Love Lost and Found in the Church Courts

by Peter Wilkinson

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To the allegation ex parte Richard Tayler [Al (3) 1-7].

Al (3) 1. That most true it is there was such a marriage solemnised between John Markwick and Margaret in the face of the parish church of West Wittering upon the 19th day of May last past was 13 years, the banns being but once asked; but whether it were by special licence, or whether the marriage were so solemnised whilst the suit did depend, or in the time of the prosecuting of the appeal, he cannot depose.

Al (3) 2. That Margaret hath divers times confessed unto him that she did not know above three or four days of her marriage to John Markwick that she should be married unto him, and that she hath likewise confessed sithence the marriage that she married him for fear of her father's displeasure, as being constrained thereunto against her will. For the rest does not know.

Al (3) 3, 4.That after the marriage and after their cohabitation and living together, she seemed to be much discontented and troubled in mind and would oftentimes weep very bitterly and grievously, but that he did not perceive nor could not construe [? ][1] what the cause of her discontent and grief was at that time. All which he knoweth to be true for he was then in house with John Markwick and Margaret and tabled with them for three quarters of a year.

Al (3) 5. Does not know

Al (3) 6. That upon the 3rd day of August last past was six years, John Markwick determined to ride to Lewes to Sergeant Shereley [?][2] and requested Nicholas Hoskin to bear him company, and sent his wife to Chichester to buy a dish of fish to carry with him; but afterward she was gone he sent after her forbidding her to buy any fish for he had altered his purpose and would not ride until the after day following, which was the 5th. And when she returned from Chichester, and finding John Markwick on the bed and not well with keeping company and drinking whilst she was at Chichester, she was very angry with Nicholas Hoskin thinking that he had been the cause of her husband's staying at home[?],[3] saying unto him that he should never see her merry [?][4] there again, he not then perceiving her intent or purpose. And so the Saturday following, which was the 5th of August, John Markwick and he took their journey to Lewes and when they returned they perceived that she was gone from her house; and that she went away the Sunday which was the 6th of August and never returned to him again. For the rest does not know.

Al (3) 7. That his deposition is true.

[1] Difficult reading.

[2] Difficult reading.

[3] Difficult reading.

[4] Difficult reading.

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