Vol. 101: Sir Stephen Glynne’s Sussex Church Notes

Editor: David Parsons Volume: Volume 101 Published 2021 ISBN: 978 0 85445 083 1 SIR STEPHEN GLYNNE’S SUSSEX CHURCH NOTES Volume description Sir Stephen Glynne, ninth and last baronet of that name, was born in 1807 and died in 1874. He spent much of his late adolescence and adult life visiting churches and writing notes […]

Vol. 98: Church Surveys of Chichester Archdeaconry 1602, 1610 & 1636

Editors: Joan Barham, Andrew Foster Volume: Volume 98 Published 2018 ISBN: 978 0 85445 080 0 CHURCH SURVEYS OF CHICHESTER ARCHDEACONRY 1602, 1610 & 1636 Corrections In response to comments and suggestions from readers, the Editors of SRS Volume 98: Church Surveys of Chichester Archdeaconry 1602, 1610 & 1636 have published a note of Corrections, […]

Vol. 97: Chichester Archdeaconry Depositions 1603-1608

Editor: Peter M. Wilkinson Volume: Volume 97 Published 2017 ISBN: 978 0 85445 079 4 CHICHESTER ARCHDEACONRY DEPOSITIONS Review “The value to historians of church court depositions has been recognised for more than a century but, due to the poor condition and relative inaccessibility of such documents, it is only since the 1970s that historians […]

Vol. 96: The Letters of John Collier of Hastings 1731-1746

Editor: Richard Saville Volume: Volume 96 Published 2016 ISBN: 978 0 85445 078 7 THE LETTERS OF JOHN COLLIER “Being all alone this long evening and in a very pensive mood on the losse of our dear child, and the necessity I was under of comeing from you, and as the post will convey this […]

Vol. 95: Littlehampton School Logbook 1871-1911

Editor: Ruth Brown Volume: Volume 95 Published 2016 ISBN: 978 0 85445 077 0 LITTLEHAMPTON SCHOOL LOGBOOK All headteachers of Victorian elementary schools were required to keep logs of their pupils’ progress, but few are as vivid and meticulous as that of Thomas Slatford, head of Littlehampton Boys’ School from 1871 until 1911. The march […]

Vol. 92: Accounts and Records of the Manor of Mote in Iden 1441-1551, 1673

Editors: Mark Gardiner and Christopher Whittick Volume: Volume 92 Published 2011 ISBN: 978 0 85445 074 9 The accounts of the manor of Mote provide an exceptional insight into provincial society towards the end of the Middle Ages set against the background of national affairs. In 1460 Sir John Scott, a minor Kent lord, bought […]

Vol. 91: Sussex Clergy Inventories 1660-1750

Editor: Annabelle Hughes Volume: Volume 91 Published 2009 ISBN: 978 0 85445 073 2 Probate inventories provide wonderful snapshots of contemporary life through material possessions; and in this volume you will find transcribed inventories for 181 parish clergy between 1600 and 1750, each with extracted details from the will or administration (where it survives) and […]

Vol. 90: The Durford Cartulary

Editor: Janet Stevenson Volume: Volume 90 Published 2006 ISBN: 978 085445 069 5 The text of this volume consists of an English calendar of the cartulary of Durford abbey, a house of Premonstratensian, or White, canons. The history of the order is discussed in the introduction as is that of the abbey from its foundation […]

Vol. 89: East Sussex Coroners’ Records 1688-1838

Editor: Roy Hunnisett Volume: Volume 89 Published 2005 ISBN: 978 085445 068 8 The text of this volume is in three parts. The first consists of all the extant bills submitted by the coroners of East Sussex to claim the expenses to which they became entitled in 1752 for holding inquests and travelling to venues. […]

Vol. 87: East Sussex Parliamentary Deposited Plans 1799-1970

Editor: Roger Davey Volume: Volume 87 Published 2003 ISBN: 978 085445 054 1 The infrastructure which makes possible many of the conveniences of modem life is often taken for granted: water supply, electricity and gas, harbours, docks and navigable rivers, the road, railway and former street tramway networks, and so on. Many of these, however, […]

Vol. 86: Sussex Shore to Flanders Fields: Heron-Allens Journal of the Great War

Editors: Brian W. Harvey and Carol Fitzgerald Volume: Volume 86 Published 2002 ISBN: 978 085445 053 4 EDWARD HERON-ALLEN was a polymath; one of the most remarkable of his era. By profession a solicitor, he was also a distinguished zoologist (F.R.S.), historian, Persian scholar and translator, author of a classic book on violin-making studied worldwide, […]

Vol. 82: West Sussex Land Tax, 1785

Editors: Alan Readman, Lionel Falconer, Rosie Ritchie & Peter Wilkinson Volume: Volume 82 Published 2000 ISBN: 978 085445 049 7 This edition of the Land Tax provides the most comprehensive picture of the 18th century inhabitants of West Sussex ever published. It also completes the picture for the whole ancient county of Sussex, providing the […]

Vol. 79: Saint Richard of Chichester

Editor: David Jones Volume: Volume 79 Published 1995 ISBN: 978 085445 040 4 St. Richard is one of the most attractive English saints-and it is surprising that the early sources that tell his story have been inaccessible for so long. In this volume David Jones brings them together: the first English translation of the Life […]

Vol. 78: Chichester Diocesan Surveys, 1686 and 1724

Editor: Wyn K. Ford Volume: Volume 78 Published 1994 ISBN: 978 085445 039 8 Churches were not always regarded with the respect that we usually give them today, and from bishops’ surveys of their dioceses we can learn a great deal about the treatment of parish churches in the past, and the attitudes that prevailed […]

Vol. 75: The Religious Census of Sussex

Editor: John A. Vickers Volume: Volume 75 Published 1990 ISBN: 978 085445 036 7 This volume contains the returns made for Sussex in accordance with the Census of Religious Worship held in conjunction with the decennial Census of Population of 1851. It provides a unique body of statistical evidence on the religious condition of England […]