sweep (name not given) who became lost in the chimneys at Arundel Castle. The boy survived, but his ultimate fate is not known.

Restored to Vitality: Putting the Arundel Castle Kitchen Garden back in production, by C. McArdle, published 2000 in The Garden (vol. 125, part 5, article, pp.362-367) accessible at: British Library

A new Elizabethan keyboard source in the archives of Arundel Castle, by D. Skinner, published 2002 in Brio (vol. 39, Part 1, article, pp.18-25)

The Plate Room at Arundel Castle: A gleaming silver-lined world greets, by J. M. Robinson, published January 2002 in Country Life (vol. 196 no. 1, article, pp.38-41) accessible at: British Library

Swanbourne Lake Pumphouse, Arundel, by Tony Baxter, published 2004 in Sussex Industrial History (issue no. 34, article, pp.12-18, ISSN: 0263-5151) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/506532]   Download PDF
A short distance to the north of Arundel Castle lies Swanbourne Lake, created before the Conquest as a mill pond but then in the late 1700s enlarged to become an ornamental lake with a new mill pond built at the southern end of the lake to serve the mill which was painted by Constable in 1837. This was demolished soon after and in its place appeared the pumphouse, the subject of this story.

Charles Davis, the 15th Duke of Norfolk, and the Formation of the Collection of Furniture at Arundel Castle, by S. S. Jervis, published 2005 in Furniture History (vol. 41, article, pp.231-248)

Swanbourne Pump House, Arundel - an architectural appraisal, by Ron Martin, published 2005 in Sussex Industrial History (issue no. 35, article, pp.14-19, ISSN: 0263-5151) accessible at: The Keep [LIB/506533]   Download PDF
In Sussex Industrial History No. 34, Tony Baxter covers the history of the site and the description of the machinery of the Swanbourne Pump House. This article is concerned mainly with the building and its environment and the possible design of the water wheel, which preceded the turbine. For the purpose of description in this article the side of the pump house facing the tail pond is deemed to face due east.

The Dukes of Norfolk, by John Martin Robinson, published 1 January 2005 (2nd revised edition, 280 pp., Chichester: Phillimore & Co. Ltd., ISBN-10: 0850339731 & ISBN-13: 9780850339734) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries

Arundel Casle: ducal splendour revived, by John Martin Robinson, published June 2006 in Apollo : the international magazine of art and antiques (vol. 163, no. 532, article, pp.32-39) accessible at: R.I.B.A. Library
The author explores Arundel Castle - both a mediaeval monument and a magnificent Victorian country house (designed by C A Buckler) which, under the present duke, has been painstakingly refurbished and the collections redisplayed in their entirely for the first time.

The Duke of Norfolk's deeds at Arundel Castle: Properties in London and Middlesex, 1154-1917, edited by Heather M. Warne, published 1 March 2010 (334 pp., Chichester: Phillimore & Co. Ltd., ISBN-10: 1860776132 & ISBN-13: 9781860776137)

A post-modern phantasmagoria: the Collector Earl's Garden at Arundel Castle, East Sussex; Designers: Julian and Isabel Bannerman, by Sir Roy Strong, published 7 July 2010 in Country Life (vol. 204 no. 27, article, pp.72-75) accessible at: R.I.B.A. Library
The garden has been designed to bring together the collections of, and to pay homage to, Thomas Howard, 14th Earl of Arundel (1585-1646), who travelled with Inigo Jones to Italy in 1614-15.

Arundel Castle, by John Martin Robinson, published 31 March 2011 (208 pp., The History Press, ISBN-10: 1860776418 & ISBN-13: 9781860776410) accessible at: West Sussex Libraries
Arundel Castle is a great Norman and medieval fortification, built after 1067 to the same plan and at the same time as Windsor. Its revival as a country house in the late-Georgian era added one of the most original and best-preserved Gothic interiors, while the late 19th-century reconstruction of the residential part makes it the largest and grandest Victorian house in England. It is also one of the longest continuously inhabited houses in Britain, the Dukes of Norfolk and their ancestors having lived here for over eight hundred years, since 1138. This book is both a detailed history and a guided tour of the castle, the seat of the Duke of Norfolk, hereditary Earl Marshal of England. It traces the entire architectural history of the site from the year after the Battle of Hastings to the present day. Often assumed to be mainly a Victorian reconstruction, it preserves as much or more of its Norman original as many of the ruined castles through to be more 'genuine'. It has a largely intact series of massive 11th-century earthworks, including an impressive motte, a stone gatehouse dating from 1070, an almost complete 11th- and 12th-century curtain wall, a perfect shell keep erected in 1140 and a very well preserved barbican of about 1300. Within this framework, on the site of the medieval domestic quarters in the south bailey and giving Arundel its dramatic skyline, is the largest Victorian Gothic Revival house in existence - yet even this great 19th-century pile incorporates both the two-storeyed shell and vaulted undercroft of a palace built by Henry II in around 1180 and the vast library built by the 11th Duke's team of Cumberland craftsmen in 1800. The author deals with the entire, long history of Arundel and its owners; the inheritance by the Howards from the Fitzalans in the16th century and subsequent vicissitudes, including a siege in the Civil War, not forgetting such domestic aspects as Queen Victoria's visit in 1846. The guided tour covers every room of interest: the private family accommodation as well as the better known parts open to the public, with full details of the superb collections of furniture, books, silver and paintings. This definitive study, based on profound scholarship and original research, is remarkably readable and entertaining. Well illustrated, it will appeal to a wide readership among non-specialists and visitors, as well as providing the standard work for many years to come for castellogians and students of architecture, for country houses and the ancient families that lived in them.

A dairy of delight: the Swanbourne Dairy, Arundel Castle, West Sussex, by John Martin Robinson, published 29 June 2011 in Country Life (vol. 205 no. 26, article, pp.96-99) accessible at: R.I.B.A. Library
Designed by Robert Abraham and built in 1844, comprises a complex of three buildings: dairy house, U-shaped cow sheds and cowyard and octagonal dairy building in the centre. use Sussex flint, with stone dressings and 'Jacobean' details.

Daniel Nijs's cabinet and its sale to Lord Arundel in 1636, by Christina M. Anderson, published March 2012 in Burlington Magazine (vol. 154, no. 1308, article, pp.172-176) accessible at: R.I.B.A. Library
On the 17th century Flemish merchant, connoisseur and art collector, who sold his Venetian cabinet to the 14th Earl of Arundel in exchange for a house in London. Its existence today remains unknown, however it has been compared to the art cabinet designed by Philipp Hainhofer (1578-1647), which can be seen in the Museum Gustavinum, Uppsala, Sweden.

Arundel Castle as a 'Palladium of English Liberty', by Oliver Cox, published 2013 in The Georgian Group Journal (vol. XXI, article, pp.123-136) accessible at: R.I.B.A. Library
This article focuses on the eleventh Duke of Norfolk's restorations and alterations made to Arundel Castle in the late 18th century, particularly the Coade stone tableau, commissioned in 1797, depicting King Alfred's supposed visit to the castle and his institution of trial by jury there. The sculpted tableau was by J C F Rossi. Barely half a century later the tableau was removed to allow more windows, as Victorian tastes changed. The article looks at the late 18th century revival of interest in King Alfred, of 'Saxon' Romanesque and Perpendicular Gothic, which later generations characterised as 'lacking in taste'.

England's best views. Arundel, from Crossbush, by Simon Jenkins, published 3 July 2013 in Country Life (vol. 207 no. 27, article, pp.60-61) accessible at: R.I.B.A. Library

"Your daughter, most devoted": The Sententious Writings of Mary Arundel, Duchess of Norfolk, Given to the Twelfth Earl of Arundel, by Elizabeth McCutcheon, published 17 September 2014 in Art, Literature and Religion in Early Modern Sussex: Culture and Conflict (Chapter 6., Routledge, ISBN-10: 1409457036 & ISBN-13: 9781409457039)

Arundel Castle's gothic revival, published October 2015 in The Garden (vol. 140, part 10, article, p.32) accessible at: British Library
A garden for a castle overlooked by a cathedral requires impressive design and planting flair, as James Alexander-Sinclair uncovers at Arundel in West Sussex