Sir William Goring (1500 - 1554)

by Caroline Adams

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He died on a visit to Queen Mary on 2 March 1554. Henry Machyn described his funeral:

  • 8: "Sir William Goryng knight dyed at Westmynster the 4th of Marche 1553, and was conveyd to his howse called Burton, and there buryed the xijth of Marche."

and notes to the printed edition add further information:

  • 57. Funeral of Sir William Goring. The name here deficient is supplied by the useful MS. Harl. 897, He was one of the gentlemen of the king's privy chamber, and his monument at Bodecton alias Burton, is described in Dallaway's Rape of Arundel, p. 253 (with an error of viij for iiij). His funeral at length is in Coll. Arm. I. 3, f. 102.

Pensels, the diminutive of penon, penicillus, were very small, like the vanes which sometimes terminate the pinnacles of pointed architecture, or the ironwork of the same period. They were supplied in large quantities, as at the funeral of sir William Goring there was a herse of wax, and eight dozen of pensels, and eight dozen of scocheons; the pensels and scocheons being chiefly, if not entirely, to deck out the herse.

His body was taken by barge to Kingston-upon-Thames, and then overland to Burton where eight days later it was buried.[1]

[1] 'Notes to the diary: 1554', in The Diary of Henry Machyn Citizen and Merchant-Taylor of London (1550-1563), ed. J G Nichols (London, 1848), pp. 337-341 [accessed 5 March 2015].

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