Love Lost and Found in the Church Courts

by Peter Wilkinson

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4. Deposition of Elizabeth Lymskin. [Undated. June-July 1616]

Wife of James Lymskin of West Itchenor where lived for 7 years; before at Hale in West Wittering about 3 years; before at West Itchenor; born there; aged about 30. Signs with mark.

To the allegation ex parte Richard Tayler [Al (3) 1-7].

Al (3) 2-4. That Margaret did live much discontented in mind after she was married to John Markwick and did oftentimes absent herself from him and was not willing to keep him company neither at bed nor board, as Elizabeth Lymskin did well perceive by her [sic]; and being asked by her why she did not delight in his company, she answered thus 'that she could not love him because Richard Tayler was her husband and that John Markwick was not'; and she asked her why she married him then, and then she said 'for fear of her father's displeasure'; and further she saith that Margaret was very unwilling to be in the company of John Markwick at any time and would many times and very often sit with her when he went to bed and not go to bed unto him until he was asleep. All which she knoweth to be true for she dwelt with George Osborne, father to Margaret, for the space of three years after John Markwick and Margaret were married, whence John and Margaret did often continue and remain after their marriage and did dwell there together with George for the space of two years; and then they went and dwelt at Bosham. And that many and sundry times, when she went up into their chamber to make their bed, she should find Margaret sat weeping alone by herself in the chamber; and Elizabeth, as she supposed knowing she had no cause so to do having all things fitting and sufficient for her degree and wanting nothing, asked the cause of her discontent and grief, then she answered upon a time she would tell the cause of the grief if she would not reveal it. Whereupon she said she would not, then Margaret said that she married John Markwick against her will and therefore she would not love him; but Richard had her heart and he was her husband.

Al (3) 6. That most true it was about seven years sithence Margaret did go from John Markwick and was never in his company since as to cohabit and dwell with him.

5. Deposition of Thomas Godman.[1] [Undated. July-September 1616]

Of Chidham, gentleman, where lived for 1 year and 9 months; before at Bosham for about 6 years; born at Ferring; aged about 50. Signature.

To the allegation ex parte Richard Tayler [Al (3) 1-7].

Al (3) 4. That during the time that John Markwick and Margaret Osborne did cohabit and dwell together at Bosham Thomas Godman was oftentimes in their house and company and therefore sometimes he did perceive that Margaret was sometimes very melancholy and sad; but from whence it proceeded he did not know.

Al (3) 5. That during the time aforesaid he hath heard and known John Markwick to use her kindly and lovingly, as was fitting for a man to use his wife.

6. Deposition of Robert Brincklowe.[2] Read over 19 October 1616

[Biographical details as above].

To the further allegation ex parte Richard Tayler [Al (4) 1].

Al (4) 1. That immediately after the time that George Osborne had set and brought Margaret Osborne from Lewes whither Richard Tayler had carried her, which was about a quarter of a year before her marriage with John Markwick, otherwise the time he cannot now perfectly remember, Richard Bishoppe, George Osborne and Richard Tayler having some talk and conference together concerning the matter in the churchyard at West Wittering, he did hear George say that, forasmuch as he did perceive that Margaret did bear Richard goodwill in the way of marriage and that because she was young and not fit to make her own choice, that if Richard would stay and forbear marriage the space of two years then next following, and that she did not in the meantime change her mind and determination but continue her good will and love towards him, that George then did and so would at the expiration give his express consent and did agree that Richard should marry her; and that in the meantime he should have such access to her and frequent her company. For the rest he does not know.

[1] WSRO Ep I/11/12 f 190r
[2] WSRO Ep I/11/12 f 193v

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