Vol. 99: Facing Invasion: Proceedings Under the Defence Acts 1801-1805

Editor: Roger Pearce Volume: Volume 99 Published 2019 ISBN: 978 0 85445 081 7 FACING INVASION: PROCEEDINGS UNDER THE DEFENCE ACTS 1801-1805 Volume description In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Britain was at war with France—with only a brief truce—for over 20 years. A whole generation grew to maturity having known no other […]

Vol. 93: East Sussex Church Monuments 1530-1830

Editor: Nigel Llewellyn Volume: Volume 93 Published 2011 ISBN: 978 0 85445 075 6 Correction: Willingdon Church In item 297B John Gilbert, buried 27 October 1697, is recorded as a servant of the Parker family. This is incorrect. He was part of the well-known family of Gilberts in Eastbourne and Willingdon and was related to […]

Vol. 84: Sussex in the First World War

Editor: Keith Grieves Volume: Volume 84 Published 2004 ISBN: 978 085445 056 5 This volume draws on a wide range of sources to paint a vivid and comprehensive picture of Sussex attitudes and experiences in the Great War for Civilisation. The landed gentry’s assumption of responsibility for local recruiting, and the willingness of most volunteers, […]

Vol. 73: Correspondence of the Dukes of Richmond and Newcastle, 1724-1750

Editor: Timothy J. McCann Volume: Volume 73 Published 1983 ISBN: 978 085445 032 9 This is an edition of the surviving correspondence of the two Dukes, which is preserved among the Goodwood Archives in the West Sussex Record Office and the Newcastle Papers in the British Library. The letters, which can be read as an […]